What Happened to Sealed By Santa After Shark Tank?

What is Hire Santa?

Sealed by Santa is a one-of-a-kind company that specializes in personalized Christmas letters and packages for children.

Letters are printed on parchment paper and mailed from the North Pole. Because children are drawn to getting gifts from Santa, receiving these personalized letters allows them to enjoy these great experiences for a long time. Sealed by Santa comes in three different packages: Premium, Deluxe, and Ultimate.

The company was founded by Sara Blain, a Boca Raton Momtrepreneur. Little is known about her life before she founded Sealed by Santa.

However, the company’s operations have increased since its foundation. She formerly worked as a producer at Red Knight Studios.

Following her divorce, she also participated as a writer to a website devoted to life betterment. Sara is the founder of Sealed by Santa and Simply B Social, a social media marketing agency.

Who is the founder of Sealed By Santa?

Sara Blain, a Boca Raton Momtrepreneur, founded the company. The concept was simple: parents fill out an online form with their child’s name and some basic personal information, and Sealed by Santa handles the rest.

Each letter is addressed to the child and given in a beautiful envelope. Santa signs the letter, which is written on parchment paper with burned edges, personally.

You may send a number of different sorts of letters. There’s also a “evidence kit” containing Santa’s hat, a Santa boot stencil with Magical Snow Powder so the child can see Santa’s footsteps around the tree, and a Santa boot stencil with Magical Snow Powder.

Thank You note for the cookies, one of Santa’s enormous black buttons that had “fallen off his coat,” Santa’s Sleigh License, Santa’s Official Nice List Map, Santa’s Glove that had slipped off while eating Christmas cookies, and instructions for putting the things about the house.

Decorations, a “Santa key,” and reindeer food can also be obtained. Letters cost $10.95, while all other goods are less than $20.

What Happened to Sealed By Santa at Shark Tank pitch?

In episode 812 of the 2016 “holiday special,” Sarah Blain pitches Sealed by Santa, her personalized “letters from Santa” enterprise, bringing a bit of Christmas enchantment to the Shark Tank. Sarah is seeking a Shark to help her extend her business to other holidays and broaden her product offerings.

Sarah appeared on Shark Tank in seeking of $150,000 in return for a 20% stake in her firm, which worth $750,000.

She explains the method to the Sharks. A letter costs $1.50 to make, and she sells it for $10.95. The letters were delivered within 24 hours.

Kevin was afraid that the high volume might slow her down, but Sarah tells him that she has a slew of friends who help her out during the season. Her annual salary was roughly $10,000.

Her yearly sales totaled $355,000, an increase over the previous year’s total of $250,000 Sarah reacts to Kevin’s suspicion regarding seasonality by claiming to have a database of 60,000 customers.

They made over $15,000 by collecting Easter letters. Kevin likes the tone of the database and thinks Sealed by Santa would work well on the Something Wonderful platform. He offers $150,000 in return for 33.3% of the company’s shares.

Sarah begins to cry as she admits that her husband abandoned her on the day Shark Tank called. Barbara calms her down and tells her that the firm was seasonal, but she goes out.

Mark feels Sarah was overstretching herself, so he exits.

Robert offers $150,000 in return for 33.3% equity shares, stating that Sarah can keep the first $100,000 earned and the rest will be divided.

Lori provides a $75,000 loan and another $75,000 in exchange for 22.5% stake in the company. Sarah accepts Lori’s offer and walks away from the pitch with a deal.

What Happened to Sealed By Santa After Shark Tank?

Lori’s deal was never completed, as the firm is not listed as a Shark Tank company on her website. Sarah did acquire a lot of new customers as a consequence of her participation on Shark Tank, and she now offers Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy letters.

She was in operation as of May 2021, and she even offers a live video chat with Santa. As of February 2022, the firm was still in operation.

Competitors of Sealed By Santa

The Pop Star, a personalized letter, Card, and Gift firm, is one of Sealed by Santa’s main competitors.

Net Worth of Sealed By Santa

During the pitch, the firm was valued at $750,000. Since then, the company has continued to operate, and its net worth might then exceed that of pitch.

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Sealed By Santa FAQs

What is Sealed By Santa?

Sealed by Santa is a one-of-a-kind company that specializes in personalized Christmas letters and packages for children. These lovely letters are written on parchment paper and sent directly from the North Pole.

Who is the founder?

Sara Blain, a Boca Raton Momtrepreneur, created the company. Little is known about her life before she founded Sealed by Santa.

How much was seeking on Shark Tank?

Sarah was seeking for $150,000 for a 20% ownership in her company, which is worth $750,000.

Did she have the deal?

She did, indeed, have the deal. Lori’s offer of a $75,000 loan and another $75,000 for 22.5 percent equity was accepted.

Is Sealed By Santa still in operation?

Yes, as of February 2022, the firm is still in operation.

How can I get in touch with Sealed By Santa?

Customers may reach them by phone at 813-605-0024 or by email at [email protected].

What is Sealed By Santa’s return policy?

If a consumer is dissatisfied with a purchase, she can return it within two weeks of receiving it, according to Sealed by Santa’s return policy.

How much does Sealed By Santa’s delivery cost?

The shipping fee for a Sealed by Santa letter is $5, with an extra $1 charge for each additional item purchased.

How long does it take for Sealed By Santa to arrive?

The delivery time for Sealed by Santa is 2-4 weeks from the moment the order is delivered.

How big is the typical Sealed By Santa letter?

The typical letter size for Sealed by Santa is 8.5 x 11.5 inches and costs $10.95.

How can I get my hands on Sealed By Santa products?

Customers may learn more about Sealed by Santa’s products by visiting their website, which is located at www.sealedbysanta.com.

Is it safe to buy Sealed By Santa?

Sealed by Santa is a very secure website. To maintain the security of their clients’ data on their website, the organization employs the most recent SSL encryption. Sealed By Santa’s main page contains no adverts, indicating that the firm is concerned about keeping the design clean for clients.

How can I make a payment for Sealed By Santa?

Customers may pay for Sealed by Santa items using a debit or credit card, PayPal, or internet banking. For the purchase to go successfully, the billing and shipping addresses must match.

What is the distinction between a Sealed By Santa and a customized letter?

Personalized letters from Santa are sealed by Santa, whereas personalized letters are not. The output provided may be identical to a personalized letter, but the method is not.

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