What Happened to Scrubbie After the Shark Tank Pitch?

What is Scrubbie?

The Scrubbie is a reused cleaning sponge that attaches easily to a kitchen sink sprayer, garden hose, or even a pull-down faucet.

Attach The Scrubbie to a nozzle, add soap, and clean your dishes.

When you buy The Scrubbie, you will receive three extra sponges. The sponges may be used frequently, and as they wear out, they can be replaced from the manufacturer or on Amazon.

Who Founded Scrubbie?

The Scrubbie was created by Jeff Dakin, Matt Hosey, and Tyler Kessler.

Prior to creating the Scrubbie, the ‘Side Hustle Homies’ were well-known professionals. Jeff was a local contractor, Matt was in the oil and gas industry, and Kessler was a business owner.

Matt is now the President of The Scrubbie, and Jeff is the CEO.

Jeff Dakin was the true founder of the Scrubbie. While doing his fair share of housekeeping, he was inspired to invent the product.

During one of his normal dish cleanings, he scraped off food with the spray gun in the sink and was pleased with how easily it removed the food.

The three guys created a prototype that they showed to professional product engineers.

The product debuted during the 2019 Wichita Women’s Fair, when the males displayed it at their booth. They returned to the event in 2020, attracting even more interest.

What Happened to Scrubbie at the Shark Tank Pitch?

The Homies approached Shark Tank with a $100,000 offer for 10% of their company, implying a valuation of $1 million.

They provide their pitch and demonstrate the product. The camera switches to Lori, who is obviously unhappy during the rally.

The Sharks check their samples after the demonstration.

They cost $3.60 to make and $14.99 to sell, with a three-pack of replacement sponges costing $9.99. Kevin is having trouble collecting their sales figures.

He ultimately tells them his lifetime sales were $13,000, which does not impress the Sharks.

The pitch is unravelling at this moment. Lori is intrigued as to who designed their packaging. Mark reminds them that by chance, they should have sold more items.

Mark isn’t convinced by the guys’ explanations for their poor sales results. Robert notices a similarity between their logo and the Scrub Daddy logo.

Lori criticizes them over the font’s similarities, threatening to leave if she doesn’t like it.

Daniel is upset because it took them so long to figure it out, so he’s leaving.

Robert is departing since he feels they are not sufficiently hungry.

Mr. Wonderful says he will not pay them $100,000 and that he is also going.

What Happened to Scrubbie After the Shark Tank Pitch?

There isn’t much new information about this company three months after the program. There was a lot of speculation among fans about probable trademark problems, but nothing came to fruition.

Scrubbie Net Worth?

During the Shark Tank Pitch, the owners requested $100,000 for a 10% interest in the company, indicating a $1 million valuation.

Scrubbie Competitors?

Scrub Daddy is the primary competitor of Scrubbie.

Scrubbie Frequently Asked Questions

What State does Scrubbie Ship from?

Scrubbie shipping to the following states: Pennsylvania ships to all cities, including New Jersey, Maryland, Illinois, Michigan, Texas, and Virginia.

Why don’t dish Scrubbies smell?

Their Scrubbies are made of a polyester-blend fabric that wicks sweat away.

Because they don’t stay wet, they don’t provide an ideal environment for bacteria and mould to grow (unlike a sponge!).

Are Scrubbies sanitary?

YES! Everything they sell is non-toxic, resistant to bacteria and mould, and BPA-free if it has plastic parts.

How are Scrubbies different from scrub daddy?

They like Scrub Daddy products, especially the giant cheery faces on them; anything that makes cleaning more fun is a friend in their book!

The main difference between them and Scrub Daddy is that Scrubbies may live for up to six months, whilst Scrub Daddies only live for a month or two.

Did Scrubbie secure a deal from the Sharks?

They were unwilling to make a deal with the sharks.

Who founded Scrubbie?

Scrubbie was founded by Jeff Dakin, with assistance from Tyler Kessler and Matt Hosey.

Are Scrubbie products available on Amazon?

They are, indeed, available on Amazon.

Are Scrubbie products available at the stores?

They offer the majority of their things at retail stores such as Ace Hardware, True Value, and Home Depot, but they also sell them online; they really appreciate all of their customers!

How much is a Scrubbie sponge?

They cost $3.60 to make and $14.99 to sell, with a three-pack of replacement sponges costing $9.99.

How do they employ Scrubbies?

Scrubbies can be used in place of a sponge or dishrag.


They are non-scratch and exceptionally soft, so they can even use them as a loofah in the shower! They recommend using them on Teflon, stainless steel, copper, ceramic, and plain old pots and pans, but we also prefer using them to quickly and correctly clean kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

They’re a terrific natural cleaning product to use in conjunction with baking soda or Bar Keeper’s Friend, and they can quickly throw them in the dishwasher or laundry when they’re through.

How do they clean their Scrubbie?

Scrubbies are simple to clean; simply rinse them in water with a bit of soap and hang them to dry over the faucet.

They may also put them in the dishwasher (no soap needed). They are strong enough to survive numerous rinses/launderings without tearing.

Are Scrubbies reusable?

They are, indeed. They may clean with them for many more months or years! They are also devoid of BPA.

What is the best age group for children to use Scrubbies?

They believe that their items will appeal to people of all ages; teenagers and young adults may even use them in the shower.

They come in sizes appropriate for both children and adults, so feel free to give them to their children or grandchildren.

Which episode on Shark Tank was Scrubbie Aired?

They debuted on Season 12 Episode 22.

Where can Scrubbies be purchased?

Scrubbies are available for purchase on the company’s website as well as through a number of shops.

On their website, they have a thorough list! They may also purchase them on Amazon!

Where can they see Scrubbie in action?

Scrubbies’ presence on Shark Tank has increased the popularity of their goods; they’ve been overwhelmed by the attention and uptake in Scrubbies since then.

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