What Happened to Savy after the Shark Tank?

What is Savy?

Savy and its principal product, Savy Sales, aid firms in getting rid of obsolete or slow-moving items. It allows businesses to maintain their dignity while increasing customer satisfaction by allowing both parties to communicate directly and reach an agreement on price.

Disha Shidham created the Savy app in high school, when it was known as Tac Board. She was aware, as a millennial herself, that the generation formed one-fourth of the US population while simultaneously having low purchasing power.

Businesses can release their items to bidders who enter a price they are willing to pay without discounting.

If the merchant agrees, they can accept or decline the offer. It also helps the organization maintain reasonable profitability without resorting to drastic discounting to remove inventories.

It has a good effect on the merchant’s web traffic as well.

Who is the creator of Savy?

In 2014, while participating in the quarter zero catapult incubator programs, Disha’s inspiration became a business.

Her interest and drive motivated her to follow her aspirations by enrolling in business incubators like Rev1 Concept Academy Droper and University Entrepreneurial students.

She was more confident and trusting in her business than in her education, which prompted her to choose the University of Michigan for her electrical engineering degree.

As a consequence of his hard work and love for the business, Savy was paired with 1,000 retailers and a couple of thousand registered users.

She hoped that an opportunity to pitch her company concept to the Shark Tank investors would emerge.

What Happened to Savy During His Shark Tank Pitch?

Disha entered the Shark Tank in seeking of $100,000 in return for a 10% stake in her firm, worth $1 million.

She delivers her presentation and walks the Sharks through the software, which is displayed on a large screen.

Disha notifies the Sharks that she has signed up 1000 shops and around 2000 users. She communicates with retailers and consumers via social media.

Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Robert Herjavec, Lori Greiner, and lastly Daymond John all backed out of the transaction because Disha was more concerned with her business than with education. On the pitch, the Sharks and Disha were unable to reach an accord.

What Happened to Savy After the Shark Tank?

Savy closed its doors in 2018 after failing to clinch a commercial deal with Shark Tank investors due to the app’s inability to attract major clients.

In 2021, the website and social media are inactive, and the app is not available in the app store. Savy’s primary rivals include Savy Neon, Younited Credit, Empruntis, and LexinFintech.

Savy’s net worth

The firm was valued at $1 million during and after the pitch, since the company went out of business in 2018 and hence the company net worth is unknown.

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Savy FAQs

Who is the founder?

Disha Shidham, the app’s founder, has a Bachelor’s Degree in electrical engineering from the University of Michigan.

Who was the business idea’s inspiration?

Savy was inspired by other social media platforms that encouraged individuals to trade in-app to avoid fraud and inventory. As a result of digital marketing, Disha believes that Savy is going to be more useful for recycling sites and producers.

How does Savy work?

Essentially, Savy works by streamlining the process that is used by the producer and the customer. It acts as the middleman between them and helps them settle on terms of sales.

How was the business model of Savy?

The company was created to cut down the cost of marketing and advertising. It would sell merchandise to its clients while they, in turn, sell the items to their customers.

Why did Savy not win Shark Tank?

Disha did not prepare to pitch in Shark Tank’s pitch environment, which resulted in lack of adequate practice and confidence.

Disha was not fully committed to her company and business model; she had other lucrative options such as winning the hefty investment from an investor, who would give her a stake of 10% for a valuation of $1 million.

How do I use Savy?

The user should register by entering his email address and password, after which he can log in easily by clicking on ‘sign in.

Who were Savy audience?

The app was aimed at individuals, who have a lot of inventory such as hotels, restaurants, and resale shops.

When did Savy close?

In June 2018, the company closed down its operations.

How was Savy make money?

The firm had a commercial partnership with businesses.

Who is Savy competitor?

The company’s competitors include Savy Neon, Younited Credit, Empruntis, and LexinFintech.

Was Savy a scam?

The company was not a scam, since it actually closed in 2018.

What was the purpose of Savy?

The purpose of Savy was to establish a direct connection between companies and consumers.

How do I login to Savy?

The user should enter his email address on the main page and click on ‘sign in’. After saving it, he can click on ‘log in’.

Is Savy was an App?

The Savy was not an app, as it did not have the functionality of an app.

Where is Savy headquartering?

The company is based in Michigan, India.

How do I use Savy?

The user should register by entering his email address on the main page and clicking on ‘sign in’. After he is logged in, he can start the process of selling items.

Does Savy works internationally?

Savy works internationally, though there are some restrictions on some functionality.

What was Savy mission?

The company’s mission was to make the buying and selling process faster by bringing together retailers and consumers so that they can easily exchange goods without any hassle. The app also works as a middleman between them.

Was Savy safe to use?

It was safe to use Savy since there were no scams involved in the app.

What are the benefits of Savy?

The benefits include reducing cost of marketing and advertising, connecting businesses with clients, and reducing risk of fraud by establishing direct contact between retailers and consumers.

How to setup a Savy Store?

The user can sign up as a retailer on the app by giving his complete details like company name, contact numbers, email address etc. And then click on ‘create store’ to set it up.

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