What Happened to Sand Cloud After Shark Tank?

What is a Sand Cloud?

Sand Cloud is a charitable lifestyle business best known for its vibrantly colored handcrafted Turkish beach towels.

Towels, shirts, and accessories are among the company’s products, which are marketed via an online platform that allows consumers to search for and purchase towels and accessories that promote marine life conservation.

Sand Cloud was founded by three ocean-loving friends in San Diego, California. Steven Ford and Brandon Leibel met their future business partner and lifelong friend, Bruno Aschidamini, while working at a small San Diego call center in 2013. They are the only owners of the company.

Who are the founders of Sand Cloud?

Sand Cloud was formed by three ocean-loving friends in San Diego, California. In 2013, Bruno Aschidamini, Steven Ford, and Brandon Leibel were selling life insurance in San Diego and dreaming of leaving their corporate jobs.

Ford and Leibel were college roommates who met Aschidamini after graduation in a life insurance call center. Sand Cloud was developed with the intention of supporting people in having better naps at the beach.

The three young men established their firm in 2014 with a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $15,623. A portion of the proceeds from sales (ten percent) are contributed to organizations that conserve and protect marine life and the environment.

The towels are enormous – 38 68′′ – and fully composed of Turkish cotton. When relaxing on the sand, a cushion insert in each towel gives added comfort.

The boys built their brand on Instagram and Snapchat, and they now have over 10,000 ambassadors helping to spread the word.

In addition to towels, Sand Cloud sells large beach blankets, jewelry, and clothes. They’re establishing a beach lifestyle brand one towel at a time.

Towels are $47 each, and the costs of their other things vary. Products may be purchased on Amazon and their website.

What Happened to Sand Cloud’s Pitch on Shark Tank?

Bruno Aschidamini, Steven Ford, and Brandon Leibel offer Sand Cloud, their line of soft beach towels with built-in cushions, to the Sharks in Shark Tank episode 18 of Season 8.

Bruno, Steven, and Brandon entered the Shark Tank pitch, seeking $200,000 for an 8% stake in their firm, worth $2.5 million.

They tell their story to the Sharks while showing them funny photos of themselves on the beach with the towels.

The Sharks broke out laughing when they saw themselves. Kevin enquired about their sales, while Daymond inquired about the purpose of the money.

The Sharks were all taken aback by Sand Cloud’s sales. In 2016, they earned $2.4 million! Finally, Mark makes an urgent offer of $400,000 for 25% equity in the company, expecting an instantaneous answer.

The guy, on the other hand, wants the other Sharks to make an offer straight away.

Mark withdraws his offer. Daymond offers $300,000 in return for 25% ownership of the company.

They make a counter-offer of $200,000 for a 10% stake, and Daymond withdraws his offer.

Kevin offered $200,000 for 15% equity; Robert made the same offer as Kevin and liked the product and figures as much as he liked the individuals and their drive.

The players accept Robert’s offer and walk away from the pitch with a deal.

What Happened to Sand Cloud After Shark Tank?

In the immediate aftermath of their event, the company website had 13,000 hits in one day. The deal with Robert and Sand Cloud was finalized, and the previous high was merely 600.

The Shark Tank investment in Sand Cloud was used to expand the website and increase inventory. Thanks to Robert’s support, they are on course to sell more than $7 million.

They plan to contribute around $1 million to ocean-related non-profit organizations.

According to an update article in episode 914, the business has generated $7 million in sales since its launch. The guys are depicted at a corporation-sponsored beach clean-up, with Robert as their guest.

The company was included in the “Greatest Businesses with a Social Cause” segment of The Shark Tank Greatest of All Time Special in February 2020. The episode contains footage from the previously mentioned beach cleanup.

They’ve expanded their product line to include hats, backpacks, stickers, pins, leggings, and other accessories. The company’s annual revenue is expected to reach about $6 million in December 2021.

Sand Cloud’s Competitors

The Sand Cloud has a slew of competitors on the market. Tower, Pure Zone, TenTree, Seafolly, Busyman, Slant Promotions, Marleylilly, and Linksoul are among them.

Sand Cloud’s Net Worth

During the pitch, the firm was valued at $2.5 million; following Robert’s investment, the company was valued at $1.3 million. The company has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

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Sand Cloud FAQs

What is Sand Cloud?

Sand Cloud is a clothing line and beach lifestyle brand that offers soft towels to help soak up the sun and sand.

What is a Sand Cloud towel?

Sand Cloud towels are as big as two adult’s hands, with eight-inch-thick foam inserts for comfort, and are constructed of 100 percent ultra-soft Turkish cotton.

How does the Sand Cloud towel work?

The towel cushion inserts can be flipped to provide a full or semi-flat surface for sleeping, reading, or any other activity on the beach.

Who are the founders?

The Founders of the company are Bruno Aschidamini, Steven Ford, and Brandon Leibel. In 2012, three friends (Bruno, Steven, and Brandon) dreamed of starting a company that promoted an active lifestyle on the beach.

They started to sleep out on the beach for one month at a time and converted their sleeping bags into cushions for lounging on the sand. Then they whipped up their unique product line.

Where Is Sand Cloud Based?

The company is based in California.

How Much Does it Cost to Sleep on a Sand Cloud?

The cost of a single Sand Cloud towel is $47.

What is Sand Clouds Supposed to Do?

They’re designed to help beachgoers sleep comfortably during their relaxing days on the beach (or wherever they want to lounge). That way they can catch up on their reading or catch some rays.

Do You Need Any More Than One Sand Cloud Towel?

No, you don’t. When you’re done, just flip the insert to its flat side and fold it into a small pad.

Do I Need My Own Sand Cloud Towel to Make Sure it actually Works?

Not at all. It’s designed to work with any beach towel.

What is the Materials Used in the Sand Cloud Towel?

They use a combination of 100 percent polyester and 100 percent polypropylene (the perfect weight and texture for beach towels). They buy their fabrics from Turkish suppliers and factory-direct from a local American small business.

What Type of Products Does Sand Cloud Make?

They make two kinds of products: the Sand Cloud towel, and Sand Cloud accessories.

What Are the Costs to Sleep on a Sand Cloud?

A sand cloud costs $47, which is more expensive than an average beach towel. They claim they use high-quality materials that last longer and are more comfortable than other towels.

What Is the Best Way to Clean a Sand Cloud?

They recommend washing and drying it on cold, but not drying it in the dryer because that can result in shrinking or mildewing.

How Can I Purchase Sand Cloud Products?

They can be purchased on their website, or at numerous retailers and beach stores. Check out their store locator to purchase one, or find them at specialty retailers including Surfdome, Saltwater Outlet, Waterman Merchandise, and Lucky’s Surf Shop.

How many colors does Sand Cloud make?

They have eight different color styles.

What Size is a Sand Cloud Towel?

Each towel measures 3 feet by 7 feet, which is equivalent to the size of an adult’s hand. The thickness is less than one inch, but it’s much thicker than most regular towels, which are just a few centimeters.

How Do You Clean a Sand Cloud Towel?

They recommend washing and drying it on cold, but not drying it in the dryer because that can result in shrinking or mildewing.


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