What Happened to Samson Martin After Shark Tank?

What is Samson Martin?

Samson Martin is a firm that makes amusing maternity clothes, such as T-shirts and sweatshirts with the expectant mother’s due date emblazoned over the chest.

The clothes provide answers to the perplexing questions that pregnant women regularly face. Individuals receive replies before they ask.

Pregnant women can choose to have their due date or the season in which they expect to give birth, such as spring or winter, or the month, embroidered on the front of the garment.

Samson Martin was created by Kimberly Preis, a former Senior Stylist and Custom Sales Manager at Trunk Club. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising from Michigan State University. She then advanced to the position of Senior Sales Accounts Executive at PartySlate.

Who is the founder of Samson Martin?

Samson Martin was founded by Kimberly Preis, a former Senior Stylist and Custom Sales Manager at Trunk Club. Kim Preis believes it is vital to give pregnant women with an excellent way of self-expression via clothing.

There never seems to be a significant number of fashion options for expecting mothers who want to wear something that flatters their body and makes them feel beautiful.

As a result, she set out to create a novelty brand of maternity clothing that would offer pregnant women different options.

When Kim initially introduced Samson Martin to the clothing industry, it fared rather well. She was able to market her maternity wear to high-end boutiques in her area.

For a time, Samson Martin had no issue producing sales, but with the recent market downturn, making ends meet has gotten a little more difficult.

Her current goal for the company is to begin mass producing the clothing in order to dramatically cut the sale price and also to make it easier for her to advertise the Samson Martin brand on a retail scale.

What Happened to Samson Martin at Shark Tank pitch?

Kim Preis makes an appearance in episode 208 to seek investment in Samson Martin, a whimsical maternity clothing company. She seeks Shark support in overcoming the challenge of reaching a lower price point for mass manufacturing and entrance into the retail market.

Preis appeared on Shark Tank in seeking of $50,000 in exchange for a 15% stake in her company, which worth $333,333.

Her sales to date exceed $1.4 million, an incredible sum given that she runs out of her basement. Although her statistics are impressive, would the Sharks take note of her proposal?

Her delivery was short and to the point. She talks about how she created the brand in the boutique market, but she feels the moment has come to move into mass retail manufacture. Barbara Corcoran gets to the point as she inquires about sales data. Preis claims to have made $90,000 in sales in the last year.

Samson Martin’s annual sales peaked at $400,000, but have subsequently dropped by 3/4 due to the recession, a dismal decline.

She had a trademark for the term “Due in,” which appeared on the bulk of her designs.

Kevin O’Leary questions the narrowness of her market. Robert Herjavec was interested whether a company could be “hot” twice. He was concerned about the drop in sales.

Robert Herjavec asks Daymond John, a “brand guy,” how difficult it would be to prelaunch a defunct business.

According to John, the economic downturn has resulted in several brands competing for the same market niche. He exits because he believes the retail sector was very competitive.

Kevin Harrington claims that the product offers are overly diverse. He rejects the brand as perplexed and exits.

Barbara Corcoran was skeptical about the trademark’s value. She also exits.

Robert Herjavec did not seek an “uphill fight.” He’s also exits.

Kevin O’Leary was the only one who survived. He believes the specialist market was underserved. He exits as well, claiming that “offering it to her would be a waste of money.” Preis leaves Shark Tank without a deal.

What Happened to Samson Martin After Shark Tank?

Preis regrets the loss and calls O’Leary’s rant about her company being “dead” “a little ugly and a little unnecessary.”

Despite her continuous use of her brand, the recession proved to be an insurmountable barrier. Samson Martin’s social media profiles have been offline since 2013 and his website has been inactive since 2013.

Mr. Wonderful’s point of view, however disagreeable, looks to be true. It’s difficult to determine if this was a self-fulfilling prophecy or if the company’s failure was due to a lack of money, but at the end of the day, preis moved on, closing her doors.

Kim worked for Behold as a “Fashion Stylist” as of July 2021.

Net Worth of Samson Martin

During and after the pitch, the firm was valued at $333,333. Since then, the company has gone out of business; hence the net worth of the company is unknown.

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Samson Martin FAQs

What is Samson Martin?

Samson Martin is a feminine maternity wear business that provides fashionable alternatives to the standard dull selections seen in retailers. The firm was created to meet the demands of pregnant women who desire more from their clothing.

Who is the founder?

Kimberly Preis established and owns the firm.

How much money was sought on Shark Tank?

Preis was looking for $50,000 in exchange for 15% ownership of companies.

Did she have the deal?

No, Kim did not land a deal with the Sharks.

Is Samson Martin still in operation?

No, Samson Martin no longer exists.

Where might I find Samson Martin?

Behold, a Minneapolis-based corporation, purchased the company, which was located in Chicago.

Was Samson Martin a swindler?

No, Samson Martin was not a con artist.

What is the phone number for Samson Martin?

There is no phone number for the firm.

What are Samson Martin’s wares?

Samson Martin provides elegant maternity wear for ladies who desire more style and design in their wardrobe than what is offered in standard maternity clothing retailers. The designs are available in a broad range of colors, patterns, and styles.

Why was Samson Martin created?

Preis founded her company to provide better clothing options for pregnant women, which are currently unavailable on the market owing to their unappealing design and qualities.

Was Samson Martin a contestant on Shark Tank?

Yes, the episode was 208 in Season 2.

What issues does Samson Martin resolve?

Many women feel quite uneasy when they are bombarded with queries about their pregnancy. Pregnant women usually become tired wearing garments that just conceal their baby bulge, so they wear outfits with enormous holes to show off their reproductive organs, which may be humiliating and distracting.

Samson Martin was he shipping?

The corporation was not shipping at the time.

Was Samson Martin peddling something?

Yes, the firm sold through a number of internet merchants such as Nordstrom, Amazon, and Zippos.

What were Samson Martin’s payment methods?

Payment methods accepted by the firm were PayPal, credit cards, and cheque.

What happened to Kim Preis?

Preis is now working as a fashion stylist for Behold, which competes with Samson Martin in the same market.

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