What Happened to Rule Breaker After Shark Tank?

What is Rule Breaker?

Rule Breaker is a startup that creates guilt-free and gluten-free snacks for folks who enjoy sweets. The main ingredient in the cookies, which come in a range of flavors such as deep chocolate brownie, peanut butter chocolate chip, and chocolate chunk Blondies, is chickpeas.

They are also devoid of wheat, dairy products, eggs, and seafood. They are appropriate for all ages, including youngsters and vegans.

The company was founded by Nancy Kalish, a former health writer. She earned a Master of Science in Journalism from Columbia University.

She was previously a senior editor at Cosmopolitan Magazine and a consultant for Nancy Kalish Consulting’s Healthy Restaurant Program. As CEO, she continues to oversee and administrate Rule Breaker.

Who is the founder of Rule Breaker?

The business was founded by Nancy Kalish, a former health writer. She launched the business in November 2014, after a career as a writer and “Healthy Restaurant Consultant.” She desires a delicious pleasure that does not deprive her of nutrition. Her first try included black beans. Despite the fact that the brownies did not turn out well, she continued.

After multiple tries and a switch to a chick pea-based brownie, her recipe was improved. Her snacks have no eggs, milk, or peanuts.

They are gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, and kosher. Dark Chocolate Brownies, Chocolate Chunk Blondies, Birthday Cake, and P’Nutter Chocolate Chip are the four varieties available. On Amazon, an eight-pack costs $28, but they’re also available at Walmart and Whole Foods.

The hors d’oeuvres are a relatively recent addition to the menu. They were released in April 2019 as a result of a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $28,402 in financing.

Nancy wants to broaden the market for her snacks, which is challenging given her one-woman show status.

What Happened to Rule Breaker at Shark Tank pitch?

In Shark Tank episode 1208, Nancy Kalish hopes the Sharks will bite into her chick pea-based brownies and Blondies. Nancy is looking for a Shark to help her grow her chickpea cookie business.

Nancy appeared on Shark Tank in seeking of $400,000 in return for a 10% stake in her company, which worth $4 million.

She starts by noting the things that aren’t in her munchies. She tosses eggs, flour, sugar, and everything but seaweed snacks at her sign, and the Sharks laugh.

The Sharks were taken aback when she says that her main ingredient is chick peas. Her $1.3 million in revenue was approved, but her $1.6 million in debt is not.

The Sharks exit one by one, concerned about their debt. Finally, Nancy exited the pitch without striking a deal.

What Happened to Rule Breaker After Shark Tank?

Nancy won Shark Tank despite without receiving an investment. Not only did her sales skyrocket, but she also drew the attention of Grupo Bimbo, the world’s biggest financial conglomerate.

Bimbo Ventures, their investment arm, put an undisclosed sum in Nancy’s company in exchange for a minority ownership.

The firm is still in operation as of February 2022, with annual revenue of $1 million.

Competitors of Rule Breaker

There are several chickpea brownie competitors, but some are more direct than others. Nancy regards Pete’s Paleo, I Love My Guts Cookies, and Kind Healthy Grains Granola Bars as her main competitors.

Net Worth of Rule Breaker

During and after the pitch, the firm was valued at $4 million.

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Rule Breaker FAQs

What is Rule Breaker?

Rule Breaker is a startup that creates guilt-free and gluten-free snacks for folks who enjoy sweets. The main ingredient in the cookies, which come in a range of flavors such as deep chocolate brownie, peanut butter chocolate chip, and chocolate chunk Blondies, is chickpeas.

Who is the founder?

The company was founded by Nancy Kalish, a former health writer. She earned a Master of Science in Journalism from Columbia University.

How much money was sought on Shark Tank?

Nancy was seeking for $400,000 for a 10% stake in her company, which was worth $4 million.

Did she have the deal?

No, she did not, although Bimbo Ventures made an unspecified investment.

Is Rule Breaker still in operation?

As of February 2022, Rule Breaker is still in operation.

Where is Rule Breaker located?

Rule Breaker’s headquarters are in New York City, New York.

How does Rule Breaker taste?

Rule Breaker has a flavor similar to brownies and Blondies. It’s incredibly nutritious and gluten-free!

What is the calorie count of a Rule Breaker snack?

The eight-pack has 140 calories per serving.

Is Rule Breaker a worthwhile investment?

Yes, that is a solid $4 million investment.

Is Rule Breaker a novel snack?

It is a nutritious snack option that was created to fulfill her sweet need without losing nutrition.

Are Rule Breaker Snuffles Vegetarian?

Absolutely! All of their goods are vegan and composed exclusively of plant-based ingredients. This includes no eggs, butter, or other animal products. They completely exclude honey. Rule Breaker proves that you don’t need animal ingredients to make delightful treats!

Are Rule Breaker Products Nut-Free And Safe For School Use?

Yes, Rule Breaker Snacks are devoid of peanuts and tree nuts, making them appropriate for school lunch boxes and other sites with “No Nuts” policies. All of their products are manufactured and packaged in a nut-free bakery.

Are Rule Breaker gluten-free products certified?

Yes! All Rule Breaker Snacks are gluten-free, according to the Gluten Intolerance Group. The bakery specializes on gluten-free products and is Gluten Intolerance Group Certified Gluten-Free.

What about Other Allergens?

Wheat, gluten, tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, eggs, soy, shellfish, fish, coconut, and sesame are not found in Rule Breaker Snacks.

An independent laboratory conducts allergy testing on all of their goods on a regular basis. The bakery is an allergen-free zone, thus no foods containing any of the above are allowed.

Are Rule Breaker products free of sunflower?

Rule Breaker’s P’Nutter Chocolate Chip Blondies include sunflower seeds. In addition, the white chocolate chips in both Birthday Cake Blondies and Birthday Cake Bites include sunflower lecithin. Sunflower seeds are not present in any of the other flavors. The bakery, on the other hand, does not use sunflower oil.

Are Rule Breaker products free of GMOs?

Most certainly not! All Rule Breaker products are certified by the Non-GMO Project.

Are Rule Breaker’s Selected “Natural Flavors” Actually Natural Flavors?

That is a fantastic question! Many so-called “natural flavors” are anything but. They do, however, employ vegetable and other plant essences, as well as a trace of alcohol or vegetable glycerin.

They are also devoid of GMOs, artificial preservatives, and key allergies (wheat and gluten, tree nuts and peanuts, soy, dairy, eggs, seafood and shellfish, sesame), as well as propylene glycol (PG), a potentially harmful ingredient present in many “natural flavors.” Customers are willing to pay a premium for PG-free and non-GMO flavorings. It is, nonetheless, worthwhile.

What Is the Status of Sustainable Palm Cutting?

Only RSPO-certified sustainable palm oil that meets high environmental and social requirements is used by Rule Breaker. Indeed, palm oil takes half the area of sunflower or soybean oil, resulting in a considerable reduction in environmental impact.

More information is available at https://www.rspo.org/about/sustainable-palm-oil. Because of its high saturated fat content, palm oil has a bad image. This saturated fat, on the other hand, is produced from plants rather than animals and has neither cholesterol nor Tran’s fats.

Palm oil, according to the Harvard Women’s Health Watch, outperforms high trans-fat shortenings and is probably a better choice than butter. It has less saturated fat than coconut oil. As a result, if you want a healthy dessert, one made with sustainable palm shortening is a requirement.

What Exactly Is Prebiotic Fiber?

Prebiotics are naturally occurring chemicals present in meals that help to create and maintain healthy gut flora. The prebiotic fiber is totally made from non-GMO maize. It’s delightfully sweet, so they can eat less sugar, and it acts as a natural preservative, so they can feel good about it.

Is aluminum included in Rule Breaker Baking Powder?

Their baking powder and other ingredients do not include any aluminum. As a consequence, customers can be certain that all Rule Breaker Snacks are metal-free.

Have Your Products Been Kosher Certified?

Yes! They are delighted to be Kof-K Kosher Certified.

Are Rule Breaker Merchandise Halal?

Breakers of the Rules Snacks are vegan and have been lab-tested and verified to contain less than 0.1 percent alcohol, which is the halal limit. However, the majority of commodities are not yet halal-certified.

I Work As A Distributor Or Seller. How Do I Purchase Rule Breaker?

If they’re a store, they advocate buying via Faire.com, an online wholesale marketplace that provides fantastic advantages to merchants including $100 in free Rule Breaker Snacks for new accounts, free shipping, and 60-day terms.

For bigger retailers and distributors, please contact [email protected]. Any foreign queries should be sent to [email protected]. Please contact us at [email protected].

Is it possible for you to ship to other countries?

They are currently exclusively mailing customer orders within the United States. Overseas merchants and distributors, on the other hand, are encouraged to contact their international sales team at [email protected].

How long will Rule Breaker Order be fresh?

All Rule Breaker Snacks will stay fresh for at least 6 months if stored at room temperature. However, always double-check the “best by” date on the packaging.

What Is the Return Policy for Rule Breakers?

Due to food safety considerations, they are unable to take returns on edible products. If the snacks arrive damaged, please send an email with a photo to [email protected], and they will arrange for a replacement. They are currently unable to give refunds.

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