What Happened to RuckPack After the Shark Tank Pitch?

What is RuckPack?

Ruckpack is a start-up that offers caffeine-free energy shots packed with essential vitamins and minerals, providing clients with long-lasting energy and focus without the crash.

They are designed to be a healthy alternative to the highly caffeinated and sugary energy drinks already on the market.

They are made with natural sweeteners, colours, and flavors and come in a variety of flavors. In addition to energy shots, Ruckpack sells protein powder and workout apparel.

Who is the Founder of RuckPack?

Robert Dyer is the creator and former CEO of RuckPack. Dyer graduated from Naval Postgraduate School in 2001 with a Master of Business Administration in Financial Management.

Before founding the company, Dyer was a Major in the Marine Corps and a lecturer at the United States Naval Academy.

Dyer presently works in International Sales and Business Development for Magpul Industries Corp.

Ruckpack was invented by Robert Dyer and his fellow Marines while on duty in Afghanistan in 2008.

When they didn’t have time to eat their MREs, they had to rely on a variety of supplements to keep motivated.

This made them question why they required so many different supplements to gain the energy they needed, and why it couldn’t simply be one.

After attempting and failing to find what they were seeking for, Dyer took a gamble and invested over $90,000 in manufacturing the product himself.

Dyer’s determination to achieve his goals as a Marine and in business was unwavering.

He was able to get his products into stores and sell tens of thousands of dollars of merchandise each year.

At the moment, the company sells all of its products on its website and on Amazon. A 12-pack of 15 3-ounce energy shots will set you back $49.99, while a 6-pack will set you back $29.99.

What Happened to RuckPack at the Shark Tank Pitch?

Dyer appeared on Shark Tank in pursuit of $75,000 in exchange for a 10% ownership in his company. This equates to a $750,000 valuation.

He offers the Sharks a Ruck Pack sample and gives them a fast, instructive presentation.

When Robert Herjavec tries to open his bottle, Dyer tells him that he’ll “need a couple of the shots to get the power” to open it.

Dyer touts his product as “like a daily vitamin” and argues that it is healthier than any other product on the market.

The Sharks get straight to work.

Daymond John brings up the company’s valuation of $750,000 and asks Dyer what he plans to do with the money if he gets an investment.

Dyer intends to reduce Ruck Pack manufacturing to reduce production expenses from 85 cents per bottle to 50 cents per bottle.

John is interested in the sales data. The Sharks are astounded by Dyer’s response: a little more than 15,000 bottles in a month.

Current inventories are of interest to Robert Herjavec. Dyer is now out of stock, but 80,000 bottles are on their way.

He had to pre-pay for half of the purchase, highlighting the need of a Shark investment.

Dyer, who has spent $90,000 of his own money in the company, is dealing with a common small-business problem: a cash flow vacuum.

The inventory has already been acquired. The company has a solid foundation, but it needs partners to grow.

Daymond John has already invested in a comparable product, therefore he’s out. Barbara Corcoran is “in love” with him, but she is concerned by the size of his initial investment in relation to sales. She’s no longer there.

Kevin O’Leary offers a suggestion. He’s willing to provide Dyer $75,000 in return for a 10% interest.

Mark Cuban is concerned about Dyer’s full-time professorship. He’s no longer there.

However, Robert Herjavec stands out before Dyer can accept O’Leary’s offer.

He believes he will want extra capital, so he recommends partnering with O’Leary, upping the ante to $150,000 for a 20% ownership in the company.

Dyer agrees and is given a deal with Shark.

What Happened to RuckPack After the Shark Tank Pitch?

A year after forming a collaboration with O’Leary and Herjavec, Ruck Pack’s sales skyrocketed.

Sales revenue went from $35,000 to over $500,000, and the firm funded a plane that would be shown at air shows around the country.

The product gained entry to Walgreens, a huge national market.

“We’re going to be a serious contender in the energy drink market, which is unheard of for a new man, all thanks to the Sharks’ help,” Dyer says of the contract.

Dyer stepped aside as CEO in September 2014, and Derek Herrera, a seasoned Marine Special Operations Officer, took over.

Herrera did not last long and “significantly harmed the company’s financial line.”

Dyer then summoned a childhood friend, Jimmy Patrick O’Brien, Jr.

In April 2016, they formed a partnership with The GHT Companies to produce all of their drinks.

As of August 2021, they still maintain a functional website, however everything is sold out. They’re no longer accessible on Amazon, either.

What is the Net Worth of RuckPack?

Dyer appeared on Shark Tank in pursuit of $75,000 in exchange for a 10% ownership in his company. This equates to a $750,000 valuation.

He accepted a $150,000 offer for a 20% share, bringing the valuation to $750,000

Who are the Competitors of RuckPack?

There are no known competitors for RuckPack.

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RuckPack FAQS

How RuckPack Works?

Ruckpack is a nutritious energy drink that provides the body with all of the energy it requires to execute strenuous physical activity.

It contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that can benefit the brain, body, and skin.

RuckPack Overdose?

Ruck Pack has consumed a little amount of caffeine, which might result in an overdose if they are trodden on. As a result, make sure they only take the suggested dose.

Ruck Pack also takes pains to make its ingredients apparent by writing them on the product label.

What became of RuckPack following the shark tank?

Dyer is presently working at Magpul Industries Corp. in the International Sales & Business Development department.

During Robert Dyer’s 2008 tour to Afghanistan with his fellow Marines, Ruckpack was formed. Because they didn’t have time to consume their MREs, they depended on other supplements to keep energized.

When did RuckPack make its appearance on Shark Tank?

RuckPack, LLC made its Shark Tank debut on 11/16/2012, owing to two Sharks’ investment, and has since grown to become one of the most broadcast firms in Shark Tank history.

What Exactly Is A RuckPack?

Ruckpack is a company that makes nutrient-dense caffeine-free energy shots.

Who Founded RuckPack?

Ruckpack was founded by Robert Dyer, who also served as its CEO. Dyer earned a Master of Business Administration and Financial Management from Naval Postgraduate School in 2001.

What is RuckPack worth?

RuckPack accepted a $150,000 offer from Sharks for a 20% ownership in his company, valuing it at $750,000 in Season 4 Episode 10.

Does RuckPack contain any caffeine?

No, unlike most other energy beverages, RuckPack has no caffeine.

Where can they buy a RuckPack?

To acquire a pack of Ruckpack, one may go to their official website or Amazon.

How much does a bottle of RuckPack cost?

Ruckpack costs $49.99 for a 12-pack of 15 3-ounce energy shots, while a 6-pack costs $29.99.

Do RuckPack Shots contain any sugar?

No. Ruckpack has no sugar, artificial sweeteners, or ingredients such as preservatives, which are commonly found in energy drinks.

Are RuckPack available in stores?

Yes, they are now accessible in a limited number of retailers around the United States. They may also get them via the company’s official website or Amazon.

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