What Happened to Ride-On Carry-On After Shark Tank?

What is Ride-On Carry-On?

Ride-On Carry-On is a web-based company that converts any rolling baggage into a toddler carriage. Ride-On Carry-On is a simple child’s chair that connects to existing wheeled luggage, eliminating the need for an extra stroller.

Randy and Darryl Lenz established Ride-On Carry-On. Darryl had worked as a flight attendant for 27 years, witnessing how travelling parents struggled to negotiate airport check-in and checkout terminals with enormous strollers and baggage.

By converting any rolling baggage into a travel stroller, the chair alleviates the strain involved with flying travel while toddling. After boarding the plane, passengers may fold the stroller and store it in the luggage compartment.

Who is the man behind Ride-On Carry-On?

Randy and Darryl Lenz launched Ride on Carry On. Darryl had worked as a flight attendant for 27 years, witnessing how travelling parents struggled to negotiate airport check-in and checkout terminals with enormous strollers and baggage.

Rollins College awarded her a Bachelor of Science in Business and Communications. Darryl is presently in charge of the company, with an emphasis on sales and distribution.

The Ride-on Carry-on was invented by the couple when their child was two years old. During his 27 years as a flight attendant, Darryl has seen an endless stream of families laboring with heavy strollers as they navigated the airport and boarding security routines.

The Ride-on Carry-on is a basic child’s chair that connects to existing wheeled luggage, eliminating the need for a separate stroller. When the traveler boards the plane, the Ride-on Carry-on may be neatly folded and put in the overhead compartment beside the passenger’s luggage.

What Happened to the Ride-On Carry-On pitch on Shark Tank?

Due to tremendous sales and ongoing orders, the pair has run out of inventory. They need Shark money to get their product into retail stores.

Randy and Darryl entered the Shark Tank seeking $50,000 in exchange for 25% ownership of their company, which valued at $200,000.

Randy arrives at the Shark Tank armed with a bevy of supplies, including baby bags, a rolling luggage, and a large stroller filled with a doll for the presentation.

Darryl Lenz describes the issues that families face on every holiday before demonstrating how the Ride-on Carry-on works.

The Sharks want to talk about the numbers once they’re sure in the product’s safety and viability.

Daymond John was considering a career in sales. Darryl explains that they’ve sold 20,000 devices in total, with 2,000 sold in the last year for $39.99 apiece. The Ride-on Carry-on project costs $7.

Jeff Foxworthy, a rookie to Shark Tank, is intrigued by the $50,000 prize. They explain that they need to broaden their marketing efforts by branching out into retail sales and redesigning their website.

The couple has placed an order for 2,000 units but presently does not have any inventory. Foxworthy admires the couple’s “enthusiasm,” but acknowledges that he is “just not into this business and he walks away.” Instead of going into retail, Robert Herjavec believes they should license the product. He’s already departed.

Kevin O’Leary gives them $50,000 in return for a 20% stake in the company and desires to license it.

Barbara Corcoran presents a proposal. She gives them what they want: $50,000 in return for 25% ownership of the company. She intends to sell the items through retail, catalog, and online channels, all of which will conspicuously display their trademark.

Kevin O’Leary has made a counter-proposal. He wants the two to present the innovation to two of the world’s largest luggage manufacturers. He will be in charge of all discussions and contract development. His offer is $50,000 up front in exchange for a 20% share in the company.

Daymond John warns the pair that Kevin O’Leary was selling them a “sucker’s bargain,” and he withdraws from the deal. Finally, the couple accepts Barbara Corcoran’s offer and came from the pitch with a deal.

What Happened to Ride-On Carry-On Following Shark Tank?

After landing the deal during the pitch, the two closed the deal with Barbara Corcoran. They show a container being put into an 18-wheeler.

Darryl and Randy’s Ride-on Carry-on product is currently available in major retailers in the United States and across the world.

Barbara Corcoran’s investment has been more than repaid, making this one of her most profitable Shark deals. Families all across the world rely on the Ride-On Carry-On to make traveling easier.

The corporation underwent restructuring in 2019. Think King rebranded and now sells luggage, stroller hooks, and tote bags. The company is functioning as of November 2021 and earns $1 million in annual revenue.

Ride-On Carry-On’s Net Worth

The firm was valued at $200,000 during the pitch and following Barbara Corcoran’s investment. Since then, the firm has done well in sales, with revenue of $1 million in 2021, which might also cause the company’s net worth to be more than that of pitch.


Ride-On Carry-On FAQs

Where Can I Find Ride On Carry-On?

The product is easy to find in any store, including Target and Walmart. However, if customers are looking for a deal on the product, they can find the company’s website with information about the company, offers to join their mailing list, and news on upcoming products.

How Much Do Ride-On Carry-on Products Cost?

The cost of one product is $39.99 plus shipping costs of $8.99 for a total of $48.

Where Can I Buy Ride-On Carry-On?

Anyone can purchase the product from the company’s website.

Does Ride On Carry On Work With Wheeled Luggage?

For customers who want to use their existing wheeled luggage, they will need to purchase the accessory that attaches to the bottom of their luggage for $7.99 plus shipping costs, for a total of $59.96.

Is Ride-On Carry-On Safe?

The product is designed for children aged two and older. It is also designed for anyone weighing up to 75 pounds and 10 inches in height.

 Is Ride-On Carry-On Really Easy?

The product is easy because the child will be able to sit in the seat without any problems. It also comes with a small toy, which children love to play with while they’re seated.

Is Ride On Carry On Safe For Children?

The product is safe for children because it has been designed with the child’s safety in mind. It doesn’t have any sharp edges and doesn’t pose threat for injury.

Is Ride On Carry-On Safe For Pregnant Women?

The product is safe for pregnant women because it allows patients to safely travel their babies along with them in the stroller when they are backseat carrying.

What is Ride-On Carry-On made of?

The product is made from a hard plastic frame with steel springs, as well as foam padding. The foam padding provides additional comfort for the child sitting in the chair.

What is the purpose of Ride-On Carry-On?

The product is designed for parents and caregivers to transport a child on an airplane.

What is Ride-On Carry-On’s return policy?

If customers are not satisfied with their purchase, they have the option of returning their item to the company. The company will provide a full refund in return for the unused product.

Where can I buy Ride-on Carry-on?

The product is available online and in stores, such as Target and Walmart.

Where is Ride-On Carry-On products made?

The products are designed and manufactured in the United States.

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