What Happened to Rick Smith Jr. Magician After Shark Tank?

What is Rick Smith Jr. Magician?

Richard Smith Jr. is a professional illusionist and card thrower located in Cleveland, Ohio. Smith is well-known for his several nationally televised performances as well as three world records for tossing a playing card the most distance, height, and accuracy.

Rick Smith Jr. grew up in Lyndhurst, Ohio, a suburb on Cleveland’s eastern suburbs. He went to St. Clare School until the eighth grade, when he transferred to Charles F. Brush High School, where he graduated.

Smith began practicing magic at a young age, self-teaching feats and buying props from the local magic shop. He began by entertaining neighbors in his basement before graduating to appearances at local events, where he collected a modest fee for a stage performance.

Following high school, Smith attended Cleveland State University, where he majored in Marketing and Business Management. During his tenure as a student, he pitched for the CSU Vikings’ NCAA team.

During his time as an NCAA Division I pitcher at Cleveland State University, he honed his throwing ability. He has also produced a series of instructional DVDs on magic and card tossing.

Who is the founder of Rick Smith Jr. Magician?

Rick Smith Jr. Magic Show was founded by Rick Smith. Rick rose to prominence through his card-throwing exploits, which began in college when he hurled a playing card in a locker room for entertainment, wounding a youngster.

Rick Smith Jr.’s career began unofficially in the second half of his time at Colorado State University, when he discovered that his aptitude at card throwing might allow him to smash world records and quickly ascend to popularity.

Smith’s unusual skill for the sport became clear after he inadvertently slashed his arm while flinging a card at a friend in good fun.

In the days and weeks that followed, he told the local press that he would attempt to break the record for the distance of a playing card toss in CSU’s Wolstein Center.

Smith achieved the world record for the farthest distance thrown with a playing card on March 21, 2002, at the age of 21.

Smith began receiving calls from national television programs to do his first live broadcasted card throwing trick on their show after his achievement was featured in Cleveland’s newspapers and television stations.

He made his first broadcast appearance on Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, demonstrating his card throwing abilities in terms of speed, distance, and precision.

What Happened to Rick Smith Jr. Magician at Shark Tank pitch?

Rick Smith Jr. discusses his proposal for a new Vegas magic show in Shark Tank episode 307. Smith aspires to build a new type of entertainment amid Las Vegas’s clogged streets, and he seeks the aid of a Shark.

Smith entered the Tank seeking for $1.5 million in return for a 20% stake in his company, which worth $7.5 million.

He starts with a fantasy. A model stands atop a container, revealing a black curtain, and Smith appears from behind it, replacing the lady, who was later rescued from the box.

Smith demonstrates his card-throwing talents by gripping a celery stalk and slashing it in half with a card.

By lighting a fire beneath Mark Cuban’s seat, he brings Kevin O’Leary to the illusions. O’Leary gets out of his chair, cursing, after feeling a searing heat in his own seat. The prank amazes and amuses the Sharks, but will it result in a trade for Smith?

O’Leary wanted to know how he arrived at a $7.5 million valuation. Smith explains that they’re working with a top publicist and estimate $12 million in sales in the first year.

Given Smith’s $200,000 earnings in the previous year, O’Leary was not satisfied with the risk. O’Leary and Herjavec were both correct.

Smith was sinking fast. The idea of an unknown magician performing in a Las Vegas venue was “absurd” to Daymond John. He exits.

“This isn’t even an unacceptable risk,” Kevin O’Leary claims. This posed a suicidal risk. He also exits. Smith, according to Mark Cuban, set his goals too high when he “went for the holy grail.”  He exits as well.

“It takes 10-15 years to acquire instant success,” says Robert Herjavec. He was hesitant to invest so much time and energy to furthering Smith’s career. He exits as well.

Barbara Corcoran reminds Smith that he has made too many requests with little indication of his capacity to fulfill them. Smith quits the Tank without a deal when the final Shark exits.

What Happened to Rick Smith Jr. Magician After Shark Tank?

Smith’s loss on Shark Tank looks to have put a halt to his Vegas run, but he is still booking smaller venues and developing a lucrative career.

According to his social media pages, he has been playing at birthday parties and proms. Smith appears to have taken Herjavec’s prediction to heart, painstakingly building his brand and making his way to Vegas, one gig at a time.

While Smith has performed in a variety of smaller venues in Las Vegas, his primary source of income is through his website, where he sells throwing cards and targets and books corporate and private events. During the Covid-19 pandemic, he began doing virtual magic tricks using Zoom. Despite the fact that the outbreak was catastrophic.

The firm is still in business with annual revenue of $2 million as of February 2022.

Net Worth of Rick Smith Jr. Magician

During and after the pitch, the firm was valued at $7.5 million. Since then, the company’s net worth has grown to $1.5 million.

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Rick Smith Jr. Magician FAQs

What is Rick Smith Jr. Magician?

Rick Smith Jr. Magician is the stage name of Cleveland, Ohio-based magician Rick Smith Jr. Prior to the historic event with card flinging at Cleveland State University, his original name was Rick Smith.

Who is the founder?

Rick Smith, Jr. is the creator of the Rick Smith Jr. Magic Show, which debuted in 2002.

How much was seeking on Shark Tank?

He was looking for $1.5 million for a 20% interest in the corporation, which was worth $7.5 million.

Did he have the deal?

No, he did not have a deal at the time of the pitch.

Is Rick Smith Jr. Magician still in operation?

Rick Smith Jr. Magician is still in operation. He plays at many events and business functions in and around Las Vegas.

Where is Rick Smith Jr. Magician based?

Rick Smith Jr. Magician’s headquarters are in Las Vegas, Nevada.

What is Rick Smith Jr. Magician’s net worth?

Rick Smith Jr. Magician has a net worth of $1.5 million.

Is Rick Smith Jr. Magician a genuine magician?

Yes, Rick Smith Jr. Magician is a legitimate company managed by Rick Smith Jr. Magician. He was featured in major news outlets for his performance four years before the Shark Tank episode aired.

What does Rick Smith Jr. Magician do?

Rick Smith Jr. Magician makes a fortune by performing in tiny locations across Las Vegas.

Who is Rick Smith Jr. Magician’s intended audience?

Rick Smith Jr. Magician’s target audience ranges from elementary school children to adults.

What is Rick Smith Jr. Magician’s source of income?

Rick Smith Jr. Magician earns money through his website, which he utilizes to promote his events and bookings through private parties and corporate events.

How does Rick Smith Jr. Magician generate money?

Rick Smith Jr. Magician generates revenue by selling products from his website’s store, including as card-throwing packs and targets.

Is Rick Smith Jr. Magician a successful magician?

Yes, Rick Smith Jr. Magician is a prosperous enterprise. Despite the success of the Shark Tank episode, he has been covered in major news outlets and his performance has been performing for more than a decade.

How can I make a payment for Rick Smith Jr. Magician?

Rick Smith Jr. Magician’s items are available for purchase on the website, which takes a variety of major credit cards via PayPal.

How can I hire Rick Smith Jr. Magician?

Rick Smith Jr. Magician’s services can be ordered online and delivered to clients’ homes.

Is Rick Smith Jr. Magician has an offer?

Rick Smith Jr. Magician is offering a free deal that includes the initial delivery fees. The fee of the magic act is $595.

What is the price of Rick Smith Jr. Magician?

Rick Smith Jr.’s bundle costs $10, but an identical pack on another retailer costs $12.95.

What is Rick Smith Jr. Magician’s target age?

Rick Smith Jr. Magician’s target demographic ranges from primary kids to adults.

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