What Happened to Reviver Clothing Swipes After Shark Tank?

What is Reviver Clothing Swipes?

Reviver Clothing Swipes is a product that instantly removes scents from clothing and hair with a few swipes. The wipes, which are reusable up to ten times, use cutting-edge technology to refresh you from head to toe with odor-eliminating chemicals.

The company’s creator, Ben Kusin, had the concept while working as the Head of New Media and Strategic Alliances at Vivendi Games. He formerly worked as a marketing executive for EA.

After securing a considerable investment from his father Gary to fund the four-year development process, Ben ultimately founded the Reviver Clothing Swipes business in 2011.

The Reviver Company sells refreshing garment wipes that can remove unpleasant odors.

Ben maintained the company in the family by appointing his younger brother Eric as president and chief operating officer. Eric used to work as a buyer at Neiman Marcus.

Reviver Clothing Swipes was created by whom?

The company’s creator, Ben Kusin, came up with the idea while working as the Head of New Media and Strategic Alliances at Vivendi Games, after previously working as an EA marketing executive.

Ben finally established Reviver Garment Swipes in 2012, delivering refreshing clothing wipes that may eradicate unpleasant odors.

Ben retained the company in the family by hiring his younger brother Eric, a former buyer at Neiman Marcus, as president and chief operating officer.

He observed gum and breathe mints while walking to the convenience store. That’s when he came up with the brilliant notion of creating a breath mint for his wardrobe.

In January 2013, he guaranteed that the first Reviver Clothing Swipes packets were offered at 7-11 outlets in his hometown of Dallas.

Reviver Clothing Swipes may also be purchased in Caesars Entertainment casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Reno. Soon after founding the firm, Brother Eric joined him, as did their father, Gary, who has considerable entrepreneurial and Venture Capital experience.

There is currently nothing like to Reviver Clothing Swipes on the market, and Ben has a patent pending. While the product has yet to be tested, it has a lot of potential because present clothing fresheners are spray-based.

Reviver Clothing Swipes are currently available at Walgreens locations around the country, and the pet version is available at Petco shops. They are also available on Amazon.


What Happened to Reviver Clothing Swipes During Their Shark Tank Presentation?

Kusins are searching for Shark Tank investors to help them expand goods and retail links in Shark Tank episode 4 seasons 6 of Reviver Clothing Swipes.

Ben and Eric entered the Shark Tank seeking $150,000 in exchange for a 5% ownership in their firm, which worth $3 million.

They tell their experiences and then demonstrate their swipes. Lori Greiner was called in and told to bring out a garment that has been “marinating” in burgers and fries. Lori was a firm believer!

While the lads hand out samples, Ben tells them about his “AHA Moment.” They allege that their father handed them $2 million and that they sold $500,000 in a year.

They also indicated that they plan to make $4 million over the following year. Kevin O’Leary challenges the $3 million value, and they learn about his father’s background.

They also claim that a meeting with Walmart will take place in August. Mark Cuban is not a fan of the term “technology,” but he thinks Reviver is a fantastic product. This doesn’t stop him from going out.

Kevin O’Leary exited because he feels sales are insufficient. According to Barbara Corcoran, she will not invest in “privileged child enterprises.” According to Robert Herjavec, Barbara Corcoran’s methodology was erroneous.

Lori Greiner states that this product made her think “Cha Ching a Ling a Ding Dong,” and she offered $150,000 for a 15% share in the company.

Ben and Eric contact Robert Herjavec, who offers $150,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in the company.

Lori Greiner expresses her want to be on QVC and offers her contacts.

Lori Cha Chings her way onto the stage finally exited the pitch with a deal, when Ben declares he’ll accept Lori Greiner’s offer.

What Became of Reviver Clothing Swipes After Shark Tank?

After episode 4 seasons 6 of Reviver Clothing Swipes on Shark Tank, Ben and Eric walked away with a deal. Lori’s deal was fulfilled, and the Kusin brothers sold their wipes on QVC several times.

The rich kids’ comments sparked heated controversy following the show, but the Kusin brothers dismissed it.

The brothers invested in Malibu Poke, a Dallas restaurant, in April of 2017. A year or two later, a second location in Austin opened.

Poke is a Hawaiian dish that is best described as “deconstructed sushi.” In 2019, the guys established VENN, a “live 24/7 network for gaming, streaming, e-sports, and entertainment audiences.” In November 2021, the Reviver Clothing Swipes industry is prospering, with yearly revenue of $5 million.

Reviver Clothing Swipes’ competitors

Reviver Clothing Swipes’ main competitors include k-Space Associates, Profitap, Kyp, Appmethod, ShiftMobility, Zabbix, Amann Girrbach, and Oomph.

Reviver Clothing Swipes’ net worth

During the pitch, the company was valued at $3 million; following Lori Greiner’s investment, the firm was valued at $1 million.

Since then, the firm has done well in sales, with annual revenue of $5 million estimated in 2021. This indicates that the company’s net worth might have been more than that of pitch.

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Reviver Clothing Swipes FAQs

Is Reviver Clothing Swipes safe to use?

The product we created is indeed safe, as it is made with 100% natural ingredients and approved by the FDA and CDC.

How long should I use it?

They recommend assuming a 3-4 month shelf life if not used up within the first 2 weeks of purchase.

Can I use it on all my garments?

People could use it on most of their garments; however, they shouldn’t be applying it to any synthetic fabrics.

Can children use Reviver Clothing Swipes?

Of course, children can use Reviver Clothing Swipes. The products are safe for everyone in the family to use.

Can I use Reviver Clothing Swipes on my baby?

People don’t have to be a mom to know that babies should not be exposed to fragrances, chemicals, and other elements that could affect their growth. Thankfully, Reviver Clothing Swipes is made from plant extracts and essential oils, so it’s perfectly safe for babies.

How can I apply it?

It’s pretty simple – just close the seal of the package and gently sway the wipes.

What is Reviver Clothing Swipes made of?

The wipes are made of essential oils and plant extracts, which are natural antibacterial agents that deodorize and purify the garments without leaving any streaks or residue.

Do Reviver Clothing Swipes work?

If it does work, the firm has no website; there are no customer testimonials to back up their claims. Also, the company is too young to have dealt with any legal issues.

Is Reviver Clothing Swipes reusable?

No, Reviver Clothing Swipes are single-use and not reusable.

Where can I buy Reviver Clothing Swipes?

They are available in the USA, Canada and Mexico through Amazon.com and Walgreens (the latter on a test basis).

What is Reviver Clothing Swipes return policy?

Customers are entitled to a 30-day return period if the product doesn’t work for them. If the package has been opened, it will not be eligible for returns.

Can Reviver Clothing Swipes remove grass stains?

Reviver Clothing Swipes can indeed remove grass stains if they were applied before treatment. They also deodorize sweat, which leaves garments smelling fresh and clean.

Can Reviver Clothing Swipes remove blood stains?

Yes, they can. The wipes can help get rid of blood stains that have occurred due to heavy bleeding or accidents.

What ingredients are in Reviver Clothing Swipes?

The wipes are made of plant extracts, essential oils, and other natural agents.

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