What Happened to Rescue Ready after the Shark Tank?

What is Rescue Ready?

The Rescue Ready window escape ladder was designed in the goal of protecting homeowners and tenants from house fires. This product can slide out the window, leaving a space between the window and the siding.

The National Fire Protection Association has authorized Rescue Ready’s product, which is based in California. The Rescue Ready Escape Ladder allows you to swiftly evacuate your house in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Erick Hartfield and Brett Russell created it in January of 2013. It took them two to three years to design the ideal escape ladder that would not only save the homeowner’s life, but could also be opened by a youngster or old person who needed to flee their house.

This ladder is incredibly simple to assemble. Installation does not necessitate the use of any screws or tools.

Who is the creator of Rescue Ready?

Rescue Ready was created by Brett Russell and Erick Hartfield. Before inventing the window escape ladder, they were an extremely driven and diligent crew. Erick is a U.S. alumnus as well.

Both men attended the College of Business at James Madison University, but they did not meet until they were assigned to the same fire department.

Both are technical rescue professionals who have experience in rope rescue, confined space rescue, vehicle extrication, and structural fires.

Brett also runs a landscaping company, while Eric works as a window installation. His knowledge of window installation is just as important to the organization as his firefighting experience.

This fire escape ladder was particularly intended to help users escape to safety, as most victim fatalities are believed to occur while individuals attempt to evacuate.

Eric Hartsfield and Brett Russell are both veteran firefighters from Norfolk, Virginia.

Ready Rescue is integrated into the window frame because persons trapped on the second floor of a burning house become bewildered and confused, and are unlikely to recall where the fire safety ladder is.

In the case of a fire, just wrap the Rescue Ready ladder; turn it over and out the window, and start climbing down.

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What happened to Rescue Ready’s pitch on Shark Tank?

Following the completion of the innovation by both inventors, they seek investors through the Shark Tank pitch.

Eric and Brett make an offer of $75,000 for a 15% stake in their company, worth $500,000.

Because they have yet to produce income, they define their company as a real start-up.

The Sharks admire the two firefighters and the product, but it’s too soon to invest in a new product that hasn’t been tested in the market.

Unfortunately, the Sharks believe window makers and reject the plan, leaving them all out of the deal. Finally, the pitch did not succeed in closing the deal.

What happened to Rescue Ready after it was rejected by the Shark Tank?

After failing to land a deal with the sharks, the firemen used their media exposure to begin a Kickstarter campaign to fund their concept.

Throughout the campaign, their objective on Kickstarter was to reach $225,000. Only 287 supporters gave $66,608, falling shy of Rescue Ready’s Kickstarter financing target.

Despite the failure of the campaign, the two firemen continued to work on the product and announced the release of Rescue Ready Retrofit in 2020.

The company’s website is still up and running and they are looking for window makers.

They also provide the Rescue Ready Retrofit, which hides the ladder mechanism beneath a simple, ornamental cover that looks like window trim. The company’s net value is $5 million in 2021.

Rescue Ready’s net worth

The company valuation was $500,000 during and after the pitch, since then the company net worth might have been more than that of pitch.

Rescue Ready FAQs

 How does Rescue Ready work?

The Rescue Ready window escape ladder is designed in the goal of protecting homeowners and tenants from house fires. This product can slide out the window, leaving a space between the window and the siding.

 What are some of the benefits of Rescue Ready?

The primary benefit is that it allows people unable to escape a house fire to access a second floor balcony or roof without having to climb through dangerous flames.

 How is Rescue Ready different from the competitor?

The window escape ladder provides an escape spot that can be accessed by anyone in an emergency situation regardless of their physical ability.

 Who are the competitors of Rescue Ready?

Other companies that market a similar product are Exodus Ladders and Road Rope. They sell their ladders and ropes at different rates, but they seem to have a similar approach to the products they offer.

What is the return policy of Rescue Ready?

If the buyer wishes to return the product, they have 30 days to resend it and get a full refund. As per other companies’ policy, all sales are final. Buyers who have registered complaints that require a refund may be eligible for a store credit.

How much does an original Rescue Ready cost?

The company’s price for one is about $50, but if you purchase more units of the product, they get discounts. Fortunately, Rescue Ready provides deals on their website and on Amazon.

What is the shipping cost of Rescue Ready?

Shipping is free.

Where is Rescue Ready manufactured?

The product was created in the United States. Is Rescue Ready tested by an independent organization before being released to the market?

All their products have been independently tested and approved by their safety engineers and product developers for safety, efficiency, and effectiveness.

All testing has been done by certified testers in order to comply with all state and federal regulations as well as to maintain complete transparency and accountability.

Is Rescue Ready safe to use?

The product is safe to use with all window configurations. The only concern is that the structural integrity of the house may be compromised by wear and tear caused by damage to the siding.

What are the features of Rescue Ready?

The product features an easy-to-install mechanism that can be retrofitted into most existing homes. It can be used almost anywhere, as long as it has a balcony or deck attached.

What are some of Rescue Ready’s advantages?

Rescue Ready provides a safe escape route in case of emergency.

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