What Happened to Radiate Portable Campfire After Shark Tank?

What is the Radiate Portable Campfire?

Radiate is a global outdoor goods firm best known for its creative and inventive portable campfire, a simple canister made completely of recycled paper briquettes and soy wax. Radiate campfires, according to the duo, may reliably burn for three to five hours.

Brent Davidson and Bryan Cantrell established Radiate in September 2017. The two had known each other for many years as business partners in a cosmetics company that made wax.

Due to the nature of wax manufacturing, they were usually left with overages and excess. To make effective use of them, they were usually piled in large buckets, which were then used to build big bonfires when camping.

Radiate campfire canisters are easy to start and may burn for up to 3-5 hours. It can be stopped, resumed, and transferred at any time since it is portable and reusable.

It is also waterproof, requires no maintenance, uses no wood, emits no flyaway embers or hazardous smoke, and may be used in areas where wood campfires cannot be lit.

Who are the brains behind Radiate Portable Campfire?

Brent Davidson and Bryan Cantrell established Radiate in September 2017. The two had known each other for many years as business partners in a cosmetics company that made wax.

Radiate is a literal can of dynamite. Each can has a diameter of little more than 8 inches. They’re constructed from recycled paper pulp that’s been dipped in soy wax.

When lit, a “campfire” suitable for toasting marshmallows or hot dogs wills last 3 to 5 hours. To extinguish it, simply close the can’s lid. If you like, you may even douse it in water and it will instantly relight.

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $6,256, the product was released in April 2017. This is not their first venture together; they also co-founded Fleur de Spa, an internet company that sells a proprietary line of beauty care products.

Radiate was inspired by the excess wax used in the production of many of their skin care products. They were using old wax to make massive candles, but they were too unclean and heavy to carry.

Bryan placed some wax and paper into an old cookie tin one day, and so the idea for a portable campfire was born.

Radiate is great for any situation where you’d like to have a campfire but don’t want to deal with the hassle. It’s also safer and better for the environment. It is absolutely sustainable because it is made entirely of recycled materials.

Furthermore, they are made in the United States of America. A two-pack will set you back $49, a four-pack will set you back $95 and an eight-pack would set you back $186.

What happened to the Radiate Portable Campfire pitch on Shark Tank?

Bryan and Brent decided to pitch their idea to Shark Tank investors in order to obtain access to outdoor and sporting goods retailers.

Brent and Bryan entered the Shark Tank looking for $50,000 for a 20% ownership in their company, which is worth $250,000.

They talk about the history of campfires and show how to light one of their things.

After they talk about it, they hand out samples, and Robert smokes his. The men tell the Sharks that they make each gadget for $5.75 and sell it for $25.

Lori believes that the six-hour burn time is inadequate. The remaining Sharks disagree, claiming that six hours is an unreasonable length of time.

One of the Sharks compares it to Instafire; however, that item is intended to start a traditional fire, not to replace it.

They sold and sent around 11,000 units in 30 days. They raised $400 of them through a crowdsourcing project. Other issues preoccupy the Sharks as well.

Lori inquires about the presence of a campfire. If Robert was asking if he may camp in regions where campfires are prohibited, the answer is usually yes.

Barbara was curious whether the container becomes heated. Yes, it does, and the container was labeled with a caution.

Barbara then offers $50,000 for a 25% stake in the company, but they continue to talk.

Mark determines that the weight is too much for him and exits. Lori also went out, claiming a disagreement with Instafire.

Then, in response to Barbara’s offer, Rohan offers his own. Robert also matches it, but after consulting with Rohan, he raises the offer to $100,000 for a 25% ownership in the company.

Brent and Bryan quickly accept the offer and close the deal.

What Became of Radiate Portable Campfire After Shark Tank?

The deal with Robert was finalized following the deal’s cheering during the pitch. Radiate saw a considerable spike in sales following its airing, as is sometimes the case.

In addition, the product was featured in a number of news outlets. Furthermore, the majority of internet reviews are positive.

Robert joins an evening event to recognize the company’s success, and as night falls, hundreds of lights are lit. As of November 2021, the firm was still in operation.

Radiate Portable Campfire’s opponents

Radiate’s main direct rivals are the Zippo Campfire and the Instafire.

Radiate Portable Campfire’s Net Worth

During the pitch, the firm was valued at $250,000; following Robert’s investment, the company was valued at $400,000. Since then, the firm has made sales and hence the company net worth might have been higher than that of pitch.

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Radiate Portable Campfire FAQs

How long is the burner’s temperature?

The actual temperature varies depending on the size of the opening, but it is unlikely to get hotter than 602°F.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, The Radiate Portable Campfire will come with a one year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. The company will replace any defective units during that time period, no questions asked.

Can you light it with a lighter?

No. It does not come with any source for ignition.

Can you relight it?

Yes. Once the can is extinguished, it takes about 30 seconds for the oxygen to ignite the fumes again.

How fast can you light it?

The average person will be able to light the device in 5-10 seconds.

Can I use matches or a lighter?

No, user cannot use matches or a lighter to relight this item, since this is a high quality product with premium ingredients used in its manufacture and construction.

Can the fire be used for cooking or baking?

No. While most people would not cook or bake on the campfire, some consider them to be a delicious treat. Still, this is not exactly the optimal method for either of those activities for several reasons.

First, it is generally too hot to approach and cook with a fork. Secondly, low-level heat does not cook meat quickly enough to avoid bacteria growth and potential food poisoning if left unrefrigerated.

 Can the fire be used in a ground cover?

It would be ideal for an area to have no fire restrictions, and so a ground cover would work. However, doing so would make the campfire very difficult to ignite.

What type of fuel does it use?

While traditional campfires use wood and charcoal as fuel, this product uses only flammable gases like propane or butane.

Is it windproof?

In ideal conditions, the wind is sometimes ineffective in extinguishing a campfire. However, if left unattended during inclement weather, it is expected that the fire will die out.

What is Radiate Portable Campfire made of?

The body is made from anodized aluminum. The lantern is made from plastic.

How easy is it to put out?

Yes, a bucket of water can be used to extinguish the flames.

Are there additional accessories?

No, this item does not come with any other accessories or additional accessories are not available at this time.

What is the duration of Radiate Portable Campfire being light?

The Radiate Portable Campfire will last approximately 6 hours, depending on conditions such as state of the other fuel or wind.

Does it make noise while burning?

No, the Radiate Portable Campfire makes no noise while on fire, and is quiet enough to not disrupt peaceful campers nearby.

 Is it safe to use?

Yes, the Radiate Portable Campfire is far safer than a traditional campfire and will not cause any health risks to the user or anyone else around them.

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