What Happened to QBall After the Shark Tank Pitch?

What is QBall?

QBall is a wireless microphone that can be rolled, dropped, or passed. The QBall is made of a lightweight, soft, and robust foam that can take a beating.

To avoid unpleasant thumps or bumps over the speakers when in flight, the microphone automatically shuts off.

The QBall also includes our patented Battery-Saver feature. If there is no movement detected for 10 minutes, the QBall will go into standby mode to conserve battery. Perfect for events, conferences, classrooms, and audience engagement.

Who is the Inventor of QBall?

QBall was created by Shane Cox of Salt Lake City, Utah. While spending many years spreading technology throughout the school system, Cox saw a gap in the tactics used to make children heard in the classroom.

In order to urge students to speak out, some lecturers employed a talking stick, while others distributed them delicate and awkward microphones.

Cox had experienced the difficulty of not being able to hear and understand friends as a kid who preferred to sit in the back of the classroom.

The interactive QBall was intended to help students overcome this barrier in a fun and engaging way.

The ability to go to the mass-production phase after creating a prototype using a 3D printer was made possible by kind IndieGoGo backers.

In October 2015, Cox and two others donated $46,895 for the QBall through a successful IndieGoGo campaign.

The cost of each system is $179. It has a ten-hour battery and a range of approximately 75 feet from the signal source.

What Happened to QBall at the Shark Tank Pitch?

Shane appeared on Shark Tank season 9 episode 2 looking for $200,000 in exchange for a 15% share in his firm. This works out to a $1.3 million valuation.

He gives a description of the product and makes his pitch. He then throws the Q Ball to Mark, who talks into it when it’s completed.

Lori wants to try, but Shane believes Mark is the only one who can do it, so he gives her a “blank.”

Shane mentioned that the cost of the item was $179. They’ll have to pay $52 to make it. When Mark questioned about sales, Shane responded that they had made a total of $177,000.

90 percent of sales to schools and other customers were made by public speakers and research groups.

Lori questioned as to if he was the owner of a patent. Shane went on to say that he has a patent for the feature that allows him to toss it without causing the machine to make a noise.

He anticipates reaching $650,000 by the end of the year (2017). He argues that if one teacher at a school attempts it, others will be required to do the same.

He wants to make an investment in order to purchase products because he is always running out.

Robert mentioned that he owns an international cybersecurity organization. Despite their scale, they do not sell too many governments or institutions since the procedure is time-consuming.

Robert anticipated to be old and gray by the time the money arrived on his return. He stepped outdoors.

The Sharks feel that selling to businesses will be easier. Lori, Mark, and Rohan got together to discuss the deal they intended to make.

They donated $300,000 in exchange for 30% ownership. Shane responds with 25%, and Mark argues that while he appreciates Shane’s response, he should understand the value they bring to the table. Shane ultimately accepts their offer.

What Happened to QBall After the Shark Tank Pitch?

Lori, Rohan, and Mark’s agreement was carried out. They quickly merged with Alexa. In the two years following the initial air date, the firm generated $3.9 million in sales.

They are still in business as of November 2021, with a $1 million annual revenue.

What is QBall’s Net Worth?

Shane appears on the season of Shark Tank in quest of $200,000 for a 15% ownership in his firm. This works out to a $1.3 million valuation.

He accepted a $300,000 offer from Mark, Lori, and Rohan for a 30% ownership, bringing the valuation to $1 million.

The current valuation is clearly greater since the company has developed.

Who are QBall’s Competitors?

Other firms in its market sector, such as Tonor and Rode Microphones, compete with QBall.

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What inspired the creation of QBall?

Cox had experienced the difficulty of not being able to hear and understand friends as a kid who preferred to sit in the back of the classroom.

What is QBall’s revenue model?

The company sells its microphones directly to consumers via its website and Amazon.com. QBall does not sell to retailers at this time.

Who are QBall’s primary competitors?

QBall has several competitors, including Tonor and Rode Microphones.

What is the cost of QBall?

Each unit costs $179 to purchase.

How long does QBall batteries last?

Each QBall battery can be used for up to ten hours on the charge.

What is the website address of QBall?

The official website is www.peeq.us or www.buyqball.com

Where is QBall headquartered?

QBall is manufactured and distributed in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina.

 Who founded QBall?

QBall was created by Shane Cox.

How much money has QBall raised on IndieGoGo campaign?

As of October 2015, the company had raised $46,895 through an IndieGoGo campaign.

How much money did QBall raise in its Shark Tank pitch?

The initial amount requested was $200,000 for 15% ownership. The firm received an offer of $300,000 for 30% ownership from Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, and Rohan Oza.

What equipment does QBall use?

QBall is designed to work with any iPod, iPhone or iPad with Bluetooth capabilities and a range of approximately 75 feet.

What happened to QBall after the Shark Tank?

Lori, Rohan, and Mark’s agreement did go through. They soon merged with Alexa. The corporation made $3.9 million in sales in the two years after the debut air date.

Is QBall still in business?

Yes. QBall has remained in business since November 2021, with a $1 million annual revenue.

What is their refund policy?

When they get their goods, they will check it and tell them that it has been returned. After checking the goods, they will tell customers of the status of their reimbursement.

If their return is accepted, a refund will be issued to their credit card (or original method of payment).

What is their Standard Shipping Times?

Please keep in mind that purchases are usually sent within 10-15 business days.

If they want expedited shipment or further information, please contact them at [email protected]

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