What Happened to Puppy Cake After Shark Tank?

What is Puppy Cake?

Puppy Cake is a company that provides cake mix (as well as frosting) for dogs. Canines’ digestive systems are harmed by human cake.

This is not to say that the pups detest the flavors that humans like. Puppy Cake mix comes in a variety of flavors, including Peanut Butter, Red Velvet, and Banana.

Puppy Cake mix comes in several varieties, including Peanut Butter, Red Velvet, and Banana. Puppy Cake was created by Kelly Costello of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

She enjoys dogs and is fascinated with manufacturing. She is in charge of all Puppy Cake product manufacturing in order to ensure product safety and quality. They only make foods and snacks that they would consume and that are of great quality and safety.

Who is Puppy Cake’s originator?

Puppy Cake was founded by Kelly Costello of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Kelly was born in western Pennsylvania and attended Grove City College, where she earned a BS in International Business with a Minor in French in 2006.

After graduating from college, she began her employment at News America Marketing and was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug.

Puppy Cake was created less than a year after graduating from college. It took her longer than she expected to grow the business to its current size, but she learned a lot along the way.

Kelly regularly makes public presentations or offers private coaching to prospective entrepreneurs to help them achieve their ambitions and aspirations. Kelly currently lives in Evans City with her husband, Blake, five rescue dogs, and two rescue cats with three legs.

Kelly Chaney outlines her idea for Puppy Cake, a product that allows pet owners to give baked goodies for their beloved dogs that contain ingredients that are mild on a dog’s sensitive digestive tract.

She got the idea after seeing a coworker’s baked goods commercials and thinking about how much her own spoilt pooch would enjoy a sweet treat every now and again.

She studied canine nutrition and developed a number of taste combinations for mix-and-bake dog treat concoctions.

The products are analogous to human cake mixes. The pet owner just adds eggs, oil, and water to the treats before baking or microwaving them.

What Happened to Puppy Cake’s Shark Tank Pitch?

Chaney decided to approach the Shark Tank investors for collaboration and help with product marketing and distribution.

Chaney entered the Shark Tank seeking a $50,000 investment for 25% ownership in her firm worth $200,000.

She brings her own dog, Minnie, to demonstrate how much dogs like the good.

Robert Herjavec was perplexed as to why pet owners can’t just buy a box of cake mix. Chaney emphasizes that her Puppy Cakes are designed to be soft on the tummies of dogs.

Kevin O’Leary gets right to the subject, asking about sales. In four years, Chaney has sold $80,000 in merchandise. It isn’t enough to attract the Sharks’ interest.

Sales have been constant but not exceptionally exceptional. Lori Greiner was interested in how she promotes the Puppy Cake brand.

The treat combinations are available in 150 retail locations and online. Chaney has a solid market position, but is it strong enough to compensate for low sales?

“How many people are going to say, Honey, let’s not make supper for the kids?” Kevin O’Leary is perplexed. Let’s put something together for the dog!” Chaney must persuade the Sharks that her product has a strong market if she wants to negotiate a deal.

In response to Kevin O’Leary’s criticism, she provides persuasive figures, such as the number of dog owners who celebrate their dog’s birthday.

Mark Cuban was curious as to why her firm hasn’t grown in the previous four years. Chaney claims that her lack of relationships and sales abilities was causing her firm to struggle.

Robert Herjavec feels the items are innovative and has decided to exit the deal.

Kevin O’Leary finds little profit opportunities and advises her to stop this stupidity. He’s also exits.

According to Lori Greiner, the market is oversaturated. She believes that in order for dogs to be successful, Chaney requires a wide selection of gourmet items. She also went out.

Mark Cuban believes she has a good product, but he warns her that she didn’t put her back against the wall sufficiently to overcome personal hurdles, and he can’t imagine signing a check for someone who looks for excuses rather than possibilities. He’s out.

There was only one remaining Shark. Daymond John isn’t a big enough admirer of dogs to be interested in the product. When the final Shark exits the Tank, Chaney exits the pitch without a deal.

What Happened to Puppy Cake Following Shark Tank?

Chaney walked away from Shark Tank without a deal, but with a new outlook on her business. In her exit interview, she noted that she appreciated the Sharks pointing out her weaknesses and that she needed to keep pushing forward for her business to flourish.

She seems to have stayed true to her vision. Her website is still active, and she appears to have followed Greiner’s suggestion.

Chaney was able to get a licensing agreement with Uncle Jimmy’s Brand Products as a result of his presence on Shark Tank. She’s expanded her product line with some novel goods, such as Hoggin Dogs ice cream, and sales are up.

The company’s products were accessible in hundreds of independent pet stores as well as on Amazon by November 2021. The company’s annual revenue is one million dollars.

Puppy Cake’s competitors

Sweet Pet Treats and Buddy Biscuits are the two main competitors for Puppy Cake.

Puppy Cake’s Net Worth

During and after the pitch, the company was valued at $200,000; since then, the company has been selling yearly sales of $1 million in 2021, indicating that the firm’s net worth might have been higher than that of pitch.

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Puppy Cake FAQs

Who is your target audience?

Dog owners, dog enthusiasts, and pet shops with a focus on dogs.  They do not sell directly to the public but right now we are planning online and Amazon sales.

What does Puppy Cake do?

Puppy Cake was created to give pet owners a means to enjoy the company of their pets.  It allows pet owners to bake healthy and safe treats they can give their pets.

What are the products offered by Puppy Cake?

The products offer a variety of treats, both sweet and savory, that are suitable for every dog. They are made using high-quality ingredients. There are no by-products, soy, wheat or corn in any of their products.

They contain no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. The product is all natural with minimal processing, they bake the products at home and all the ingredients are made in USA.

How much does Puppy Cake cost?

The price of Puppy Cake ranges from $6 to $8.

How can I contact Puppy Cake?

The contact information is available on the website, as well as on their social media.

What is Puppy Cake’s mission?

The mission of Puppy Cake is to help clients create and share special moments with their pets.  They are committed to offering treats that are nutritious, all-natural, and made without any artificial ingredients.

They offer a variety of products, including cake mix that can be used by the pet owners using a microwave or an oven to bake treats for their pets.

What are the benefits of using Puppy Cake?

the benefits of using Puppy Cake is that it helps pet owners bond with their pets because they can bake something together, have some fun and also give their beloved animals a great treat.

How does Puppy Cake make money?

The company makes most of its money from selling cakes and treat mixes.  They also sell premium treats that can be used by pet owners on Amazon.  They get a chunk of each sale and share part of the profits with suppliers.

How does Puppy Cake stand out from competitors?

The company stands out from competitors because of its commitment to healthy treats for dogs and making a difference in the lives of pets.

They use natural products in their recipes. Customers also appreciate that they provide recipes for customers to try at home.

Is Puppy Cake a scam?

The company does not ask for any money for an investment and is not a scam. It offers a variety of products in its online store.

How can I order Puppy Cake?

Customers can visit the website, follow them on social media, or they can buy them on Amazon.

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