What Happened to Pristine after the Shark Tank?

What is pristine?

Pristine is a moist toilet paper roll that provides a refreshing and relaxing feeling to the skin. It is meant for the toilet’s bottom and has a pleasant touch; it swiftly eliminates smells from the bathroom.

When in use, the sprayer is easily accessible thanks to the superb creative bottle design.

Pristine is a more natural and eco-friendly alternative to wet wipes, with refreshing, cleansing, and moisturizing components that are gentle enough for delicate skin while efficiently washing and refreshing every bottom.

Jessica and Brandon Karam established Pristine in 2014 with the novel and creative idea that toilet paper spray may replace the use of irritating, environmentally damaging wet wipes.

Pristine blends traditional toilet paper and natural wet wipes to provide a flushable and more natural wet wipe alternative.

They began with a variety of potential scents for our toilet paper spray, and after more than two years of research and development, market testing, and study.

Who is the creator of Pristine?

Jessica and Brandon Karam launched Pristine in 2014 with the novel and original idea that toilet paper spray might be used instead of irritating, environmentally damaging wet wipes.

Pristine combines with normal toilet paper to create a truly flushable and more natural alternative to wet wipes.

Pristine was founded because a mother of three noticed that one of her children was irritated by all types of wipes.

According to another of her children, she flushed non-flushable wipes, resulting in a busted toilet and a flooded yard. Karam, who had always used wet wipes, had acquired skin sensitivity.

They started with a range of scents for our toilet paper spray and spent over two years researching, creating, market testing, and doing research. They launched Pristine Moisturizing Toilet Paper Spray, which has since been renamed Pristine.

Pristine’s early consumers were people who experienced problems with wet wipes, such as clogged pipes and skin irritation caused by the chemicals in wet wipes and the chemical processing of the nonwoven fabric.

They were aware, however, that Pristine’s benefits and applications extended beyond the general bottom wiping populace.

What Happened to Pristine During The Shark Tank Pitching?

Brandon and Jessica agreed to pitch their product concept to the Shark Tank investors after performing substantial study and invention.

They both ask for $50,000 in return for 20% stake in their company, bringing the total value of the company to $250,000.

They talk about the advantages of their products, which contain refreshing, cleaning, and moisturizing components that are gentle on sensitive skin while effectively wiping and refreshing every bottom.

Similarly, they were working on a dynamic sprayer for nurseries and would like to provide larger bottles. Despite the fact that there are six or seven other identical products on the market, they founded their company in 2014 and sell on Amazon and a number of other platforms.

They also indicated that they had generated $11,000 in sales and were looking for an investor to assist them in raising $50,000 to create an automated, no-touch diaper change sprayer.

Robert resigns, citing marketing issues. Mark is rendered ineligible due to a conflict with Dude Wipes.

Bethenny and Daymond agree, with Lori offering $50,000 for a 25% ownership in the company if Squatty Potty does not produce a comparable product. Lori’s offer has been accepted.

What became of Pristine after the Shark Tank?

Lori’s never finalized the deal with Pristine Company after the pitch was closed. It’s probable that it remained open owing to the invention of a comparable product, Squatty Potty Toilet Botanicals, by Squatty Potty.

In response to the Covid-19 epidemic, the business began making and selling hand sanitizer in 2020. In 2021, the company is still in business, with yearly revenues of $1 million.

Pristine’s competitors

Augmedix, CrowdOptic, and Atheer are among the company’s rivals.

Pristine’s net worth

During the Shark Tank pitch, the firm was valued at $250,000, and its current worth is almost $52.5 million in 2021.

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Pristine FAQs

Is there a limit to the number of products and product sizes available?

No, there is no limit.

Is the spray exclusively for bottoms?

No, it can also be used for other places such as tables and kitchen surfaces. Pristine toilet paper spray can replace some of their daily hygiene needs like using hand sanitizer or baby wipes on hands and faces. They can even use to clean their mustaches and manicures during their off-hours at work or during a trip.

Is the spray made from chemicals?

No, Pristine’s toilet paper spray is 100% natural. It does not contain any chemicals, alcohols, parabens or SLS.

Are they dermatologically tested?

Yes, they are dermatologically tested and approved.

 How do I use the spray?

After placing a sheet of Pristine Moisturizing Toilet Paper on the toilet paper, press the lever twice to get a shot of the spray.

It is advisable to press twice to load it up before use. The sheets can be used for about a week before replacement.

 How do I clean the toilet paper holder?

The toilet paper holder can be cleaned with soap and water.

How to dispose of the used Pristine Moisturizing Toilet Paper?

Pristine toilet paper can be flushed in a regular toilet after use. It’s advisable not to flush it immediately after use or it might clog their toilet pipes or cause clogs in their septic system leading to a huge mess.

What is Pristine made of?

Pristine toilet paper spray is 100% natural. It is made from organic aloe Vera, organic chamomile, organic lavender, and organic tea tree oil. The pristine spray helps relieve irritations associated with dry skin, rashes, and hemorrhoids by moisturizing the skin with a soothing mixture of natural oils and plant extracts.

Pristine-made toilet paper sheets are one of the most practical and sanitary products you can use while in bathrooms around the globe.

What is return and refund policy?

Pristine team wants customers to feel confident ordering products that they want and will fit their lifestyle. They offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee policy for every order. If they are not satisfied with their toilet paper spray, they will refund their product within 30 days of purchase.

What is the shelf life of Pristine?

Every bottle of Pristine contains 12 ounces, which is about 300 sheets of paper.

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