What Happened to Priority One Canine After Shark Tank?

What is Priority One Canine?

Priority One Canine is a dog-training organization that employs professional trainers who have previously served with the police and military.

These dogs are transported to the homes of their trainers. Priority One Canine also connects these canines to a sophisticated early detection warning system.

Wade and Lori Morrell have experience in dog training. Wade is Priority One Canine’s CEO and owner. He is both a former marine and a police officer.

Lori, a Muskegon Community College graduate, formerly owned Buckeye K9 before joining Priority One Canine as an owner/operator.

Who is the man behind Priority One Canine?

Wade Morrell, who has substantial military and police expertise, invented a canine targeting system as well as a canine training method, among other things.

He is regarded as a forerunner in the field of canine training. Lori Morrell, who has a corporate experience, wanted to work with animals, so they pooled their abilities to develop Priority One Canine.

The average police response time in the United States is 7 to 10 minutes. In a risky circumstance, a lot may happen in a short period of time.

Personal body guard canine training is available from Priority One Canine. Dogs are taught to defend their owners in a number of scenarios, including robbery and carjacking.

Priority One Canine was founded in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2011. This firm is well-known for its use of dog teams that have been trained on numerous sorts of explosives. They also train canines to detect bombs and drugs.

Priority One Canine has collaborated with Muskegon County Sheriff’s Department in the search for narcotics and explosives.

Wade, the K9s’ previous owner, trains them and then provides training to other police agencies, including those in Grand Rapids, Kentwood, and the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office.

What Happened to Priority One Canine During her Shark Tank pitch?

Lori and Wade chose to present their product to the Sharks in episode 8 of Season 6 of Priority One Canine on Shark Tank in order to help them develop worldwide and increase their company’s paw print.

Lori entered the Shark Tank with a Belgian Shepherd seeking $75,000 offer for a 20% stake of her company worth $500,000.

When Wade goes in, the dog attacks him! Robert inquires about the kindness of the dog. They outline the firm and the three levels: level one is $20,000, level two is $30,000, and level three is $40,000.

Each level needs more training than the one before it. They explain that they trained and placed 11 dogs in a year.

According to Kevin, scaling was difficult. Mark concludes that the reward isn’t worth the time and exits.

Robert doesn’t think it’s “investable” because it’s just the two of them, so he’s out.

Kevin was in the same boat as you, and he’s also out. Lori likes them but isn’t interested in them.

Daymond has Chihuahuas and works in the product sector, so he’s also out.

Lori and Wade Morrell ultimately walked away from the pitch without a deal.

What Became to Priority One Canine After Shark Tank?

Despite the fact that Lori and Wade Morrell did not receive a deal as a result of their Shark Tank presentation, the company continues to advertise their presence. They are still in business and have a waiting list as of December 2021! The yearly revenue of the corporation is $2 million.

Priority One Canine’s Competitors

For profit, this company competes with Siberian K9 Security, a security agency in Wyoming, Matthew Leipsic and the K9 Express Dog Training Company in Oregon, and Ken’s K9 Training in Michigan.

Priority One Canine’s Net Worth

During and after the pitch, the firm was valued at $500,000; since then, the company has done well in sales, with annual revenue of $2 million in 2021.

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Priority One Canine FAQs

What does it cost? What does it cost to purchase the service of this company?

It charges $20,000 for level 1, $30,000 for level 2 and $40,000 for level 3.

How many dogs are there?

The three levels range from 11-15 dogs.

What are the different kinds of canine that are trained by this firm?

Priority One Canine trains dogs that have been trained by the military, police and active duty Marines.

What is Priority One Canine’s specialty?

Priority One Canine specializes in training police and military dogs.

What can they do that other companies cannot?

This company specializes in training police K9s and working with law enforcement agencies.

How does Priority One Canine do?

Priority One Canine employs professional trainers who have served with the police and military. These dogs are transported to the homes of their trainers. Priority One Canine also connects these canines to a sophisticated early detection warning system.

When this company is used what does it do?

Priority One Canine trains dogs for security, drug detection, and explosive detection and training for police forces.

What are their services?

Their expertise is bomb detection, drug detection and personal protection canine training. They offer an individualized training regimen for each of their canines. The service of this company is unique because it has three levels of training for its canines. This allows each dog to advance as the owner’s needs advance.

What kind of dogs do they have?

They have military working dog Labrador retrievers and Belgian shepherds.

Is Priority One Canine friendly?

Priority One Canine is friendly to business associates and clients. Aside from that, they are friendly to the environment, always making use of recyclable products in their packaging.

What kind of dogs do they train?

They can train drug-sniffing dogs and bomb sniffing dogs.

Are they insured?

Yes, they are insured. The liability insurance covers up to $2 million worth of damage or loss.

What do people say about their company?

On the Internet, there are many favorable reviews. Most of the reviews that were posted by customers who have used this service are positive.

How good is their customer service?

Since this company provides a loyal clientele and has come to be known for its high quality of service, it is always responsive to its clients. The management of this firm hires only certified professionals and trainers in order to provide its clients with excellent service.

How do I make payment?

They accept a variety of forms of payment, including cash, credit cards and bank transfers.


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