What Happened to Pretty Padded Room After Shark Tank?

What is Pretty Padded Room?

Pretty Padded Room is a web-based therapy service that connects the psychiatrist and the couch to any computer or tablet in the world.

Pretty Padded Room defense is focusing on the lighter side things that psychologists often address and asking that people with serious concerns contact a local Therapist.

Their main goal is to give a low-cost option for women who just need someone to chat to about a variety of issues ranging from marriage counseling to stress management.

Bea Arthur, the brains behind Pretty Padded Room, was born in Ghana but relocated to the United States with her parents when she was a child.

Bea built a modernized form of psychotherapy, a historic and well-established industry.

She envisioned harnessing the internet’s capacity to provide therapeutic services to customers in the privacy of their own homes, while also allowing new therapists to gain experience.

Who is the designer of Pretty Padded Room?

Bea Arthur, the Pretty Padded Room’s designer and driving force, was born in Ghana but relocated to the United States with her parents when she was a child.

Bea made her first step into the realm of internet businesses in 2008, when she started an online social club for young moms. It was called ‘MeToo,’ but the company went bankrupt the next year.

Pretty Padded Room, Bea’s most recent venture, emerged in 2011, promising potential customers ‘A Nice Place to Go Crazy.’

Therapy services provided online are another example of technology impacting “traditional” professions and providing services to the digital generation.

Arthur founded Pretty Padded Room after a previous internet venture failed; she was having problems finding a therapist and thought her idea may help fill the void.

Bea primarily offers two services: one-on-one video sessions and journal sessions in which a therapist responds to diary entries.

The cost of a first session/consultation ranges from $20 to $200 for a series of monthly video sessions. The therapists are usually young and just establishing their own clinics, and they specialize in a range of fields.


What Happened to the Pretty Padded Room pitch on Shark Tank?

In episode 16 of Season 4 of Pretty Padded Rooms on Shark Tank, Bea chooses to submit her business to the Sharks for partnership and help expanding the firm.

Bea approached Shark Tank in seeking of $100,000 in return for a 30% ownership in her firm, which was valued at $333,000.

As of the filming, the year’s sales totaled barely $21,000. Sales over the prior year totaled $7,500.

Robert fears that too many users will go, therefore he went out.

Mark isn’t sure that Bea understands business or language, so he’s also went out.

Mark isn’t sure that Bea understands business or language, so he’s also went out.   Barbara likes the idea, but thinks Bea needs a qualified “financial professional” to assist her understand the numbers; she went out too.

Daymond admires Bea’s passion, but he’s not interested in the numbers; he’s out. According to Kevin, Bea will always be an inspiration to other entrepreneurs that entered the Shark Tank.

As a result of her lack of preparation, businesses that follow will need to know their statistics! Bea ultimately walked away from the pitch without a deal.

What Became to Pretty Padded Room After Shark Tank?

Despite not receiving a deal from the Sharks, Bea continued to head the firm and worked on an IT Healthcare platform.

She rebranded her firm In Your Corner in 2014. She shut it down in 2016. A year later, she launched The Difference, a comparable service.

As of August 2021, the Difference website says “Coming Soon.” The company’s original website has been redirected to 7Cups.com, an online rehabilitation company. Bea has no financial interest in 7Cups.

Pretty Padded Room’s Competitors

Pretty Padded Room’s top 10 competitors include Talkspace, Ginger, Morneau Shepell, AbleTo, Lyra Health, Quartet, ComPsych, MDLIVE, Betterhelp, and Wellness expert.

Pretty Padded Room’s Net Worth

During and after the pitch, the firm was valued at $333,000, since then the company went out of business, and hence the company’s net worth is not available.

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Pretty Padded Room FAQs

When was Pretty Padded Room founded?

Pretty Padded Room was founded in 2011.

Where was the headquarters of Pretty Padded Room located?

Pretty Padded Room’s headquarters were located at: Atlanta, GA, Zephyrhills, FL

How was Pretty Padded Room work?

Pretty Padded Room was a home based therapy service.

What was Pretty Padded Room’s vision?

Pretty Padded Room’s vision was to provide online therapy and coaching with a team of highly skilled and trained therapists who will help people in any life ordeal, from stress management to relationship counseling and beyond.

How much revenue does Pretty Padded Room receive?

Pretty Padded Room receives an average of $100,000 from its clients per month.

What’s Pretty Padded Room’s marketing strategy?

Pretty Padded Room didn’t have a big marketing strategy.

How much money did Pretty Padded Room spend on advertising?

Pretty Padded Rooms has no known advertising.

Who was the CEO of Pretty Padded Rooms?

Pretty Padded Rooms’ CEO was called Bea Arthur.

How was the business model of Pretty Padded Room?

Pretty Padded Room’s business model was primarily referral based.

What’s the revenue of Pretty Padded Room?

The revenue of Pretty Padded Room is not known.

What’s the price range of Pretty Padded Room?

Pretty Padded Rooms’ service pricing ranges from $20 to $200 per session.

Was Pretty Padded Room affiliate program?

Pretty Padded Rooms had no affiliate program.

Did Pretty Padded Room have competitors?

Pretty Padded Rooms had 2 main competitors: Talkspace and Ginger.

What were the recommended ages for Pretty Padded Room?

Pretty Padded Rooms’ recommended options are between 18 and 35 years old.

What were the required tools for Pretty Padded Room?

Pretty Padded Rooms required Word Press or a non-blocked browser.


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