What Happened to PrepWell Academy After Shark Tank?

What is PrepWell Academy?

PrepWell Academy is an online resource for high school students that help them navigate the college admissions process.

This website and app assist students and parents on a guided journey of self-reflection, discovery, and focused preparation.

Phil Black’s PrepWell Academy is a one-of-a-kind approach to educate high school students (and their parents) for the rigors of the college admissions process.

His one-of-a-kind program is delivered online and focuses on early preparation for students (freshman and sophomore year) interested in attending highly selective colleges (e.g., Ivy League, Stanford, MIT, and so on), military service academies (e.g., Naval Academy, West Point, and so on), and those seeking athletic or ROTC scholarships.

Who founded PrepWell Academy ?

Phil Black’s PrepWell Academy is a one-of-a-kind approach to educate high school students (and their parents) for the rigors of the college admissions process.

PrepWell is Phil’s most recent company, and it supports “high-potential children in preparing for the difficult college admissions process when it matters the most.”

According to Phil, preparation is a learned skill, and PrepWell attempts to teach it as it relates to the college admissions process.

Throughout their high school experience, the online academy teaches students what to do, when to do it, and how to do it in relation to getting into college.

Teenagers, in general, do not plan ahead of time and usually disregard parental advice, but having Phil as a virtual mentor helps them accomplish what they need to do to succeed.

The curriculum and methods also teach life skills like planning and preparation. The guidance focuses on gaining admission to prestigious universities such as the Ivy League, military academies (Phil’s area of expertise), and even athletic scholarships.

For $14.95 per month, both students and parents have access to all online content. There are 3-5 minute courses on themes such as direction, deadline reminders, life skills, motivation, and chores.

Senior chores may take more than five minutes on occasion. A free college admissions snapshot work sheet and training video are provided to help parents decide whether this is the correct option for them.

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What Happened to PrepWell Academy’s pitch on Shark Tank?

Phil chose to present his business to the Shark Tank investors for marketing and seed money in episode 18 of Season 11 of PrepWell Academy on Shark Tank.

Phil entered the presentation seeking $100,000 for a 20% ownership in his business, which valued at $500,000.

The Sharks are aware of him and his impressive resume. When Phil explains the company, the Sharks are clearly disappointed.

They don’t see how he can grow the company to the point where it will be lucrative enough to invest in.

Lori Greiner was the first Shark to comment on the product, noting that it is tough to persuade people to buy it and that she will wait a few months before going out.

After pointing out that the minimum number of users was 220 and wishing everyone the best, Robert Herjavec was the second Shark to exit the deal.

Daymond John states that it is difficult for many individuals to adapt and change, even when it is in their best interests to do so, and he goes out.

Mark Cuban feels that Phil took the necessary steps, but that the product was tough to scale, and that they should have more demos and experiences, as well as incorporating parents for a $15 membership, and he also goes out.

Phil was a really fantastic guy with pretty stupid ideas, according to Kevin O’Leary, but because of the country’s service and a beautiful family, he will invite him back with something better and he goes out.

Phil and his family ultimately walked away from the pitch without a deal.

What Happened to PrepWell Academy After Shark Tank?

Despite the fact that Phil did not make a deal during the presentation, he is still expanding the company. His social media following is growing, and he continues to send out daily podcasts and emails to students.

Phil is still alive and well in December 2021. The company’s annual revenue exceeds $900,000.

PrepWell Academy’s Competitors

In the sphere of education, there are several rivals. WizIQ, Acadeo, and Skilljar are a few firms that share PrepWell Academy’s vision.

PrepWell Academy’s Net Worth

During and after the pitch, the firm’s value was $500,000; since then, the company has been selling its service since then the company’s net worth might have been higher.

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PrepWell Academy FAQs

How much support will I receive if I decide to pay PrepWell Academy?

It depends on how users want to use PrepWell Academy. They can get access to the full service for $14.95 per month, or they can just get the low-cost version for $9.95 per month.

If they want the full service, then, for $59.95 per month, they’ll receive everything (e.g., homework and assignments). For $99.

Is PrepWell Academy free?

Yes, it’s free for students and for parents, but there are some limitations. Free members are limited to only three courses to review each month.

Furthermore, they can post their progress on the site by sharing their progress with other free members (e.g., a college professor checking on a student’s progress).

When do people start receiving their assignments online from PrepWell Academy?

Students get their college admissions assignments right away. The assignments are based on real-life experiences that Phil Black has had with the admissions process and real-life situations that students will face.

It’s usually anywhere between one to two additional hours each week. Students have three weeks to complete each assignment, but they can also request a deadline extension by emailing the company.

Where do they get the assignments?

Students receive homework assignments as soon as they are completed by their teachers.

What is the business model of PrepWell Academy?

There are two main components to the business model.

First, players pay for access to the online academy content. There are three levels of access: $9.95 per month (for students and parents), $19.95 per month (for students only) and $49.95 per month (for parents only).

There are also several other options for colleges, universities, and prep schools.

Is PrepWell Academy an App?

No. PrepWell Academy is a website. However, it is possible to download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

What is the scope of services offered by PrepWell Academy?

It depends on how much users pay to access premium content. They could get access to everything in the full service for $14.95 per month (for students and parents), $19.95 per month (for students only), and $49.95 per month (for parents only).

Is PrepWell Academy safe?

Yes. PrepWell Academy is safe for all ages and does not sell or store any users’ private information.

What do parents think about PrepWell Academy?

Parents can review their children’s assignments online and receive emails whenever their children complete new assignments.

They also receive notifications whenever their children are ready to take college admissions tests online (e.g., SAT and ACT).

How can parents access the website from their devices?

Parents may access the website from any device with internet access (e.g. desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet).

What do students think about PrepWell Academy?

Students have access to a wide range of assignments that are related to courses; teachers’ grade and comment on their assignments; and they can review their progress using a dashboard.

Is PrepWell Academy really free for students?

Yes. Students and parents can access every component of the website for free. They don’t have to pay anything for tuition or textbooks.

The process is very simple: university professors send their assignments online to the company (via email).

How do I make payment?

Students and parents can pay for the website by creating an online account. They can pay for the monthly, yearly or quarterly service immediately by credit card, PayPal or Stripe.


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