What Happened to PetPaint After Shark Tank?

What is PetPaint?

Pet Paint is a fun and safe alternative to a dog costume. Each color is fully safe, non-toxic, and easy to clean. It’s ideal for decking up your dog for the holidays or for Halloween. Furthermore, the majority of veterinarians suggest it.

Abe Geary is the founder and CEO of Pet Paint. His career began in 1995, while he was a marketing student at Moorpark College. He subsequently learned how to be an entrepreneur while working in Morton Karr’s new company development unit.

Who is the founder of PetPaint?

Pet Paint’s founder and CEO is Abe Geary. He eventually went on to become the owner of Creative Displays, where he got expertise thinking creatively about business. Shortly after, he founded Pet Paint.

Abe Geary realized that most dogs detest embroidered costumes and set out to solve a decades-old issue. He did it by launching a company dedicated to the selling of nontoxic paints designed exclusively for dogs.

Geary started Pet Paint in January 2010 with the intention of creating safe hairspray formulas for dogs.

All PetPaint products have been vet-tested and are safe for your pet. It’s akin to colored hair paint, and stencil kits are available to help you design a pattern for your dog.

Abe also owns Creative Displays, a trade exhibition display firm, and started PetPaint in 2010 to “bring some attitude to your dog.” The company is still in its early stages, and Abe is optimistic that the product will acquire popularity among body paint lovers.

What Happened to PetPaint at Shark Tank pitch?

Abe Geary wants people to be able to paint their pets, which are why he developed PetPaint, a multicolored dog hairspray. In episode 508, he pitched PetPaint to the Shark Tank panel, reuniting the popular “ladies of Shark Tank.” He was looking for a Shark to help him acquire entry to national stores.

Abe appeared on Shark Tank in seeking of $200,000 in exchange for a 20% stake in his company, which worth $1 million.

He sends a lot of dogs that have been painted using PetPaint products, including a bulldog painted in the colors of Mark Cuban’s basketball team.

Abe has already invested $240,000 in the project. The inventory is worth $200,000 in total. He had patents pending on key components and had extensive toxicity and irritant testing.

Abe’s sales have reached $70,000 since he began selling in March. He already received a purchase order from PetSmart for a 50-store trial, which will yield around $12,000 in income. He anticipates earning $200,000 in the first year.

Barbara Corcoran was eager to learn more about sales. The cans are $9.99 each. Corcoran feels the product would struggle to sell at that price point, describing it as a novelty item for holidays and special events. She exits.

Kevin O’Leary tells the story of Phoenician purple dye to show that spray-on pet color was not a patented product. Mr. Wonderful exits, as he always does in such circumstances.

Lori Greiner was concerned about the $200,000 in product that was laying in storage at the time. She gets out.

Mark Cuban questions the retail strategy, advising Abe that he should concentrate on digital and social media marketing. “It’s so easy and obvious that he was frightened he wouldn’t notice it.” He also exits.

The only survivor was Robert Herjavec. He agrees with Mark that the best way to promote the goods would be through social media. He was uncertain until Barbara Corcoran intervened.

She was willing to offer him the $200,000 he sought in exchange for 60 percent ownership of the company. She wants for him to “stand aside” and enable her to market the product.

After hearing Barbara’s offer, Herjavec exits. Abe considers the offer but rejects it because “he does not want to cooperate with someone who is solely interested in acquiring equity.”

He turns down the offer and exits the pitch without a Shark deal.

What Happened to PetPaint After Shark Tank?

Despite being mauled by the Sharks, Abe took their advice and turned to the Internet to develop a brand for Pet Paint.

PetSmart and online shops now sell the product across the country. Pet Paint is far beyond a “niche” product; it is used in parades, festivals, and animal rescue activities.

Shelters use the spray to identify spayed or neutered animals and to “dress up” animals to entice people to adopt them. He also sells Savor ski Crystals, which can be used to add some “bling” on your dog.

While the Sharks passed on PetPaint, the product is on the rise, and Abe has hit gold. Indeed, Abe was so successful that he is featured in Beyond the Tank Episode 202.

As of February 2022, the company was still in operation and had over $5 million in lifetime sales.

Net Worth of PetPaint

During and after the pitch, the firm was valued at $1 million.

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PetPaint FAQs

What is PetPaint?

PetPaint is a multi-purpose dog hair spray. It’s comprised of harmless components that provide a splash of color to your dog’s coat.

Who is the inventor?

Abe Geary invented PetPaint. He was born in the United States in 1999. He currently resides in California.

How much was seeking on Shark Tank?

Abe was looking for $200,000 for a 20% stake in his firm, which was worth $1 million.

Did he have the deal?

No, he didn’t have the deal.

Is PetPaint still in operation?

Yes, PetPaint is still in business, with over $5 million in sales.

What is PetPaint’s retail price?

It costs $9.99 on the PetSmart website. Other retailers, such as eBay or Amazon, sell at a lesser price.

What exactly is the PetPaint website?

Official Website of PetPaint: https://www.petpaint.com

Where can I find PetPaint?

PetPaint’s headquarters are in California, United States.

Where can I get PetPaint?

Customers may purchase pet paint from the PetPaint official website as well as other online merchants such as PetSmart, eBay, and Amazon.

How much to ship PetPaint?

The shipping cost of PetPaint is determined by the location of the customer’s address, the weight of their order, and any current incentives.

What color does PetPaint come in?

There are several hues to choose from, including red, blue, black, and clear.

How does PetPaint function?

The spray is administered to the afflicted region, allowing the color to dry. After it dries, they’ll see what appears to be water-repellent powder on the pet’s coat. Pet Paint is intended to be a temporary colour that washes off without harming the pet or its coat.

How long will it take to get PetPaint?

PetPaint orders are typically delivered within 3-5 business days of being placed.

What is the composition of PetPaint?

PetPaint is comprised of soy and color that is water-based. It is absolutely safe for dry pets. The spray does not include any chemicals.

Is PetPaint easy to wash off?

PetPaint colors are easy to apply, but they do not wash off until the paint does, which takes about a week.

How can I make a payment for PetPaint?

Customers can pay with a credit card, a debit card, PayPal, or Amazon Pay.

What is the scent of PetPaint?

PetPaint smells like a typical human hair spray.

How do I use PetPaint?

Customers must first shake the container before spraying straight over their pet’s hair and rubbing it in. They must then wait 10 minutes before brushing their pet’s coat to disperse the color evenly. The paint will remain on the surface until it is naturally washed away by washing or rain.

Who is the company’s CEO?

Abe Geary is the CEO of PetPaint.

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