What happened to Parker’s Real Maple after the Shark Tank Pitch?

What is Parker’s Maple Real?

Parker’s Real Maple is a manufacturer of maple syrup. Organic Maple Cotton Candy and Maple Butter have been introduced to the company’s product line.

Parker’s Maple Syrup is produced using wood pellet evaporators, which take longer than contemporary technology yet produce unmatched purity of natural sugars.

Around 3 million gallons of pure maple syrup are produced each year, which is a tiny fraction of the whole syrup business.

The majority of commercially available syrups contain artificial flavours in addition to corn syrup. Pure maple syrup accounts for less than 10% of the entire volume of pancake syrup sold.

Pure maple syrup is rich in antioxidants and minerals and has far less sugar.

Who Founded Parker’s Real Maple?

Joshua Parker, a young entrepreneur from Canton, New York, is the proprietor of Parker’s Maple Syrup. When he was 11 years old, he launched the company (in 2009).

He developed an interest in maple syrup production after visiting a school field trip to a maple farm in 2009 as an 11-year-old.

Four years later, after several tries and tribulations in developing his own syrup, he founded Parker’s Genuine Maple to share his exceptionally flavourful, healthier-for-you real maple syrup with people worldwide.

While growing up in Upstate New York, his family used pure maple syrup to sweeten everything.

Although people have long known that true maple is incredibly palatable and versatile, there has been much research conducted since he launched the firm in 2013 to discover all of the minerals, antioxidants, and polypehnols that make it the healthiest sweetener alternative.

Joshua cultivates Parker Maple throughout the winter, when trees may be tapped.

He juggled school, athletics, and his developing business for years. He is currently 18 years old and a member of the Tank.

He wishes to develop his business because he believes pure maple syrup is a relatively unknown market with a lot of room for growth.

What Happened to Parker’s Real Maple Syrup during the Shark Tank Pitch?

Joshua made his appearance on Shark Tank Season 8 Episode 5 in quest of $200,000 in exchange for a 20% ownership in his business. This translates to a valuation of $1 million.

He recounts his story and provides examples. He desires to partner with a Shark in order to propel his business forward.

The Sharks adore the goods. Kevin recounts an event he had while in college making maple syrup. His acquaintances dubbed him “Maple Man.”

Joshua had earned $360,000 in sales in the three years since Parker’s Maple was introduced. Kevin inquired about last year’s sales, and Josh stated that he anticipated total sales of $1.5 million by the end of 2016.

Barbara inquires as to what distinguishes his syrup from the competition, and he says that he is creating his brand through ancillary products such as maple cotton candy.

Additionally, he reveals a recent $100,000 Costco order.

Josh informed Robert that the butter cost $11.99. When Kevin enquired about the product’s price, Josh stated that it was manufactured at a cost of $8.46.

Robert observed that the profit margin was ‘terrible,’ and Kevin O’Leary concurred, highlighting that this was a common issue with high-quality maple syrup products due to their high production costs.

Mark Cuban enquired about the financial position of Parker’s Maple. Josh informed him that the corporation owes around $300,000 in debt.

Mark is not pleased with the $300,000 debt, but Josh claims to have the same amount in inventory and equipment.

Barbara concludes that Joshua’s sales projections are incorrect and departs.

Mark is dissatisfied with the margins and feels that in order for Josh to become profitable, he must significantly boost his production from its current level, and as a result, he is withdrawing as well.

Robert, like Barbara, believed Josh’s anticipated sales were excessively optimistic and that the young maple man had a “far way to go.” He departed Lori leaves alleging insufficient margins and overly enthusiastic sales projections.

Kevin departed due to concerns about the company’s profitability and a dearth of confirmed agreements, while Joshua departed without a deal.

What became of Parker’s Real Maple following the Shark Tank Pitch?

They sold 7,000 copies in the week following his Shark Tank appearance and secured distribution with over 3000 shops, including Wal Mart, Whole Foods, and Wegmans.

Additionally, Joshua has expanded his family on a personal level; he is now married and the father of a small kid.

On June 22, 2020, Joshua announced that the firm had been acquired for an undisclosed fee by The Forest Farmers, a company that “manufactures a variety of tree syrups under the New Leaf Tree Syrups brand, including maple, maple walnut, maple birch, birch, and beech.”

As of January 2022, Joshua is still employed with the company.

What is Parker’s Real Maple’s Net Worth?

Joshua refers to the years after Shark Tank as “four years of fast development” in a blog post. By 2020, Parker’s Real Maple Syrup was predicted to reach a market value of $10 million.

In 2020, the Company was acquired for an undisclosed value.

Who are Parker’s Real Maple’s Competitors?

Parker’s Real Maple competes with the industry’s leading honey, syrup, and sweetener producers, including Pass The Honey, Zach & Zoe Sweet Bee Farm, and Savannah Bee Company.

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Parker’s Real Maple FAQS

1. What does Parker’s Real Maple sell?

Parker’s Maple sells top-quality small batch 100% real maple syrup, along with pure maple cotton candy, pure maple taffy, and pure maple popcorn.

2. Who founded Parker’s Real Maple?

Joshua Parker founded Parker’s Real Maple Syrup. He was 11 years old, he launched the company (in 2009).

3. Where is Parker’s Real Maple headquarters?

The company’s headquarters are located in Canton, New York.

4. What is Parker’s Real Maple’s revenue model?

The company earns revenue by selling maple syrup.

5. How much was Joshua Parker seeking in the Tank?

Joshua Parker was seeking $200,000 for a 20% ownership stake in his business.

6. Who invested in Parker’s Real Maple?

None of the Sharks were unable to invest in Parker’s Real Maple

7. How much is Parker’s Real Maple worth?

In 2020, the company was acquired for an undisclosed amount.

8. Which Company did purchase Parker’s Real Maple?

Parker’s Real Maple was acquired by The Forest Farmers for an undisclosed amount.

9. What is the website for Parker’s Real Maple?

The website for Parker’s Real Maple is www.parkersmaple.com

10. Should they refrigerate their Maple Syrup and Maple Butter?

Yes, after opening, Maple Syrup and Maple Butter should be refrigerated.

Remove Maple Butter from the refrigerator before use for better spreading.

11. Is Parker’s Real Maple still in business?

Yes, they are still in business, they have a new corporate name. The company was acquired by The Forest Farmers.

12. Where is Joshua Parker now?

As of January 2022, Joshua is still employed with The Forest Farmer.

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