What Happened to Paint Brush Cover After Shark Tank Pitch?

What is Paint Brush Cover?

Paint Brush Cover is a plastic paint brush protection that saves brush cleaning times and extends the life of paint brushes.

The cover is constructed of a clear, durable, and long-lasting plastic on which you can always trust.

The transparent cover allows you to see the size of the brush you’re keeping.

It may also tell you if your brush is damp or dry.

The lid’s airtight seal ensures that your brush stays moist even when you take breaks from painting.

Who Founded Paint Brush Cover?

The Paint Brush Cover Company was created by two brothers, Sal and John DePaola, and a family friend, Anthony Caputo.

The trio has extensive painting expertise, having painted on canvas and in vast areas.

The three seasoned painters have been in the industry for almost 20 years and have no intentions to retire.

They started the company in 2011 to find a way to cut down on the time it required to clean their paint brushes.

What Happened to Paint Brush Cover at the Shark Tank Pitch?

They Sal DePaola, John DePaola, and Anthony Caputo of New Jersey entered Shark Tank seeking $50,000 in return for a 10% stake in the firm.

They showed and offered their stuff to the sharks.

After a challenging presentation in which Sal forgot his lines and grew embarrassed, the three guys were able to get their message across to the Sharks.

The Sharks are all excited about the idea, so there’s a bidding war, but Lori comes in and offers $100,000 for a 10% ownership in the firm, with a $100,000 credit for purchase orders.

What Happened to Paint Brush Cover After Shark Tank Pitch?

In the aftermath of the first show, the boys more than quadrupled their previous two years’ sales. After appearing on QVC with Lori, they inked deals with Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart, and Bed, Bath & Beyond.

According to the article, Lori was also able to obtain Paint Brush Cover into 2000 Home Depot shops. She repackaged the products and accompanied them to “wherever they needed to go.”

The product is sold in over 14,000 stores, has a $2.5 million sales volume, and is receiving a roller cover.

In December 2017, New Jersey police arrested John DePaola for his role in a cocaine trafficking ring. It appears that he was never convicted.

The firm is still in existence in August 2021, with annual sales of $5 million.

Net Worth of a Paint Brush Cover

Paint Brush Cover’s creators requested $50,000 for 10% ownership, bringing the company’s worth to $500,000.

Lori made an offer of $100,000 for a 20% ownership in the company, valuing it at $500,000.

Who are the Competitors of Paint Brush Cover?

There are no competitors identified for Paint Brush Cover.

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Paint Brush Cover FAQS

How do they use a paint brush cover?

They only need to slide the cover over the brush.

Throughout their painting session, the brush remains dry.

What are paint brush covers used for?

The lid’s transparency helps users to determine if their brush is wet or dry.

It also assists them in determining which paint brush goes to which container if there are numerous brushes in one container.

The lid’s seal prevents water from leaking out, so their brushes stay moist even after hours of inactivity.

Is paint brush cover better than a similar product on the market?

Paint Brush Cover has garnered mostly positive internet feedback.

A prior product on the market was opaque and lacked an airtight top to keep the water in.

What’s the use of storing wet paint brushes?

Keeping their paint brushes wet is an excellent approach for them to help the environment.

They may keep their paint brush wet and reuse it whenever they need to make a fresh application of the same paint, rather than constantly washing it off or letting harmful chemicals to leak into their drain.

How long can the brush be kept in the holder?

Their paint brush may be preserved for several weeks in the Paint Brush Holder.

To store wet brushes for a long period of time, scoop a bit of extra paint onto the bristles before storing them.

They recommend storing the brush holder in a flat horizontal position to keep paint on the bristles wet rather than collecting down when kept in a vertical position.

What colour does the Paint Brush Holder come in?

Paint Brush Holder in Clear (Translucent to) Furthermore, transparency allows one to see the status of wet paint brushes while storing them, allowing one to judge whether or not they are drying out and, if required, scoop extra paints to extend the storage of their wet brushes.

Is it possible to stack paint brush holders?

Yes, they have created a stackable and storable paint brush holder.

They may stack multiple brushes or colours on top of each other for any type of painting endeavour.

How do they ensure that the paintbrush holder is completely sealed?

All of their paint brush holders are subjected to a stringent quality assurance procedure. They aim to ensure that each product properly seals and protects a paint brush when it is placed in the holder.

How long will the paintbrush holder last?

The Paint Brush Holder is well-known for its tensile strength.

It’s made of a durable, clear, and long-lasting plastic.

The brush can last for a long time if it is not subjected to wear and strain.

One of the components that contribute to the brush’s durability is the one-piece airtight seal design.

Do they provide discounts for large orders?

If they are a professional painter and this is a product that they would use as part of their routine painting supplies, they may be able to negotiate a bulk price or discount on these things for them.

Is it possible to use the system with paint rollers?

This technique is not intended for use with traditional rollers, such as large wall rollers or smaller roller paint products.

Their product is designed for paint brushes and may be used to store both wet and dry brushes during a painting session.

Only one paintbrush can be used at any given time.

Who founded Paint Brush Cover?

Paint Brush Cover was founded by John DePaola and Sal Marchese. They had the concept in 2012 while painting one of their own houses in New Jersey.

What exactly was deal at the Shark Tank with Lori Greiner?

Lori offered $100,000 in exchange for 20% of Paint Brush Cover. In addition, the founders earned $100,000 in Home Depot purchases.

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