What Happened to ODR Skis After Shark Tank?

What is ODR Skis?

Sled Dogs, commonly known as ODR Skis, are a unique pair of skates that combine ice skating with skiing. These skates were created to reduce the hassles of lifting and transporting heavy equipment; their modest size made transportation straightforward.

ODR Skis are designed for skaters of all skill levels, including beginners, enthusiasts, hockey players, and advanced skaters.

Kevin Greco, sometimes known as the “Chief Enthusiast Officer,” founded ODR Skis. After growing up skiing in Alaska, he went on to work for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, where he honed his mountain skills.

Kevin later worked for Intel for a year before going on to SpaceX, where he generated Mechanical Engineering strategy plans.

While at SpaceX, he continued to work on ODR’s launch. Greco’s objective with ODR Skis is to keep the world of winter sports accessible to everyone while also expanding it to veterans.

Who is the founder of ODR Skis?

Kevin Greco, the “Chief Enthusiast Officer,” established ODR Skis. After growing up skiing in Alaska, he went on to work for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, where he honed his mountain skills.

ODR Skis was founded by a group of riders who love the mountains and want to make ski resorts more accessible.

Kevin Greco and his team have decades of experience on the slopes, and in just a few short years, they grew their modest group of riders to thousands dispersed over 41 countries.

In 2014, the company was launched in Norway and has since grown throughout Europe. Greco has obtained distribution rights in the United States and plans to extend its operations there.

Sled Dogs allow you to skate on snow, which is much simpler than skiing or snowboarding. They attach to standard ski boots in the same manner as skis do. Just strap them on and go.

Kevin is a Utah native who grew up skiing. He worked in data analytics for sales and marketing prior to becoming CEO of Sled Dogs USA in 2017.

He even spent a little more than a year aboard Space-X putting his skills to action. Finally, he wanted to combine his personal passion with his professional career, which is why he joined the company.

You may buy “ski skates” on the company’s website. They may also be bought or leased in popular ski resorts in Colorado, Utah, California, Vermont, New Hampshire, and other states.


What Happened to ODR Skis at Shark Tank Pitch?

Kevin Greco plans to skate away with a Shark’s cash for Sled Dogs, his ski slope skates, in Shark Tank’s Holiday Special, Episode 7 of Season 12. Kevin wants Shark to grow the brand and increase customer awareness, as well as bring his product into the retail ski sales channel.

Kevin entered the Shark Tank seeking for $350,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in his firm, which worth $3.5 million.

He argues his point by showing videos of people skiing and claims to be the inventor of a new sport.

There are other competitors, so he explains why his skis are superior. He started as a distributor for the company in 2017, and he now owns the worldwide brand.

In 2017, he paid $100,000 for North American distribution rights. He rose through the ranks to become a “sales monster.” His sales drained the company’s supply chain, preventing them from paying him.

They had two options: give him the keys to the shop or compete with him. They chose the former. In addition to his original $100,000 investment in the distributorship, he spent another $150,000 and raised $200,000 to acquire the company. Kevin is the sole proprietor of the business.

The skis were $100 to make and $350 to sell. In 2017, revenues amounted to $660,000. In 2018, revenues amounted to $997,000. ODR Skis forecasts $1.5 million in sales in 2019.

The company has yet to turn a profit. Daymond was concerned that Kevin will stab him in the back as well, but Kevin responds that he will not.

Daymond like the product, yet he exits. Lori says she adores Kevin, but she isn’t a skier, therefore she was unable to participate.

Kevin, in Mark’s perspective, was a terrific entrepreneur, but he doesn’t ski; he’s out.

Mr. Wonderful considers $1.5 million in sales to be a trifle in the multibillion-dollar ski equipment industry, so he’s out.

Barbara was still uncertain. She tells how, as she was about to sell her company, a key employee held her hostage for $1 million. If Barbara would not pay her $1 million, she threatened to leave the company, thereby eliminating the sales.

Barbara gave her the money. She doesn’t trust him as a result of what happened, therefore she’s out. He ultimately walked away from the pitch without a deal.

What Happened to ODR Skis After Shark Tank?

Despite the fact that the pitch ended without a deal, the firm was inundated with orders and sold out. They were unable to keep supplies up until the spring of 2021, in part due to supply chain issues created by Covid-19.

As of December 2021, the firm was still in operation, with annual revenue of $2.5 million.

ODR Skis’s Net Worth

The firm was valued at $3.5 million both during and after the presentation. Since then, the firm has maintained$2.5 million yearly revenue in 2021.

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What Is ODR Skis?

ODR Skis is a company that sells a revolutionary new type of skis.

Where Can You Buy ODR Skis?

You can buy ODR Skis from the company’s website, which is www.odrskis.com.

How Much Does ODR Skis Cost?

In the sales section of the website, customers can buy different pairs of ODR Skis. The price varies from $350 to $500, inclusive.

Where Are ODR Skis Made?

ODR Skis are made in America.

What Is ODR Skis’ Return Policy?

ODR Skis offer a 100% money back guarantee if customers buy them from the company’s website and change their mind about them within 30 days of receipt of their order. They must pay for the shipping costs to return them, however.

Can ODR Skis Be Traded In Again?

Yes, ODR Skis can be traded in again.

Are These The Same Sled Dogs On Shark Tank?

These are the same Sled Dogs that appeared on Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 7.

How Often Do You Have To Replace Your Sled Dogs?

Customers have to replace their ODR Skis when their ski breaks or they injure themselves on them.

How Often Do You Have To Replace Your Sled Dogs?

The company will send customers a pair of new skis whenever they return their old ones. The company uses high-quality materials designed to last a lifetime. They use the finest technology and craftsmanship to manufacture their skis, so they can take a beating.

What Was ODR Skis’s Pitch in Shark Tank?

The business was looking for $350,000 in exchange for 10% equity in the company. The valuation of the business was $3.5 million.

How does ODR Skis work?

ODR Skis are easy to use. They have web-based personal equipment tracking devices, so customers wear them while they ski. If they fall off, they won’t end up in the snow; they will be safely returned to their house.

The company has two main products: The first is the ODR Sled Dogs, which are a pair of skis that attach to their feet so that they can use them both for skiing and driving.

What is ODR Skis made of?

ODR Skis are made of aluminum.

Is ODR Skis a good product?

Yes, in that the technology behind the ODR Skis is fundamentally sound, and you can use them both for skiing and driving around. The company also has a solid financial standing, which means that their products could be lucrative and worth buying by customers.

How many colors does ODR Skis make?

The company manufactures a range of colors that includes black and silver.

Is ODR Skis legal?

As per FTC regulations, you cannot use fake product testimonials when selling on the internet. All products by ODR Skis are genuine, real, and proven to work as promised.

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