What Happened to Obvious Wines After Shark Tank?

What Happened to Obvious Wines?

Obvious Wines is a firm that aspires to deliver high-quality, economically priced, uncomplicated, and snob-free wine.

Obvious Wines is a collection of family estate wines made in ecologically sustainable farming practices. Their diverse labels simply indicate the flavor profile, qualities, and province of each bottle.

Obvious Wines was founded and is run by Brice Baillie, a French native and former wine snob. He graduated from EDHEC Business School with a master’s degree in management and finance and then worked as the Head of Finance at L’Oréal before founding his company in 2018.

Brice has always felt that you shouldn’t need a special education to appreciate a glass of fine wine, but wine snobs may make the experience complicated and frightening. He believed that selecting a glass of wine should be as easy, pleasurable, and casual as drinking it.

Who is the man behind Obvious Wines?

Obvious Wines’ creator and CEO is Brice Baillie, a French native and former wine snob. He graduated from EDHEC Business School with a master’s degree in management and finance and then worked as the Head of Finance at L’Oréal before founding his company in 2018.

Obvious Wines takes the snobbishness out of wine. Baillie sells wines from all over the world, each labeled with a brief explanation.

He only purchases from the top vineyards that practice ecologically responsible farming practices. So far, four wines have been released, and their names represent the brand’s accessible nature.

The first is Dark and Bold (red), the second is Bright and Crisp (white), the third is Light and Lovely (pinot noir), and the fifth is French and Bubbly (sparkling). Everything but the No5 is $18 per bottle, with the No5 costing $25.

Baillie began selling his wine in California. Initially, he used wines chosen from home tasting parties. The first purchasers chose the name of the company.

They knocked on doors in order to get the wine on store shelves. The wines are sold throughout Los Angeles and Orange counties, as well as on the company’s website (free shipping with an order of more than 6 bottles).

What Happened to the Obvious Wines During the Shark Tank Pitch?

In episode 12 of season 10 of Obvious Wines, Baillie chose to pitch his goods to Shark Tank investors in order to get distribution outside of California.

Baillie entered the presentation asking for $150,000 for a 5% stake in his firm, which worth $3 million.

As he explains himself, he distributes samples. The Sharks appear to enjoy the wine as they sample it. What they don’t like is that the business hasn’t been proven; the wine is only distributed in around 100 locations and doesn’t generate enough revenue to excite the Sharks (about $100,000 in sales).

Kevin politely excused himself due to a conflict of interest with his own winery.

Lori, on the other hand, was drawn in. She is aware that ladies eat a lot of wine and that there was a better way to blend wine with meals.

She believes in Baillie’s concept and branding and was willing to invest $150,000 for 12.5% ownership. Baillie responds with $170,000 for a 12.5% stake in the firm.

Lori, on the other hand, reduced her offer to $160,000 for 12.5% ownership of the company.

After some negotiating, Baillie accepted Lori’s offer and exited the pitch with a deal.

What Became of Obvious Wines After Shark Tank?

After the show aired, Baillie obtained a deal based on the pitch, but the deal with Lori was never finalized because he discovered another investment at a greater valuation between recording and airing.

Sales in 2020 were $1.3 million, a 34% increase over 2019. Obvious Wine has revamped its website, increasing the number of wines available from five to six.

As of December 2021, the company is undertaking an $11 million Crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine. As of December 2021, the company has revenue of more than $1.8 million.

Obvious Wines’ Competitors

Four Lads Winery and Naked Wines are the company’s major competitors.

Obvious Wines’ Net Worth

During the pitch, the firm was valued at $3 million; since then, the company has acquired more investors, and its net worth is estimated to be $11 million.

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Obvious Wines FAQs

How much does Obvious Wines cost?

The wines are priced as follows: $18 each for Dark and Bold (wine from Mendoza, Argentina), Bright and Crisp (from California), French and Bubbly (from France), $25 for Light and Lovely (chardonnay from Oregon).

Does Obvious Wines ship internationally?

Yes, they do. Their shipping prices start at $24 in the US and $34 in Canada.

What is Obvious Wines made of?

The wines they produce are sourced from all over the world: Argentina, Italy, France, and Oregon. The company promotes environmentally responsible farming.

How many stores can I find Obvious Wines in?

A 2018 article cites that their wines are sold in at least 100 stores.

What is the history of Obvious Wines?

Obvious Wines was founded in 2018. The company launched their website on 2019. Obvious Wine’s trademarks are “obvious” and “obviously.”

Who is Brice Baillie?

Brice Baillie is a French native and former wine snob who found himself in a position of selling wine he didn’t like, but he saw it as a business opportunity.

What are the ingredients use to make Obvious Wines?

The ingredients used to make Obvious Wines are from all over the world, including Mendoza, Argentina (dark), California (bright), France (French), and Oregon (light). Obvious Wine doesn’t use additives like sulphites.

What is the recommended age of Obvious Wines?

The recommended age of Obvious Wines is 13+. The website has different types of wine for different types of ages. The colors are also marked: green—1–18 years old, blue—19–35 years old, yellow—36 years-old and older. T

They also have their children’s wines: Little and Lovely (Pinot noir), Little and Bubbly (white sparkling), Little Tastes Good (red sparkling, 12 months old).

Are Obvious Wines safe?

Yes, Obvious Wines are safe for consumption.

How many calories does Obvious Wines have?

Obvious Wines doesn’t have many calories but some of them are a little bit high in the nutritional value. Here are their macros:

Does Obvious Wines make vegan wines?

No, unfortunately there aren’t any vegan wines from the company.

Does Obvious Wines ship to Canada?

Yes, they do. The shipping prices start at $24 in the US and $34 to Canada. Obvious Wines’ wines are mainly red and white, but they also produced albariño wines, pinot noir, chardonnay and sparkling wines.

What was the first wine sold by Obvious Wines?

The first wine sold by Obvious Wines was Chateau Canoness 2007.

Where is Obvious Wines based?

Obvious Winery is based in Los Angeles, California.

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