What Happened to Nubrella After Shark Tank?

What is Nubrella?

Nubrella is a foldable umbrella with a built-in handle that can be folded down to the size of the palm of your hand and simply stashed away in any bag or handbag.

Not only does this device provide convenience and weather protection, but it also functions as a phone stand when closed.

Nubrella is a backpack-style umbrella and weather protection device that may be utilized in rain or shine. Its non-invertible canopy keeps its shape even in heavy gusts, and its SPF-50 lining completely blocks out the sun’s heat and rays.

Alan Kaufman is the founder and creator of the firm. Alan remains the only owner and operator of the company, which has been renamed The Canope.

Who is the founder of Nubrella?

On a rainy day in New York City in 2002, creator Alan Kaufman noted how difficult it was for people to keep their umbrellas in hand while juggling strollers, phones, and other goods.

That was Alan’s light bulb moment. Alan envisioned a weather-protection device that could be worn rather than handled. Nubrella was created as a result of countless sketches and several glasses of coffee.

The umbrella “hood” can be used hands-free thanks to Kaufman’s sleek backpack design. The umbrella’s folding hood allows the user to adjust it to changing weather patterns, making it perfect for hands-free use.

There’s no reason to take it down after the rain stops. Simply slide the front of the umbrella back, and it is neatly stowed, ready to be reinstalled at the first sign of cloud cover.

What Happened to Nubrella during the pitch on Shark Tank?

Kaufman decided to submit his idea for a better mousetrap to Shark Tank investors in order to acquire finance and marketing and distribution support.

Kaufman entered the Shark Tank looking $200,000 investment in exchange for a 25% ownership in Nubrella, which worth $800,000.

He has already invested more than $900,000 of his own money in the creation of the product. Not only does he want the Sharks’ money, but he also needs their expertise and marketing platforms to promote his company.

Kaufman claims it was impossible to reverse his Nubrella. It also blocks wind, allowing the wearer to stay warm during severe weather, and the gadget was completely hands-free. The sharks’ interest has been peaked.

As he reveals his products, Kaufman was hailed with joyful laughter. Robert Herjavec and Daymond John jumped at the chance to try them on.

The two engage with the Nubrella, butting heads and cracking jokes about interstellar invasions.

Barbara Corcoran inquires about the weight and other aspects of the Nubrella. As he responds to product-related enquiries, Kaufman’s confidence improves substantially. Kevin Harrington jumps in with a sales-related question.

According to Kaufman, the gadget has sold 3,000 copies purely via word of mouth, and a recent manufacturing change has dropped the price from $49.95 to $29.95, a $14 reduction.

Kaufman states that due to high demand, he was unable to fulfill orders.

When Daymond John points out, the question is whether Kaufman has a patent on his idea. He holds a patent in the United States and others are pending in other countries.

Nubrella, according to Barbara Corcoran, was an unnecessarily specialized product. She went out.

She went out. Robert Herjavec was a close second in terms of exiting the deal.

Robert Herjavec was a close second in terms of exiting the deal.  Kevin Harrington makes a $200,000 bid for 65% ownership of the firm. Due to a lack of distribution channels, Kevin O’Leary exits from the arrangement.

Kaufman rejects Harrington’s offer and responds with a 35% equity share. Daymond John agrees to join Harrington, reducing the company’s ownership to 60%.

Kaufman answers by offering a 50% stake in the company. The Sharks claim they want 51% ownership of the company in order to exert control over it.

The Sharks claim they want 51% ownership of the company in order to exert control over it.  Daymond John sweetens the deal by extending funding as long as sales remain strong. After a few awkward minutes, Kaufman agrees, and they all strike a deal.

What Happened to Nubrella After Shark Tank?

Following the show, Harrington realized that the Nubrella pricing point was incompatible with his infomercial firm, and his half of the deal fell through.

Daymond John attempted to leverage his connections to get a bigger distribution platform for Kaufman, but this, too, failed. Following the cheers for the pitch, the arrangement with Kaufman and the two Sharks was concluded.

Kaufman filed a lawsuit against Sony Pictures et al. in Massachusetts State Court in 2016, seeking “compensation for lost investment opportunities, a piece of money collected each time an episode featuring Nubrella airs, and a clear label specifying when the episodes first aired.”

In this case, he was given$20,000 compensation. A second Federal Court lawsuit was dismissed on one claim of negligence and one count of breach of fiduciary duty and breach of the promise of good faith and fair dealing.

In 2020, he renamed the company Canope. He is still selling on his website and on Amazon as of July 2021, producing $1 million in annual sales.

Nubrella’s Competitors

Rain Shield is a competitor of the corporation.

Nubrella’s Net Worth

During the pitch, the firm was valued at $800,000; after two Sharks invested, the company was valued at $392,000. The net worth of the company is estimated to be $1.5 million.

Nubrella FAQs

Does Nubrella work in all weather?

Actually, Nubrella works in any weather condition that occurs above a temperature of 5 °C. At these temperatures, water molecules have enough energy to bind to their surroundings and are not moving much at all.

How does Nubrella work?

Nubrella works by emitting ultrasonic waves. The waves are not very strong, but they can interfere with the movement of water molecules and cause them to form a thermodynamic cloud.

How long will it work on?

Nubrella is capable of providing water resistance up to two hours in steady rain with enough intensity. However, this is significantly longer than most umbrellas and allows more time to complete outdoor activities and outdoor sports. Therefore, Nubrella is more useful in places where many people tend to use it.

What is Nubrella made of?

All parts of Nubrella are made of highly durable plastic. This material is light and more durable than other plastics. It can easily withstand severe weather and will not change shape.

How much does Nubrella weigh?

The weight is approximately 8 ounces, which is relatively light compared to similar products on the market. The weight is also easy to carry in the trunk and can be used throughout the day and night.

What is the cost of Nubrella?

When purchased directly from the manufacturer, the price is $79.95. However, when purchased from Amazon and other retailers, the product costs $49.99.

Kaufman claims to have sold 30,000 Nubrella in 2012; in October 2013, he was selling 10,000 per month and with a store space of $40–50 each day. By January 2014, the price had dropped to $29.95 on Amazon; by January 2015 it was selling at $39.

What is Nubrella return policy?

Refunds are not allowed due to the nature of the product. However, there is a 60-day warranty available for items that have been used and have defects as a result of normal use. Contact customer service to obtain an RMA number.

How long Nubrella will takes on delivery?

Orders placed on the same day take around 10–14 days to arrive. Orders placed after the same day take around 21–28 days to arrive.

Is Nubrella waterproof?

Nubrella is not waterproof, which means it cannot be used on a beach or in a pool or in any other place where water may be splashed against it.

What are the payment terms?

The company accepts all major credit cards, PayPal and Amazon Pay.

What is Nubrella warranty policy?

The product comes with a 60-day warranty for defects resulting from normal use.

Where can I buy Nubrella in stores?

Nubrella is sold online on the company’s website, as well as on Amazon.com, and in some retail stores including Target and Walmart.

How many colors does Nubrella makes?

The frame comes in a variety of colors, such as black, pink, blue, grey and green.

How many people can wear Nubrella at one time?

Nubrella is designed to be worn by one person only as it is not designed for children.

Can Nubrella be used in the rain?

Nubrella can only be used when the weather is above 5 °C.

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