What Happened to NoPhone after the Shark Tank?

What is NoPhone?

NoPhone is a phone-shaped chunk of plastic that isn’t even a cellular device. It’s a smartphone knockoff. It has no functional buttons, camera, or screen, 0GB of storage, no Wi-Fi, and is toilet bowl resistant. This item is a satirical take on the very real problem of cell phone addiction.

Chris Sheldon and Van Gouldon founded it in October 2014 as part of the fight against smartphone addiction.

The company’s four versions are the NoPhone, NoPhone Zero, NoPhone Air, and NoPhone selfie.

Who is the founders of NoPhone?

NoPhone was created by Chris Sheldon and Van Gouldon. He is a social entrepreneur, marketer, and documentary filmmaker.

Van Gould and Chris Sheldon are advertisement art directors who mock technology and its obsessions.

When Gould and Sheldon were in a bar with friends for a social and noticed that everyone was on their phones, they came up with the idea for NoPhone.

Gould and Sheldon used a Kickstarter campaign to raise $20,000 for NoPhone, which claims to be the world’s largest bogus phone firm.

What Happened to NoPhone’s Shark Tank Pitch?

Van and Chris approach Shark Tank with a $25,000 offer in return for a 25% ownership in their business, worth $100,000.

79% of them say they spend up to 22 hours a day on their phones. They have sold 3,100 NoPhone at a cost of $12 each, with a selfie upgrade of a mirror costing $18 and manufacturing costing $2.95.

All of the Sharks were disappointed with NoPhone’s proposals, thus the NoPhone Company walked away without a deal.

What happened to NoPhone after it was rejected by the Shark Tank?

Despite the Sharks’ rejection of the business plan, people are buying the NoPhone.

As a jab at friends and family members who are hooked to their phones to the expense of real-world conversations and relationships.

Despite the fact that Gould and Sheldon have maintained the NoPhone website, the gadget is now available on Amazon.

The partners appear to have progressed to the position of Associate Creative Directors at Anomaly Inc., and the firm appears to be growing organically.

NoPhone’s competitors

There are several rivals in the field for NoPhone. Jimmy Kimmel, Ricky Gervais, Ellen DeGeneres, The New York Times, and Vogue Magazine are among them.

NoPhone’s net worth

In 2021, the firm is worth around $15 million.

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NoPhone FAQ

What happened to the major option to become a NoPhone affiliate?

The affiliate system never worked right so they left it up to Amazon only.

Why is it called the NoPhone when there is no phone?

Users can’t have a phone call with something that doesn’t make calls. It’s also like a fake phone, duh! As well as they are not actually phones.

Is it easy to order?

It’s pretty much the same as any other Amazon product. Customers can order NoPhones and various selfie products, get them delivered to their door, and pay for them as a single purchase or by having a subscription.

What is it made of?

NoPhone is made from high-quality non-toxic plastic. It has absolutely no harmful chemicals or additives in its composition.

Is it easily breakable?

NoPhone is rugged at the same time flexible, and that’s how it was designed. It can withstand the usual drops and falls, being shoved in a pocket or purse with keys, etc. There aren’t any moving parts to get broken either.

How does NoPhone work?

NoPhone works just like any other smartphone. It has a built-in battery which guarantees that you’ll remain connected no matter where they are or what’s going on in their life.

Does NoPhone have a camera?

No, but it has an LED light that can cast an impressive light while also providing illumination.

What is the price of NoPhone?

The price of the starter pack is $25. The selfie mirror costs $18 and the selfie stick costs $12.

Who is the age of NoPhone for?

NoPhone is for anyone who is tired of being addicted to their phone.

What’s a good gift for a NoPhone?

Some great gifts are the NoPhone selfie, the selfie case, and the headband.

What is the return policy?

There is a very simple return policy. If they are not satisfied with the purchase, they can return it within 30 days.

What is the average rating of NoPhone?

According to Amazon, the overall rating is 4 out of 5 stars, with 97% of reviews being positive.

Who created the NoPhone?

NoPhone was created by Van Gould and Chris Sheldon in 2014. They are advertisement art directors who mock technology and its obsessions.

How do I pay for NoPhone?

Customers can purchase NoPhone and selfie products with a credit card, debit card, PayPal account, or Amazon gift card. Of course, they can use Amazon Alexa to order their NoPhone at the push of a button.

Is NoPhone authorized?

Yes, the company is authorized by Amazon as a seller. It’s completely safe to buy from them because Amazon has an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau and its safety standards are high.

Is NoPhone recycling?

No, NoPhone is not a recyclable item.

Is NoPhone safe?

Yes, the device is completely safe because it’s made from durable plastic. It’s also weather resistant and shockproof.

What is NoPhone Zero?

NoPhone Zero is the most basic and smallest version of the product. Its main feature is that it blocks all incoming calls, incoming texts, and Internet access.

This means that you will be free of all distractions while still being connected with friends and family who are on their smartphones in real-time.

What is NoPhone warrant?

There is no warranty or guaranteed service on NoPhone.

Does NoPhone have battery?

No, it doesn’t have any battery. The device is completely fake and just a gadget that looks like a smartphone to prevent people from being addicted to their phones.

What are the colors of NoPhone?

There are two colors available: black and white.

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