What Happened to Nohbo Shampoo After Shark Tank Pitch?

What is Nohbo Shampoo?

It’s a water-soluble ball that’s used to package shampoo and other personal care products.

The Nohbo ball is a little ball with shampoo, conditioner, or soap inside. Each ball contains enough product to do one application.

The membrane splits when the one-inch-diameter ball is submerged in water, releasing a semi-dry substance that easily lathers with the water.

Who Founded Nohbo Shampoo?

Nohbo Shampoo was founded by Benjamin Stern.

Stern intends to begin by selling his own products within his Nohbo balls, but he eventually wants to license the technology to big firms.

In October 2016, he’ll start a trial run with a few key hotels, with the goal of having everything up and operating by then.

Stern, who is 16 years old, was inspired by a film on plastic rubbish that was shown in his 9th grade class.

He began to consider alternatives, and was inspired by his mother’s laundry detergent pods, which he believed might be used to transport shampoo and other personal care supplies.

He sought but failed to obtain cash through Kickstarter.

Benjamin instead looked for work, borrowed money from family and friends, drained his college fund, and acquired $20,000 in pro bono legal aid from a local firm.

After engaging a scientist to develop the product, he was able to get many patents.

Stern is now ready to start filming. He’s most likely on the lookout for a Shark to help him with distribution and licensing.

Ben starts with a scene that takes place in his own house. His mother and grandmother, whom he fondly refers to as Bubbe, reside with him.

Bubbe was his first investment. Ben says that his generation is environmentally conscious.

Bottled toiletries contribute greatly to waste, and he needs the Sharks’ help in getting his products into every store in the country.

What Happened to Nohbo Shampoo at the Shark Tank Pitch?

Benjamin Stern asking for $100,000 in exchange for a 20% ownership in the firm, putting the company’s valuation at $500,000.

He claims to be changing the way you clean your lustrous tresses.

Because his NOHBO, people will never have to use plastic bottles for toilet paper again, and his NOHBO balls are less expensive.

Ben then washes Bubbe’s hair with a shampoo ball. He will need to make a financial commitment in order to license the goods.

When Lori hands out samples, he tears a ball apart.

He developed the product with the assistance of a member of Clorox’s head hunting department. Mark is taken aback.

Ben had called him out of the blue. “A lot of people come to Shark Tank looking for connections,” Mark continues, “but you made your own calls.”

Mark congratulates Ben once more on his efforts.

Currently, they are pressing the balls by hand. Ben is convinced that the patent is valid. He believes that NOHBO stands for “NO Hair BOttles.”

He’s developing a revolutionary way of product distribution that he plans to market to huge organizations.

They are now priced at six cents each, but he may lower the price to four cents and sell them for twelve cents.

Because hotels do not want to educate consumers, Mark feels Ben should go direct.

Lori cautions against selling a product until it has been licensed.

She’s leaving because she thinks it’s too soon.

Mr. Wonderful uses a certain shampoo and believes that the patent is everything, but he’s on his way out.

If the invention is valid, Robert believes it is a great deal; if it is authorized, he will pay $100,000 for 20% of the patent.

Mark claims that he loves it and offers $100,000 in return for a quarter-share in the company. According to Robert, it may be the best idea ever proposed in the Tank, but it has to be offered as a business plan.

Barbara offers $100,000 in return for a 20% ownership in Estee Lauder, but only if Ben agrees to a transaction.

After thanking everyone, Ben exclaims, “Mark, we have a contract!”

Mark accepts a $100,000 offer in return for a 25% ownership in the firm, valuing the company at $400,000.

What Happened to Nohbo Shampoo After Shark Tank Pitch?

Certain items will suffer difficulties even with a Shark on board.

NOBOH got off to a terrific start with Mark’s support, but there were some delivery delays and other challenges along the way.

According to a number of comments on the company’s social media sites, dissatisfied customers said the balls did not hold their shape in early 2016.

When Florida Governor Rick Scott presented Benjamin with the Young Entrepreneur Award, he said, “I look forward to seeing NOHBO continuing to thrive here in Florida.”

In 2018, Stern shifted gears and stopped using powdered balls.

He worked with a chemist closer to his headquarters in Melbourne, Florida, to change the product’s form to a gel and brand it NOHBO Drops.

Stern just received $3.5 million in venture funding and has 76 million purchase orders across Europe for the next four years.

In this update, he takes a tour of his facility and announces a fresh round of investment. In the next several years, Mark believes it has the potential to expand to a $100 million company.

What is the Net Worth of Nohbo Shampoo?

Stern valued his company at $500,000 when he asked for $100,000 for a 20% ownership, but when Mark offered $100,000 for a 25% stake, he accepted, increasing the total worth to $400,000.

Who are the Competitors of Nohbo Shampoo?

Nohbo’s primary rivals are Schmidt’s Naturals, Better Living Products, Bruemate, and Molly’s Suds.

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Nohbo Shampoo FAQS

Is Nohbo protected by a patent?

The NOHBO Ball is a little ball with shampoo, conditioner, or soap inside.

Each ball contains enough product to do one application. After engaging a scientist to develop the product, he was able to get many patents.

What are Nohbo balls, and what do they do?

The Nohbo Ball is a shampoo ball made from plant-based materials that eliminates the need for a plastic container. The ball is activated by water or friction.

Who manufactures Nohbo products?

“NOHBO is made in their state, and they’re practically totally generated and processed here in Florida,” says Stern.

Where does Nohbo Shampoo originate from?

“They produce the goods at their plant in Melbourne, Florida,” said the company.

They began with a prototype and then collaborated with a chemist to develop the final product.

He was in charge of all research and development, while I was in charge of everything else.

Is Nohbo Shampoo eco-friendly?

They use recycled PET plastic and are produced from biodegradable and recyclable materials.

They also use 80% less water than typical shampoos and don’t have to be thrown away.

Who created Nohbo?

Benjamin Stern, the CEO and founder of Nohbo, is a Melbourne, Florida native.

Nohbo is made of what?

NOHBO Labs’ new eco-friendly line features Genomatica’s natural BrontideTM butylene glycol.

Brontide is a crucial component that allows the drop to remain fully encased until it comes into touch with water or friction. It is made from a sustainable and renewable sugar fermentation process.

Do Nohbo Shampoo balls attach to my hair?

The NOHBO ball is constructed of a plant-based substance that, when it comes into touch with water or friction, pushes against your hair. The balls have a four- to six-week lifespan.

What was the deal with Shark Tank?

When Nohbo Shampoo debuted on Shark Tank with Mark Cuban, he received a $100,000 investment for a quarter of his firm.

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