What Happened to Napwell Sleep Mask After Shark Tank Pitch?

What is a Napwell Sleep Mask?

The Napwell Sleep Mask was a sleeping mask with lights and an alarm clock that gradually awakened a napper.

The Napwell LED lights gradually brightened to gently awaken you without waking your companion or sounding an alarm.

The countdown timer allowed Napwell to be utilized for both naps and nocturnal sleep.

Napwell is made of silky soft fabrics that delicately embrace the face while yet allowing room for the eyes.

This region is crucial for continuous REM sleep.

The Napwell’s electrical components are housed within a removable insert, making the rest of the mask washable for longer use.

Who Founded Napwell Sleep Mask?

Napwell Sleep Mask was created in 2012 by two outstanding students, Justin Lee (MIT) and Neil Joglekar (Stanford).

Neil Joglekar was a seasoned entrepreneur who has built two thriving enterprises.

Cardinal Tutors, a renowned Bay Area tutoring firm, and Reelsurfer, an online video editing tool, were both founded by the Stanford graduate. He reconnected with an old classmate, Justin Lee, in 2013.

Justin received a bachelor’s degree in physics and biology from MIT and was a doctorate candidate in a joint Harvard-MIT program in health, science, and technology.

Justin has previously been featured on CNN for putting a digital camera into space to photograph the Earth. He completed the project on a shoestring budget of about $150.

In 2012, the two friends collaborated to develop a product that would help individuals live more efficient and productive lives.

They did not begin with a specific product in mind; rather, they began with a problem, that of variables that hamper efficiency, and sought a solution.

After doing research on the subject, they determined that the biggest impediment to efficiency for the vast majority of people was a lack of sleep and premature wakeup.

Sudden waking is known to commonly result in sleep inertia, a hazy sensation caused by disturbed sleep cycles.

The Napwell sleeping mask was designed by the entrepreneurs.

The two inventors were successfully financed on Kickstarter in January 2014, generating more than $51,000 on a $30,000 target.

What Happen to Napwell Sleep Mask at the Shark Tank Pitch?

Neil and Justin appear on Shark Tank season 6 episode 15 in quest of $100,000 in return for 10% ownership of their company. This implies a $1 million valuations.


Neil began his presentation, and it appeared like his business partner was struggling to stay awake, yawning, stretching, and hardly able to stand.

They seek to assist people with “naptimization.” It makes use of light to help in biometric identification.

Neil distributed prototypes while explaining that the alarm may be set to the user’s chosen wake hour and that the mask can be worn for a few hours or the entire night.

While Lori seeks answers, Robert and Daymond put on a suit. Lori, on the other hand, has never had a bad power nap.

Robert is intrigued about their background. Despite falling in love at camp, the two went on to have great educational careers.

They employed crowdsourcing to perform market research on both the pricing and the product. They feel there is a market gap.

Daymond When John inquired about the mask’s retail price, Neil informed him that it had been reduced to $100.

Mark feels that with their credentials, they could easily secure venture capital money in Silicon Valley; he is out.

Kevin O’Leary pointed out that the pair haven’t done the necessary marketing and that they’re facing an uphill struggle, considering that the item they’re selling for $100 or more seems to the average buyer to be $1.99 sleep mask. He, too, declared, “I’m out.”

Greiner Lori declined to make an offer, claiming that she believes people’s sleep issues are more about falling asleep than waking up.

Robert Herjavec chastises the two for squeezing ‘all that history, all that wisdom, and all your parents put you through’ into a sleep mask. He has gotten away.

Daymond John was the final remaining investor, and he stated to the couple that he believed in forming a corporation and showing a concept before requesting money.

“It’s simply too early. As a result, he declined to make an offer, and the Napwell couple exited the tank without completing a deal.

What Happened to Napwell Sleep Mask After Shark Tank Pitch?

This company had gone out of business before their show ever aired.

Neil Joglekar has been hired Head of Product at CrossLead, the cloud-based software start-up founded in 2011 by General (Ret.) Stanley McChrystal.

The General is well recognized for his leadership of US forces in Afghanistan from 2009 to 2010.

Since retirement, McChrystal has used his experience “transforming the US counter-terrorism campaign” to create cloud-based software that businesses can use to measure employee productivity.

Joglekar’s job at CrossLead is to create new products based on the software.

Joglekar left CrossLead to join Microsoft and Mozilla at BrowerStack. And Lee is now a doctor: in 2017, he received a PhD in medical engineering and medical physics from Harvard-Division MIT’s of Health Sciences and Technology.

What is the Net Worth of Napwell Sleep Mask?

Neil and Justin appeared on Shark Tank in pursuit of $100,000 in return for 10% ownership of their company. This implies a $1 million valuation.

Who are the Competitors of Napwell Sleep Mask?

Napwell Sleep Mask has no competition.

Napwell Sleep Mask FAQS

What was a Napwell Sleep Mask?

The Napwell Sleep Mask is a sleep mask that employs light to help people wake up more naturally.

The mask comes with an alarm clock that can be customized to wake individuals up within a 10-minute window around their optimum time, making them feel less sleepy in the morning and more awake throughout the day.

Who invented the Napwell Sleep Mask?

Napwell Sleep Mask was founded in 2013 by entrepreneur Justin Lee and Stanford graduate Neil Joglekar, who is now employed at CrossLead.

How much money were they looking for in the Shark Tank?

The entrepreneurs are looking for $100,000 in exchange for 10% of their company.

How much money did they get from Shark Tank?

They were unable to acquire an investment from the Sharks.

How much money did Napwell Sleep Mask raise on Kickstarter?

On a $30,000 target, the couple raises more than $51,000.

How much did the Napwell Sleep Mask cost?

They were selling it at $100.

Is the Napwell Mask itself long lasting?

The Napwell is “durable” in the sense that nothing should break if they roll on it while sleeping.

They’ve tried it on a small scale so far but will scale it up with the support of their Uber-early and Beta testers (and make design tweaks as necessary).

Was Napwell machine washable?

While they cannot guarantee this, it has been a regular request and is something they are looking at.

What materials were Napwell Sleep Mask made of?

Napwell is made of silky soft fabrics that delicately embrace the face while yet allowing room for the eyes.

Were Napwell Mask User Friendly?

They are extremely user-friendly, with simple instructions.

What were the Napwell Sleep Mask competitors?

Napwell Sleep Mask has no direct competitors.

Where was Napwell Mask made?

The Napwell was created in the United States.

Was the Napwell Sleep Mask patented?

They were unable to get a patent for their light-based alarm system.

What were strengths of Napwell Sleep Mask?

It gently wakes them. Sleep inertia is a problem, and the way their lights slowly awaken them helps to alleviate sleep inertia concerns in a simple/elegant manner.

Where can they purchase Napwell Sleep Mask?

They’ve gone out of business.

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