What Happened to Nail Pak After Shark Tank?

What is Nail Pak?

Nail Pak is a three-in-one kit that includes nail paints, pads, and nail polish remover for effective nail polish removal.

It is the smallest portable product in the history of cosmetics, and it sold incredibly successfully in its brief time on the market.

Barbara Lampugnale, who resides in West Hartford, Connecticut, with her six kids, is the inspiration for Nail Pak. Because she doesn’t have much spare time, she relies on fast solutions for aesthetic chores such as nail polishing.

As a result, the multi-purpose cosmetics product Nail Pak was established. The bottle seems to be a standard nail polish bottle, but the bottom unscrews to reveal a circular file and pre-soaked nail paint removal pads.

Who is the founder of Nail Pak?

Barbara Lampugnale founded Duality Cosmetics, which produced Nail Pak. This business developed a game-changing device, but the results were tragic.

Originally known as Nail Pak, the company was later renamed Grace Nail. Barbara conceived the idea for Nail Pak while applying nail polish to her six children one day.

They discovered how difficult it was to remove after wearing it for a long. Barbara pitched the idea to her children, who thought creating a three-in-one item was a million-dollar idea.

The idea for Nail Pak nail paint was born at one of these occasions. The idea of having all the pieces for a manicure or pedicure in one tiny container made sense to a lady who had a lot of nail polish around her house.

Nail polish, a file, and pre-soaked nail polish remover wipes are all included in each Nail Pak nail paint bottle. It’s a complete manicure system the size of a typical nail polish bottle.

What Happened to Nail Pak’s Shark Tank Pitch?

Barbara Lampugnale, a nail polish businesswoman and mother of six, pitches the Sharks on her three-in-one nail polish in episode 314. Lampugnale is searching for a Shark to help her with product growth and marketing.

Barbara Lampugnale entered the Shark Tank seeking $50,000 in exchange for a 20% stake in her Nail Pak, which worth $250,000.

She admits to putting $300,000 of her personal money into the venture. The Sharks like the fact that Nail Pak costs only $3 to make yet sells for $14.99.

Robert isn’t familiar with cosmetics, therefore he goes out.

Mark thinks it’s a wonderful idea, but he doesn’t want to invest the time putting together a huge team to help the product reach the market, so he’s out as well.

Lori was completely addicted with Nail Pak. Barbara accepts her $50,000 offer in exchange for 51% ownership of the firm. She promises that Nail Pak will be sold out on QVC.

Kevin enters the battle, offering $50,000 for a 40% stake in the company and willing to bet Nail Pak on television as well.

Kevin also encourages Daymond to join him in the endeavor, and Barbara invites Lori to acquire a 40% ownership in the company. Lori agrees, but only if she may attend one of Barbara’s manicure parties. Barbara agrees and exits the pitch with a deal.

What Happened to Nail Pak After Shark Tank?

Lori’s deal was finalized after Barbara Lampugnale exited the pitch with a deal. Lori Greiner told Shark Tank Blog that one of the items from episode 314 will be available on QVC the Saturday morning after the first telecast.

The product called Nail Pak, and it sold out almost immediately! Barbara and Nail Pak appear in an update section in Season 4, Episode 410.

Lori was essential in putting Nail Pak nail polish on the shelves of over 500 Ultra Beauty stores around the country, in addition to its phenomenal success on QVC.

Barbara and Nail Pak are quickly becoming one of Lori’s most successful Shark Tank success stories. The firm is still in operation as of January 2022.

Nail Pak’s Competitors

Star Nails, Nail Envy, Nail Artz, and Mega Nails are Nail Pak’s primary competitors.

Nail Pak’s Net Worth

During the pitch, the firm was valued at $250,000; following Lori Greiner’s investment, the company was valued at $125,000. The company has a net worth of $850,000 as of January 2022.

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Nail Pak FAQs

How long does it take to remove a manicure from Nail Pak?

The time is only reasonable. It takes about 10 minutes to get all the nail polish out of Nail Pak.

Is Nail Pak reusable?

It’s not recommended because it would damage the pads during repeated usage, so it’s not recommended. The pads are regenerated after each use.

Is Nail Pak wearable?

No, it cannot be worn again because the pads are disposable.

What does Nail Pak smell like?

Nail Pak does not smell like anything due to product design.

How many times can a person put on Nail Pak before its replenished?

It depends how often people use it. Barbara only puts on a couple of times each week, so she gets about two weeks out of it.

Does Nail Pak clean nails?

No, it has no oils or moisturizers inside it.

Does Nail Pak work for pedicures?

Yes, it does, but customers have to fill the bottle with water and then place their foot in the jar of water for about 10 minutes. However, they do not need the pad because their feet are not that dirty and require a lot less cleaning.

What is the price of Nail Pak?

Nail Pak nets $14.99 per bottle at Amazon.

Is Nail Pak imported?

Yes, Nail Pak is manufactured in Florida, USA.

Who is responsible for the quality of Nail Pak?

Duality Cosmetics LLC, which is a Florida specialty product company that specializes in manicure and pedicure products and accessories. The firm manufactures its goods at its facility in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Are Nail Pak’s products cruelty-free?

Yes, the firm’s products are completely cruelty-free and they do not test on animals.

What is Nail Pak made of?

Nail Pak includes a bottle that holds the nail polish remover pads, pre-soaked nails wiper wipes, a file pad, and two small bottles of polish. Nail Pak also includes a brush pad and nail file that can be removed and reattached after cleaning them with each use.

Can Nail Pak be used with other nail polish brands?

Yes, it can be used with any brand of nail polish. However, if customers are applying the product before applying their regular foundation, they may have a problem with the color.

What is the warranty?

Each Nail Pak includes a one-year limited warranty against any defects in workmanship or materials.

Where is Nail Pak available for sale?

Nail Pak is only available for sale through QVC and Amazon. They do not have retail stores; however, they do offer special clearance sales from time to time.

How many Nail Pak pads are included?

There are two pre-soaked pads in each bottle. However, only one pad can be used at a time because the other pad is to be cleaned with polish remover before being used again. There is no such thing as “using both” of the products in the same bottle.

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