What Happened to MuteMe After Shark Tank?

What is MuteMe?

MuteMe is a device with a simple concept and design that has greatly increased its usefulness in the post-pandemic work-from-home environment: The device is an illuminated disk that plugs into your computer and mutes your microphone when touched.

Notably, the product’s lights turn red to indicate that you are, in fact, muted. This provides the user with peace of mind while also notifying others in the room that you are free to speak.

Highly skilled and educated entrepreneurs divide the firm into five equal portions. Parm Dhoot, CEO, has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and collaborated on the product’s development.

The operation also includes Handeep Dhoot (COO, engineer), Tye Davis (CFO, public relations), Brittany Davis (CMO, entrepreneur), and Pavan Purewal (Lead Software Engineer, BS in Computer science and engineer at both Ticketmaster and Voyager Space).

Who is the founder of MuteMe?

Parm Dhoot and Tye Davis launched MuteMe. During the Covid-19 epidemic, the co-founders had to hastily silence their conference software in order to filter off child noises while working remotely.

It’s just a basic button that you put on your desktop and hit in reaction to background noises. It also alerts other virtual conference participants that you are muting yourself

The staff worked well together. They went from concept to product deployment in less than a year, beginning in August 2020.

They began with two successful Crowdfunding initiatives in January 2021. Their IndieGoGo campaign brought in $289,075 and their Kickstarter campaign brought in an extra $154,756. All purchases were filled by July 20, 2021, about the time they taped their show.

The MuteMe button is compatible with all virtual conferencing platforms. In order for the button to operate properly with your platform and system microphone, you must install software on your computer. Each button costs $39, and businesses who buy 25 or more receive a bulk discount.

What Happened to MuteMe at Shark Tank pitch?

Parm Dhoot and Tye Davis seek funding for MuteMe, a glowing mute button for online meetings, in Shark Tank episode 1302. They are the first to bring this type of technology to market and are searching for a Shark to help them rapidly scale their business.

Parm and Tye came on Shark Tank in seeking of $200,000 in return for a 10% stake in their firm, worth $2 million.

Onstage, their spouses are projected onto screens, nearly joining the pitch. When they’ve finished introducing themselves, they start complaining about not being onstage with their husbands, and Parm yells, “We can hear you!!” They then do a rhyming pitch in which they describe their product and illustrate how it was used.

Each item costs $11.66 to create and $39.95 to sell. They claim to have produced $61,000 in web sales following their account of how they brought the product to market.

Furthermore, they’ve been at every Staples store for four weeks (as of this recording) yet have only sold 150 copies.

At this point, Mark proclaims that they have no clue how to promote it, and he walks away. Kevin says that they are “on the verge of zero,” and he walks out.

Peter claims to be the owner of an Asian “gadget enterprise,” but he is concerned about the expense. He’d want to present it to his team and see if they can get it for less than a dollar.

Daymond then offers $200,000 for 50% stock shares, noting the amount of effort necessary. Then Peter proposes a deal with Kevin and Daymond, but Kevin rejects.

Lori was the next person to go. Peter expresses his dissatisfaction. He’s worried that his teammates will criticize him for spending $200,000 on a color-changing button.”

Daymond laughs at Peter’s comment and then walks away. They finally leave the pitch without an agreement, as does Peter.

What Happened to MuteMe After Shark Tank?

Despite the fact that the business was not secured during the pitch, the company is still in operation as of February 2022.

Competitors of MuteMe

The primary competitors of MuteMe in the market space are; Mute Intercom, Razer Seiren Mini and Smart Tab Mute.

Net Worth of MuteMe

During and after the pitch, the firm was valued at $2 million.

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MuteMe FAQs

What exactly is MuteMe?

MuteMe is a gadget with a simple concept and design that has greatly expanded its value in the post-pandemic work-from-home environment: The gadget is an illuminated disk that plugs into your computer and mutes your microphone when touched.

Who is the founder?

Parm Dhoot and Tye Davis launched MuteMe. During the Covid-19 epidemic, the co-founders had to hastily silence their conference software in order to filter off child noises while working remotely.

How much were they seeking on Shark Tank?

They were seeking for $200,000 in return for a 10% stake in the company, which was valued at $2 million.

Were they able to close the deal?

No, they did not have the deal.

Is MuteMe still in operation?

MuteMe is still in operation in February 2022.

Where is MuteMe located?

MuteMe is based in San Francisco, California.

What exactly is the MuteMe website?

MuteMe’s website address is www.muteme.com. It is currently a real website that sells this product to businesses.

MuteMe is built of what?

ABS plastic is used to make the button. The final design was primarily determined by hundreds of versions, which ranged from a pill bottle cap to a pair of brass knuckles.

Is MuteMe a collaborative application?

MuteMe works with Zoom, Teams, WebEx, Skype, Google Meet, and GoToMeeting, among other platforms.

What is MuteMe’s purpose?

MuteMe is a virtual call mute button with an illuminated mute button that encourages productivity, boosts confidence, and reduces interruptions. The patent-pending device identifies whether they are silent or not by using sophisticated software that talks with any computer to regulate their microphone.

What are MuteMe’s distinguishing features?

MuteMe is a compact, attractive design that fits in any laptop bag, handbag, or pocket. The lit hue of the button matches the current light on your computer and alerts you when the button is on or off mute.

Is MuteMe covered by a warranty?

Yes, it comes with a one-year limited guarantee. If consumers discover that MuteMe isn’t operating properly, they may contact the firm for a free fix.

Do you provide international shipping?

Yes, they do ship internationally. The current rate for international shipping will be charged.

Is it possible to place a bulk order with MuteMe?

For wholesale purchasing, please email [email protected]. They will provide a discount for purchases of 25 or more products that include engraving.

What if I need to engrave a huge number of items?

They like working with educational institutions, companies, and small businesses. MuteMe is a great present for students, clients, and workers (especially to include in a welcome or thank you package).

If consumers want orders of 25 or more engraved with the corporate logo or content, please contact them at order[email protected]. They can provide a pricing on an individual basis.

How does MuteMe get a connection to my computer?

MuteMe connects to a USB-A/C connector via the device’s USB-C port (on computer). A USB-A/C adapter is included in the purchase price.

What do I need to put in place for MuteMe to work?

MuteMe requires the MuteMe software program to be installed in order for users to adjust their preferences (like colors, etc.).

Although each company’s policy may change, downloading MuteMe does not require administrative authority. If people can install local programs such as Zoom, obtaining MuteMe software should be simple.

MuteMe is compatible with which operating systems?

MuteMe is compatible with Mac OS X, Windows 10, and Linux. Their first prototype is incompatible with ChromeOS, but they are working hard to fix this.

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