What Happened to Mush Oatmeal after Shark Tank?

What is Mush Oatmeal?

Mush Oatmeal is nutrient-dense, refrigerated oatmeal with beta-glucan fiber, a soluble fiber that improves insulin resistance and cholesterol reduction, and is soaked overnight in dairy-free milk, which increases nutrient absorption and breaks down natural starches to aid in digestion and weight loss.

Mush Oatmeal comes in four different flavors: wild blueberry, crisp apple, vanilla bean, and dark chocolate.

Ashley Thompson and Kat Thomas met in the banking industry and shared a love of nutritious food, but were disappointed by the lack of accessible on-the-go options for busy people.

Mush Oatmeal was born as a consequence of the two taking the product to farmers markets and soliciting feedback. They then set out to build a credible food brand.

Who is the founder of Mush Oatmeal?

Ashley Thompson and Kat Thomas are the founders of Mush Oatmeal; they met in the banking industry and had a passion for healthful food. The duo created their on-the-go oatmeal snack while working at the same bank.

They both had a passion for healthy cuisine and desired to be business owners. When they manufactured their “cold processed” oats, they eliminated added sugar, artificial flavors and colors, fillers, and preservatives.

The two women were looking for a quick, healthful breakfast/snack. They started out by soaking oats in cold water.

They maintain their items by applying pressure, which is very natural. The product was first sold at farmer’s markets in the San Diego area, but it quickly found its way into the shelves of Whole Foods Market.

Mush comes in four flavors: vanilla bean, wild blueberry, apple crisp and dark chocolate. On the website, eight-packs of eight-ounce Mush tubs cost $39.99, or $5 per serving.

At Whole Foods, an 8-ounce jar costs $3.99, and they’re frequently dropped to two packs for $5.

What Happened to Mush Oatmeal at Shark Tank pitch?

Ashley Thompson and Katherine Thomas desire for a Shark to bite into Mush, their handy spin on a breakfast staple, in episode 909. They are seeking for a Shark to help them expand their retail distribution.

Ashley and Katherine came to SharkTank with the hopes of receiving $300,000 in return for a 10% stake in their company, which worth $3 million.

Katherine recalls that when she first started working, she struggled to find sufficient, healthy food for herself. The bulk of yogurts, cereals, and protein bars were high in sugar and other “processed garbage.” That is why she founded MUSH.

The oatmeal is not cooked; instead, it is soaked in cold almond or coconut milk. It is fully natural, and because it was not cooked, the oatmeal preserves all of its healthful ingredients.

It’s ready to eat, dairy-free, high in protein, and really delicious! As they give samples, the Sharks indicate that they appreciate the flavor.

They started selling at farmer’s markets and made $72,000 their first year. In 2017, they nearly doubled to $120,000.

They’re now available at Whole Foods and expect to make $900,000 in sales in 2018. At $3.99 retail, they make between 70 and 80 cents each piece.

Rohan considers their pricing to be “excessively exorbitant.” Mark was of the opinion that they will be superior in terms of convenience and quality.

Ashley and Kat start by responding to the Sharks’ comments to their pitch. Robert claims that he dislikes food businesses and hence exits.

Rohan and Mark start talking over each other, and Rohan makes a $400,000 offer for 20% equity shares.

Lori exits while notifying the MUSH ladies. Rohan describes himself as a “food industry genius.”

Mark offers $300,000 in return for 10% equity and an unrestricted credit line. Barbara asserts that the ladies are her type of business owners and provides $300,000 in return for 10% equity and an unlimited credit line.

Mark tells them about a successful cookie company in which he invested and which now earns $8 million in revenue. After much deliberation, Ashley and Kat decided on Mark and left the pitch with a deal.

What Happened to Mush Oatmeal After Shark Tank?

Following the broadcast, they were flooded with orders and rapidly ran out of packing materials. The deal with Mark Cuban was completed, and Mark supported them in finding a new packaging supplier and building a new manufacturing line within 48 hours.

MUSH is now available at Whole Foods Market, certain CVS stores, and 7-11. They’re now retailing on Amazon around the country. Sales have reached $2 million since the program aired. The firm receives an update segment in Season 11, Episode 1102.

The company was still in business in November 2021, and they were added to Costco’s shelves the following month. The company is still in operation and is valued $4.5 million as of February 2022.

Competitors of Mush Oatmeal

Annie’s Organic and Health Warrior Foods are Mush Oatmeal’s main competitors.

Net Worth of Mush Oatmeal

During the pitch and following Mark Cuban’s investment, the firm was valued at $3 million. The net worth of the company is $4.5 million.

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Mush Oatmeal FAQs

What is Mush Oatmeal?

Mush Oatmeal is a natural, cold-processed oatmeal snack that provides a quick, high-protein breakfast.

Who is the inventor?

Its inventors are Ashley Thompson and Kat Thomas. They are originally from Australia, where they were unable to get proper, nutritional meals. They came up with the idea for MUSH while working in the banking industry in San Diego, California. Since then, the two have managed their business together.

How much were they seeking on Shark Tank?

They were looking for $300,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in their firm, which was worth $3 million at the time.

Were they able to close the deal?

Yes, they have a deal with Mark Cuban on Shark Tank.

How much did the deal cost?

Mark Cuban offered $300,000 in exchange for 10% stock and an unrestricted line of credit.

Is Mush Oatmeal still in operation?

Yes, they are still in business and have amassed a net worth of almost $4.5 million.

Mush Oatmeal is available in what flavors?

Vanilla Bean, Wild Blueberry, Apple Crisp, and Dark Cacao are the four varieties of Mush Oatmeal.

What is the net worth of Mush Oatmeal?

As of February 2022, they had a net worth of $4.5 million.

What are oats that are ready to eat?

Unlike traditional oats, ready-to-eat oats are never cooked. At Mush, conventional oats are soaked in almond, coconut, or oat milk. The finished result is just as digestible as regular oatmeal, but it includes significantly more nutrients. The vitamin and mineral content has not been diminished. There’s no need to heat it up; just eat it!

How should Mush Oatmeal be prepared/heated?

Customers are invited to enjoy their Mush Oatmeal in its natural condition. It’s a chilled dish with a delectably creamy texture and an outstanding nutritional profile. They may, however, heat and consume. Cook for 30 seconds at a time on the stovetop or in the microwave.

Does Mush Oatmeal sell a range of tastes or a mixed pack?

Yes. They sell a mixed 12-Pack with two of each of their six kinds. For a more personalized option, choose the Custom 12-Pack.

Is Mush Oatmeal sold in Canada, or can it be shipped there?

Unfortunately, they are not yet accessible in Canada and do not currently provide shipping to Canada. They’re working on it right now. Please sign up for the newsletter; they will tell everyone as this historic event approaches.

How long does Mush Oatmeal have a shelf life?

Mush Oatmeal has a storage life of 75 days after manufacturing. Due to transport time, the items will typically have a shelf life of six to seven weeks.

Is it necessary to refrigerate Mush Oatmeal?

Yes. Mush Oatmeal is a naturally maintained food free of preservatives and other chemicals.

Is it possible to automate the distribution of Mush Oatmeal?

Yes. Many of their products are available as subscriptions! To receive a 10% discount, simply select a product and click the Subscribe & Save option. Subscriptions need a minimum of two orders.

What is the shipping/delivery policy for Mush Oatmeal?

Orders submitted by 11:59 p.m. PST on Sunday through Tuesday will ship the next day. Orders placed Wednesday through Saturday will be sent the following Monday. Please keep in mind that orders may be delayed.

What is the Mush Oatmeal return policy?

They go out of their way to deliver a great Mush Oatmeal experience. If they fall short of this standard, please tell them at [email protected].

Due to the perishable nature of the goods, they do not accept refunds. Refunds and reships are available on a case-by-case basis within 30 days of purchase. Please contact the buyer if they think their experience qualifies for a refund or reship.

The Coffee Coconut flavor has how many milligrams of caffeine?

Coffee Coconut Mush Oatmeal contains about 32 mg of caffeine per 6 oz. serving. Coffee Coconut Mush Oatmeal contains about 27 mg of caffeine per 5 oz. serving.

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