What Happened to Muff Waders After Shark Tank?

What is Muff Waders?

Muff Waders is a company that makes bib overalls for men, including an insulated cooling pouch sewn into the front pocket to keep your favorite beverages cool.

It has insulated side pockets on the pants for additional bottle storage and a front pocket that can accommodate up to six cans. It also includes a detachable Muff Mug that attaches to the wearer’s front with a magnet that also serves as a bottle opener. Finally, there is a storage pocket.

Its target market is the working man who enjoys a cold beer after a long day. It comes in two different colors (black and brown).

Taylor (Earl) Nees and Garret Lamp invented Muff Waders. Garret is a recent Iowa State University advertising graduate with video production expertise.

Taylor is a good-natured farm boy who grew up in Holstein, Iowa. He previously worked as an electrician for Holstein Electric, a firm owned by Garret’s mother and stepfather, his high school classmate.

Who are the founders of Muff Waders?

Taylor Nees and Garret Lamp established Muff Waders. Taylor came up with the product idea while watching a high school football game in late 2016.

When he was kidding with his pals, they noted how odd it would be to have overalls that could hold chilled six-packs of beer, perfect for sneaking into the stadium.

Later that evening, while drinking at a pub, he sketched a prototype on a napkin while the idea was still fresh in his mind.

Taylor started a Kickstarter campaign to gather cash, but he fell short of his $135,000 goal. Taylor, undaunted, continued to work on the prototype, and at this time, his high school buddy Garret joined the project. Finally, both parties were delighted with the final result in September 2018.

The next step was to locate a manufacturing partner, and Taylor ended up pitching the gadget to over 80 companies before being approved by one.

Muff Waders was finally up for business, and the product initially showed promise, gaining a lot of attention thanks to a popular Facebook video.

That project was funded on Kickstarter in October of 2020, but release has been delayed until spring of 2021 due to production challenges caused by the Covid-19 outbreak.

Muff Waders come in brown or black and are made of high quality material comparable to Carhart jackets. A pair of waders will cost you $85. The spenders are $50 and come in blue or black.

What Happened to Muff Waders at Shark Tank Pitch?

Taylor Ness and Garrett Lamp seek a Shark investor for Muff Waders, their overalls made for the drinking man, in episode 16 of Season 12 of Shark Tank; they also want a Shark’s help with inventory and distribution.

Taylor and Garrett entered the Shark Tank, seeking $25,000 for a 25% stake in their firm, worth $125,000.

They explain the definition of “Muff” during their pitch: “manly” with “tuff.” For supply chain logistics, they require the aid of a Shark. One unit costs $35 to make and $85 to sell. The total sales are $54,000.

Kevin was the first Shark to exits, and he was immediately followed by Mark and Robert. Lori Greiner also backed out of the deal.

There is just one Shark left, Daymond John, who appears to want to make an offer but finally backs out. Despite entertaining the Sharks with their presentation, all of the Sharks leave empty-handed.

What Happened to Muff Waders After Shark Tank?

Despite the fact that the pitch did not result in a deal, the first re-run of this episode occurs barely four months after it initially aired.

The company is still in business, but they haven’t updated their Facebook page since the episode initially aired a few days ago.

They are also marked as “currently unavailable” on Amazon (they were in stock pre-show so they must have made some sales).

In an April 2021 news release, Stevia Nutra Corp., a manufacturer of Hemp clothing (among other things), announced the acquisition of Muff Waders for an undisclosed fee.

Stevia Nutra Corp. (STNT) is a publicly traded company that will be able to put real money behind the advertising of this product. As a result of the performance, the company generated more than a quarter-million dollars in sales. They produced a “Stars and Stripes” rendition of Muff Spenders for the Fourth of July in 2021.

Muff Waders’s Net Worth

During and after the pitch, the firm was valued at $125,000. Since then, the firm has continued to operate, and hence the net worth might have been higher than that of pitch.

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Muff Waders FAQs

Who owns Muff Waders?

The company is owned by Taylor Ness, who designed the overalls. Garret Lamp joined in after the shark tank episode to help with product marketing and sales.

How did Muff Waders start?

Taylor Nees thought of the idea after a high school football game at which he recalls watching his pals snuck into the stadium to enjoy a few beers and a hot dog.

How does Muff Waders work?

Muff Waders are insulated overalls that can hold 6 cans of beer. They come in two colors, brown and black. Taylor is a good-natured farm boy who grew up in Holstein, Iowa. He previously worked as an electrician for Holstein Electric, a firm owned by Garret’s mother and stepfather, his high school classmate. </small>

Are Muff Waders waterproof?

No. Muff Waders are water resistant.

What is the target audience for Muff Waders?

The target audience is the man who enjoys a cold beer after a long day. It comes in two different colors (black and brown).

How much does a pair of Muff Waders cost?

Pricing varies between colors. Black waders will run you about $100 and brown will set you back about $85.

Can you wash Muff Waders?

It is recommended that people hand wash their Muff Waders in cold water and drip dry; the temperatures should never exceed 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

They may also choose to dry clean those using standard solvents and a synthetic solvent (i.e., a solvent-based detergent). They may be tumble dried on low heat. A hot iron should not be used at any time on your Muff Waders.

Where can I buy Muff Waders?

The waders are quite popular-customers can buy them from the company’s website, Amazon, and Walmart.

What colors does Muff Waders come in?

Muff Waders comes in black and brown colors only.

What is Muff Waders made of?

Muff Waders are 100% cotton.

Can you wash Muff Waders in the washing machine?

No, however, hand-washing is recommended as Muff Waders are not waterproof. People should also avoid using heat as it may damage the material.

What is the warranty on Muff Waders?

Muff Waders come with a one-year guarantee from Taylor and Garret.

How many cans of beer will Muff Waders hold?

Six cans of beer will fit comfortably in one pair of Muff Waders. So if you want to quietly watch the big game or walk their dog at night without waking anyone up, they’ve got just the gear for it!


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