What Happened to Muddy Water Camo after Shark Tank?

What is Muddy Water Camo?

Muddy Water Camo is a company dedicated to creating camouflage that is virtually impenetrable via a camera, especially in marshy areas during duck hunting.

This is one of the first of its kind and helps the hunter’s movement in any region.

The new material differed from previous Camo on the market by offering protection and hiding against waterfowl rather than deer.

The realistic camouflage patterns include images of flooded fields, cut corn, cattails, and marsh grass, as well as other items seen by a duck hunter when shooting ducks.

Who is the founder of Muddy Water Camo?

Steve Maloney and Steven Kirkpatrick established Muddy Water Camo. Steve Maloney and Stephen Kirkpatrick designed their camouflage duck hunting gear to mimic the conditions seen in the marshes and swamps where they hunt.

Kirkpatrick, a well-known wildlife photographer, spent over 1,000 hours refining the Muddy Water Camo patterns.

These two “huntrepreneurs,” together with Maloney, devised a system for exploiting real-world environment images to produce realistic camouflage patterns for their hunting gear. Maloney wanted more concealment when he went duck hunting approximately five years ago.

Along the way, he and Kirkpatrick developed a proprietary system for mimicking any terrain, including marshes, woodlands, and meadows, as well as Muddy Water Camo patterns for use on clothing, gear, autos, boats, and home décor, among other goods.

What Happened to Muddy Water Camo at Shark Tank pitch?

Muddy Water Camo introduces ducks on Shark Tank episode 416. They’re seeking for a Shark to help them get a license for their one-of-a-kind products.

Steve Maloney and Stephen Kirkpatrick brought Muddy Water Camo to Shark Tank, seeking $150,000 for a 5% stake in their firm, worth $3 million.

Maloney claims that their new method to pattern generation will alter the hunting industry.

Kirkpatrick makes a dramatic entrance, appearing from the demonstration performance’s marsh segment. They show a photo of themselves clothed in camouflage hunting in the swamp.

Kirkpatrick points out that their method is based on real-world pictures of the location in which the camouflage would be used, resulting in a more realistic pattern that fools wildlife. “Ignore the salt water,” he snaps back. “They want to immerse the Sharks in Muddy Water.”

The pair gives out free hats to Sharks players. Kevin O’Leary was concerned that the camouflage will be more successful than other solutions. The pair tells him that this is really the case.

In its first year, the company made $150,000 in sales. Despite a $3 million valuation, the Sharks were dissatisfied with the sales performance thus far.

To date, the pair has secured $600,000 in financing in return for a 16% stake in the company. Muddy Water Camo was currently available at 58 retail locations but not in “large box” hunting stores.

Robert Herjavec was not convinced by the $3 million valuation. He exits.

Lori Greiner is certain that “this will sell.” This was a fantastic idea,” but “they came in asking for an unreasonable amount.” She exits.

Daymond In his judgment of the value, John is more straightforward. “They have delusory beliefs.” He also exits.

Mark Cuban feels that 5% was inadequate. He also exits.

Kevin O’Leary believes they will be able to license Muddy Camo to a major camouflage producer. He was willing to provide $150,000 in exchange for 20% equity.

The couple refuses to react, insisting that they would not accept a lesser worth. They leave the Tank without striking a deal with a Shark.

What Happened to Muddy Water Camo after Shark Tank?

Even if they did not land a Shark deal, the Muddy Water Camo partners acquired a lot from their experience in the Shark Tank.

Because of the show’s popularity, they were able to visit with Louisiana Governor Phil Bryant. Following the broadcast, the pair got additional support, resulting in higher sales and growth for the company.

Several major camouflage manufacturers approached them in an attempt to get a licensing deal.

However, the year 2015 may have muddied the waters. Kirkpatrick was alleged to have launched a lawsuit against the other investors, claiming that he had been tricked out of his patent.

Will “the Thrill” Clark, a former baseball player, is one of the other investors. Muddy Water Camo may face problems if the owners are unable to reconcile their differences and learn to blend in.

The case appears to have been settled, as there is no record of it other than the first filing. In 2016, the company changed its name to Clear Image Camo, and that business is no longer in existence as of 2019.

“Will [Clark] assumed majority control of Muddy Water Outdoors some years ago and has set the bar for making high-quality items for every part of the outdoor business,” according to a new Muddy Water Outdoors website.

Maloney’s LinkedIn page still lists him as the company’s president as of August 2021. Kirkpatrick makes no mention of the company in his profile.

As of January 2022, the Muddy Water Camo goods are no longer available for purchase on Amazon.

Competitors of Muddy Water Camo

On the market, there are several items. A camouflage pattern is available for purchase from many of these businesses. Competitors of Muddy Water Camo include, but are not limited to, Mossy Oak Clothing and Cabelas.

Net Worth of Muddy Water Camo

During and after the pitch, the firm was valued at $3 million. The company went out of business in 2019 with a net value of $2.5 million.

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Muddy Water Camo FAQs

What is Muddy Water Camo?

Muddy Water Camo is a firm that makes camouflage patterns by starting with regular images.

Who is the originator?

Steve Maloney and Stephen Kirkpatrick created the firm.

How much were they seeking on Shark Tank?

They were seeking for $150,000 in exchange for a 5% share in their firm.

Were they able to close the deal?

No, they did not have the deal at the time of the pitch.

Is Muddy Water Camo still in operation?

The company is no longer in operation as of 2019.

Where was Muddy Water Camo located?

Madison, Tennessee is the location of the corporation.

Was Muddy Water Camo shown on Shark Tank?

Yes, they appeared on Season 4 of Shark Tank.

Is there a Muddy Water Camo website?

Yes, but their official website is down.

What exactly was the Muddy Water Camo product?

The firm creates several camouflage designs for use in hunting gear and vehicles. These designs also incorporate patterns for home décor.

What exactly does Muddy Water Camo say their product can do?

They say that their product allows people to effortlessly blend in with their surroundings. They also say that by utilizing images as a framework for the design, individuals may use these goods to reproduce the appearance of any sort of terrain or wetland, including marshes, woodlands, and meadows.

What is the function of Muddy Water Camo?

Muddy Water Camo is a company that produces and distributes high-quality garments, gear, and accessories.

Was Muddy Water Camo a scam?

No, they were a legitimate company.

Is it possible to purchase Muddy Water Camo products?

No, the product is no longer on the market.

What other goods does Muddy Water Camo make or sell?

Boat covers; shirts, hats, purses, backpacks, and coats are also manufactured and sold.

What materials were used to create Muddy Water Camo?

Muddy Water Camo items were made from high-quality fabrics such as nylon and polyester.

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