What Happened to MTailor after Shark Tank?

What exactly is MTailor?

MTailor is an online menswear firm that allows you to design your own custom suits, shirts, and pants. Each order is tailored to your specific body form.

Customers may use the MTailor app for Android and iOS to get a more precise idea of their body measurements before purchasing custom-fit clothing. Users can select from over 10,000 outfits.

Who is MTailor’s creator?

Miles Penn, a former Stanford University student, is the company’s founder and CEO.

Miles Penn grew interested in business and startups throughout his undergraduate studies at Stanford. During his sophomore year, he launched his first business, a personal training service for students.

Miles Penn claims to like internet shopping. Regrettably, he had a bad experience with internet stores, since he frequently received ill-fitting apparel. These repeated disappointments compelled him to devise a remedy.

He was also inspired to create the app since he thought shopping was a waste of time. Miles reasoned that he could use that time for something else. To solve the challenges he faced, MTailor was created to accurately record the 17 spots on a person’s body.

The Android and iPhone app measures their bodies in the same way as a tailor does, and then lets customers to get a custom-made shirt or suit online. Shirts begin at $69, which is less than half the cost of standard fitting shirts.

Penn was motivated to establish MTailor because he was hesitant to buy garments online. He bought everything online except apparel since he disliked receiving ill-fitting clothes and the return process.

When he began looking for a solution, he came upon a possible business possibility. The MTailor app now claims to be 20% more accurate than a real tailor’s measurement.

Penn’s venture capital business includes a large number of early investors. They started the company at Y Combinatory and secured $2 million in funding from Khosla Ventures, a venture capital firm created in 2004 by Sun Microsystems co-founder Vinod Khosla.

What Happened to MTailor During His Shark Tank Pitch?

Following a protracted period of product development, Miles Penn approached Shark Tank investors for partnership.

Miles wants $2.5 million for a 10% stake in his company, which worth $25 million.

He tells the Sharks that he hates going to the mall, but that online shopping has become worse in recent years. His algorithm measures shirts with a phone and is more accurate than a real-life tailor.

Miles shows how to order a shirt from a variety of over 10,000 different styles and colors. To begin, choose a style, then place the phone against a wall and spin it once.

Based on the footage, the program estimates the size of a shirt in less than 30 seconds. Because he lacks a store and a tailor, he can sell a customized shirt for 69 dollars, which is roughly half the price of comparable custom shirts.

The proprietary approach of the app makes use of 14 measurement points. Miles receives around 15% of returns, compared to 25% at a retail store.

Daymond questions the valuation immediately after the demo. Miles informs him that his monthly income was $150,000 in July, but has subsequently plummeted.

He had expected to earn $2 million in sales, but is now only on track to earn $1.1 million. He also claims to have $1.4 million in the bank.

Revenue fell as a result of supply chain issues he must address: despite his volume, he is still paying too much for shirts. MTailor was searching for help with its supply chain and feels Daymond may be useful.

To defend his valuation, he claims to have raised $2 million at a $10 million valuation. His technology is one-of-a-kind, and he is focusing his efforts on building a brand and mainstreaming bespoke apparel.

Sacca claims that his pitch and explanation of his worth aren’t going well, and he’d like to know whether the first investors would be willing to invest at a price of $25 million.

All five Sharks are still in, despite doubts about the valuation. Miles claims that he is not trying to take advantage of anyone.

Barbara claims that he was settling difficulties without producing friction, and she walks out.

Daymond says he “doesn’t particularly like him, but he likes the concept” and offers $2.5 million for 17.5 percent of the company, but wants to license it out.

Miles claims to have separate strategic goals and is focused in creating value via the development of his own line. He feels that licensing would damage the company.

Daymond claims that he could create his own program for $2.5 million. “By all means,” Miles answers, and Daymond walks away.

Kevin was intrigued, but he does not want to fly to China. He predicts Miles’ failure and tells him not to try to rebuild the wheel.

Kevin provides $2.5 million in loans at a 7% interest rate over three years in exchange for a 2.5% share in the company.

Mark thinks this was a fantastic deal. According to Miles, this is the most reasonable offer he’s ever received from Kevin!

Mark believes that going to China was a mistake. Miles requires the assistance of someone who is experienced with that item; he went out.

When Kevin approaches Miles, he claims that he prefers equity partners over loans and hence declines. Sacca claims that he feels Miles lacks faith in his company.

Kevin says, “You’re a walking dead shirt.” He’s already gone. Miles finally leaves the pitch without a deal.

What became to MTailor following his appearance on Shark Tank?

After the sale to Shark Tank investors fell through, Miles Penn chose to pursue his objective of keeping his App application.

Following the show’s broadcast, the company has continued to function. The business generates $4.4 million in yearly sales and is valued at more than $15 million as of May 2021.

MTailor’s competitors

Threadless, Shoptagr, Damartex, and Missygow are the company’s key rivals.

MTailor’s Net Worth

During the pitch, the firm was valued at $25 million; Since then the company has had an estimated net worth of $15 million.

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MTailor FAQs

Is this company profitable?

Yes, MTailor is tax exempt and profitable.

Does the company have high growth potential?

David Belanger, who is the co-founder of MTailor, said that their app provided measurement accuracy of up to 99.9% for shirts, which is more precise than a human judge done by a professional. It takes about 30 seconds to measure a shirt at home or in the office with its app.

How much are the clothes on sale?

Many people have been accessing the MTailor app for years to customize their shirts and dresses.

What’s the price range?

There are a variety of shirts on its offer, from $69 to $249.

What is MTailor offers?

MTailor offers a range of offerings, including shirt sizes, shirts, T-shirts, and skirts.

Is MTailor the lowest price?

Its price is competitive but not the lowest.

What is MTailor’s target market?

MTailor has focused on men and women who prefer to wear custom-made clothes.

What is MTailor made of?

MTailor is made up of software through which the user can access the app’s interface and input the measurements of shirts.

What is MTailor’s target market?

MTailor provides custom-made shirts, high-fashion dresses, uniforms, footwear and accessories. In June 2013, MTailor launched a shoe line for men.

What is the requirement to use MTailor?

MTailor doesn’t require any special equipment or tools to use its app.

Is MTailor a subscription plan?

Yes, MTailor is a subscription plan and an online app.

What is the working principle of MTailor?

Using the MTailor app, users can design their own clothes from scratch or customize existing designs to fit their measurements.

The company provides a custom shirt in an average measurement time of two weeks for delivery anywhere in the United States or Canada, or four to six weeks for other customers around the world.

Do I need to install MTailor App?

Yes, the user needs to install the MTailor App on their devices to use their services.

What can I do with MTailor App?

MTailor allows users to access its services and features, such as – designing a shirt from scratch, modifying an existing design or uploading photos of clothing. It also provides fashion advice and information about relevant fashion trends and events.


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