What Happened to MorningHead after the Shark Tank?

What exactly is MorningHead?

MorningHead is a shower cap-like device that gathers water before applying it to a user’s head to treat untidy hair. MorningHead’s creator, Max Valverde, has traveled from Boston, Massachusetts.

It’s a device that allows you to moisturize your hair without having to take a shower. Users merely need to fill the MorningHead cap with water before putting it on and massage their heads.

It is said that the product is useful for folks who have terrible hair days. MorningHead, on the other hand, has been blamed for the spread of lice since it does not dry entirely.

Furthermore, opponents have criticized its fat content, claiming that it may generate an unpleasant odor.

They also complained that it is ineffective for people with long hair. Meanwhile, MorningHead is already available in limited quantities in Massachusetts. It costs $29.99 in retailers in Boston.

Max, on the other hand, intends to make it available countrywide once the product’s quality is stable enough for commercialization.

Who is the creator of MorningHead?

MorningHead was created by Max Valverde. He earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Boston University and previously worked for Microsoft for three years.

Max is excited to get his concept sponsored on TV’s Shark Tank.

Max would like to be able to design other items, but his primary focus will stay on the MorningHead cap.

The cap has gone through some clinical trials, and Max is hopeful that it will be taken up by one of the few large shops.

He’s preparing further clinical studies right now, but Max hasn’t said when he’ll reveal the results.

Valverde started the firm with a Kickstarter campaign in February 2012.

He requested for $1000 and ended up with more than $6300! MorningHead costs $10.99 and may be purchased via Amazon or the company’s website.

What happened to MorningHead’s Shark Tank pitch?

Max is almost certainly looking for a Shark partner to help with national chain distribution.

MorningHead is introduced to Shark Tank by Max, who is looking for a $25,000 investment in return for a 20% ownership in the company, worth $125,000.

He uses the product to demonstrate how easy it is to comb out his hair.

He goes on to say that his firm has sold 7,000 units in 42 countries in the last 18 months and that he has been in business for 18 months.

Max has sold MorningHead on his own website and in films he has developed, amassing 165,000 views on his own.

He went on to claim that if he could produce MorningHead caps in larger quantities, he could lower production costs to $1, hence increasing revenues. As a result, his performances are good enough to pique the Sharks’ interest.

Mark Cuban was the first to withdraw from the agreement, followed by Barbara Corcoran, Robert Herjavec, Daymond John, and, lastly, Kevin O’Leary.

During the pitch, no deal was concluded between the Shark Tank investors and MorningHead Company.

What happened to MorningHead after it was rejected by the Shark Tank?

The firm is still in business, and they have boosted their sales through other websites such as Amazon, as well as by collaborating with other businesses to improve their income. In 2021, the product will be offered on Amazon.

Fare Harbor is doing well, so it’s more of a novelty side business right now. The yearly revenue of the firm is less than $100,000.

MorningHead’s net worth

The company valuation was $100,000 during and after the pitch. Since then the company’s net worth might have been higher than that of pitch.

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MorningHead FAQs

How does MorningHead work?

MorningHead is a shower cap that’s designed to be worn in the shower, during which it collects water. MorningHead is then placed on the user’s head for 30 seconds, at which point the water is used to moisturize and condition the hair.

The product is designed to prevent wetting and splitting of the hair during showers – hence its name.

What is MorningHead made of?

MorningHead is made of 100% cotton.

How does MorningHead help with splitting?

MorningHead is said to be useful for split ends, as the cap allows hair to remain under moisture without exposure to the elements.

What are the ingredients used in MorningHead?

MorningHead has a variety of natural oils, but nothing that will cause any harm. All of its ingredients are considered safe and natural. However, they’re not entirely regulated, so it’s best to consult with your doctor before using them.

How does MorningHead preserve your hair?

MorningHead is designed to keep bath water from splashing onto the face in order to avoid moisture from reaching the hair.

What are MorningHead’s main features?

The product is made to dry faster and seal in vital nutrients, hence providing a healthier way to cleanse one’s hair.

Is MorningHead waterproof?

MorningHead is waterproof, as it’s specifically designed to be used in water.

Is MorningHead available in stores?

MorningHead can be found at select New England area retailers, or purchased online via the company website or Amazon.

Who is MorningHead made for?

MorningHead is made for anyone who likes to wash their hair in the shower.

How much does MorningHead cost?

MorningHead’s current price is $29.99 per unit.

Does MorningHead really work?

MorningHead will make your hair look really good.

How can you get a MorningHead?

Customer can find one on Amazon or through the official website, by going to www.Morningheadcap.com

What is the MorningHead warranty policy?

The product comes with a 60-day return policy, no questions asked.

What is MorningHead return policy?

MorningHead is under a 60-day return policy. The product may be returned for any reason, provided the consumer initiates the process themselves.

How do I make payment to MorningHead?

MorningHead accepts all major credit cards.

What is the MorningHead shipping policy?

MorningHead product can be shipped via a number of different means, including UPS, FedEx, and USPS.

What is the MorningHead refund policy?

The policy for returns is stated above. Consumers can also ask for their money back within 60 days after their purchase if they are not satisfied with the product for any reason.

How long will MorningHead last after use?

MorningHead products are made of 100% cotton fabric. The product itself will last around 3 months, if treated well.

How many MorningHead should I use?

Customer should use the cap for 30 seconds on their head in the shower. This is plenty of time to moisten their hair, while still conditioning it with the precious oils it contains.

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