What Happened to MontiKids After the Shark Tank?

What is MontiKids?

Monti Kids is essentially a subscription box that comprises instructional wooden toys that are delivered directly to your home every few months. Each package of toys is sent off with an additional educational film for parents and caregivers.

Who is the Founder of MontiKids?

Former preschool teacher turned entrepreneur Zahra Kassam aims to school the Sharks on MontiKids, her Montessori curriculum-based toys, on Shark Tank episode 1011.

When she gave birth to her own children, she wanted to offer them a stimulating atmosphere that aided their growth.

She soon found it was challenging to accomplish while juggling the other obligations of motherhood. She also discovered there were a lot of other parents who wanted the same thing for their kids but didn’t know where to turn.

So Kassam set out to produce toys and instructional materials parents could utilize at home for their preschool children.

The toys are based on the Montessori Method, an educational technique utilized by tens of thousands of schools world-wide for over one hundred years.

The Montessori approach emphasizes learning via play, creativity, freedom, and more. Montessori learning comprises developmentally appropriate cognitive, physical, linguistic, social, and emotional components.

All toy designers at MontiKids are fully trained in the process and possess Master’s Degrees in education.

The programs start as early as three months of age. It costs $297 for each level (there are 8 levels) and you can cancel anytime.

Along with the toys are written and video tutorials for parents to assist get the most out of the toys. There is also a support community. Kassam believes “providing educational play from infancy to age 3 will help fulfill and enhance your child’s potential.”

What Happened to MontiKids during the Shark Tank Pitch?

Zahra came asking $200,000 for 2.5 % of her business. This suggests $8 million valuation. Daymond questions whether he heard her right because that’s an $8 million valuation.

As she outlines her business plan, several of the Sharks doubt her. Lori wants to know what makes these toys distinct from other comparable toys on the market. Zahra says the value lies in the educational component, but Lori still balks at the price.

Mark is concerned that they only have $200,000 in the bank despite doing $550,000 in sales and a $2.8 million investment round.

Robert feels she’s missing some discipline with her money and offers $200,000 for 10 percent plus a spot on the board of directors.

Kevin then rushes in with a royalty contract. He offers $200,000 for 2.5 % PLUS a $10 royalty until he gets his $200,000 back. After that, he wants a $2.50 royalty until he earns back $600,000. Zahra then begs Robert to go to $200,000 for 5% + 5% advisory shares; Robert accepts.

Zahra makes a mistake when Robert accepts by asking Kevin to work with him. Robert is outraged and believes she’s treating money like some Harvard project. With Robert out, Jane accepts Kevin’s deal.

What Happened to MontiKids After the Shark Tank?

The agreement with MontiKids concluded and it’s listed as one of O’Leary’s assets on his website. Zahra says a royalty contract will work well for her as she believes the firm will be highly successful.

The firm raised $6 million since being formed (including Kevin’s money) and, as of November 2021, is producing $7 million in yearly sales.

What is the Net Worth of MontiKids?

Zahra came asking $200,000 for 2.5 percent of her business. This suggests $8 million valuation of the Company.

She accepted an offer from Kevin O’Leary: $200,000 for 2.5% and a $10 royalty until he gets his money back, followed by a $2.50 royalty till he earns back $600,000 which result in identical valuation.

Current value is plainly greater as the Company has expanded.

Who are the Competitors of MontiKids?

Monti Kids’ biggest competitors include KLUTCHclub. PupBox, KiwiCo, Faithbox, Little Passports, The Feed, Pley, and Beauty Box 5.

MontiKids FAQS

What is MontiKids?

Monti Kids is a subscription box that delivers instructive wooden toys to children’s doorsteps every few months. Each pair of toys is accompanied by a video tutorial for parents and caregivers.

Who is the Founder of MontiKids?

MontiKids was founded by Zahra Kassam-Fisher.

Zahra Kassam, a former preschool teacher turned businesswoman, seeks to educate the Sharks about MontiKids, her Montessori-based toys, in Shark Tank episode 1011.

How much was Zahra Kassam seeking in the Tank?

Zahra sought $200,000 for a 2.5% stake in her firm. This suggests that the Company is valued at $8 million.

Did MontiKids get a deal from the Shark Tank?

Yes. Kevin O’Leary offered $200,000 for 2.5% and a $10 royalty until he gets his money back, followed by a $2.50 royalty until he earns back $600,000

Is MontiKids still in business?

Yes. Since its inception (including Kevin’s capital), the Company has raised $6 million and is now generating $7 million in yearly sales as of November 2021.

What is the Net Worth of MontiKids?


Zahra sought $200,000 for a 2.5% stake in her firm. This suggests that the Company is valued at $8 million.

Which countries do they ship Monti Kids to?

To addresses inside the continental United States, shipping is free. Alaska and Hawaii orders are subject to a flat fee of $20 per box. They will expand internationally in the near future! If they’d want to be notified when Montikids expands, they may contact them at [email protected] and include their country of origin.

Monti Kids is a renting business, correct?

No. Monti Kids is a non-refundable gift for their family. Their children will profit from their toys for months, if not years, to come.

Did MontiKids successfully clinch the deal with Kevin?

The arrangement with MontiKids has been finalized, and it is now listed as one of O’Leary’s investments on his website.

Do they have a donation scheme for Monti Kids toys in good condition?

Yes! They partner with other organizations to provide early education to low-income infants and toddlers. Monti Kids provides customers with a complimentary mailing label, which streamlines the gift-giving procedure.

Are Monti Kids products suitable for their infant?

Monti Kids toys have passed all necessary safety testing for children ages 0-3, including ASTM and CPSC, in the United States. They have been rigorously tested by the industry’s leading independent safety laboratories.

Do they have a cleaning guide for the toys?

Monti Kids toys have been coated with a waterproof and antimicrobial coating to keep them clean and germ-free. They only require a gentle brush and warm water to clean their toys after play.

What comes with their Monti Kids subscription order?

Their membership in Monti Kids gives them access to Montessori materials for their child as well as exclusive online videos and articles created by their early education professionals.

How much does Monti Kids costs?

It costs $297 each level (there are eight), and participants may cancel at any moment.

Where are Monti kids toys manufactured?

Monti Kids toys are designed and safety approved in the United States and are manufactured by a family-owned factory in Vietnam.

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