What Happened to Misto Box After Shark Tank?

What is Misto Box?

Misto Box is a monthly coffee subscription service that delivers freshly roasted coffee beans to your home or workplace.

A service like Misto Box is great for people who enjoy having a good cup of coffee delivered to their house.

Misto Box allows users to customize their coffee flavor by generating personalized blends. The company works with over 50 domestic roasters to develop a customized blend according to your preferences.

Connor Riley and Samantha Meis founded the company as a student project at the University of Arizona in 2011, a year after meeting in Barcelona on a study abroad trip in 2010.

The roast degree affects the sort of coffee you pick, how you flavor it, whether you use ground coffee or whole beans, and how frequently you consume it.

Who are the creators of Misto Box?

Connor Riley and Samantha Meis created the business in 2011 as a University of Arizona student project, a year after meeting in Barcelona on a study abroad trip in 2010.

Misto Box, similar to a book club, sends you four new, artisan roasted coffee samples from all around the United States; you choose which one you want more of, and they give you a whole bag.

It’s a fantastic chance for coffee connoisseurs to try out new roasts and flavors. You can choose to subscribe for one month, six months, or a full year. As long as you’re a member, fresh coffee will be delivered to your home the first week of every month.

The Misto Box team began with an outstanding notion; in April 2012, the co-founders launched a Kickstarter campaign, which led to the launch of the company website in May 2012.

What Happened to Misto Box’s pitch on Shark Tank?

On Shark Tank episode 24 seasons 4, Misto Box founders Samantha Meis and Conor Riley offer their coffee of the month startup to Sharks for distribution and marketing support.

Samantha and Conor entered the Shark Tank seeking $75,000 investment in return for a 15% stake in their business, which worth $500,000.

Samantha and Conor claim to be revolutionizing the way people discover coffee. Each Misto Box includes coffee from all around the world.

People choose what they want and have it delivered to their houses. They provide three different subscription options and make money in two ways: subscription service and coffee sales. The business has been running for five months.

Mr. Wonderful offers $75,000 for 25% stake in the company since he feels it is a crapshoot.

Robert went out because he doesn’t see the big picture. Lori and Daymond aren’t coffee drinkers, so they back out of the deal.

Mark maintains that he was not yet there. Mr. Wonderful just allows them a few seconds to persuade Mark to invest with them before exiting.

Mark wants more ownership because he will have to commit a large amount of time to them.

Samantha and Conor give him $75,000 in exchange for a 30% ownership in their company. Mark accepts, and they leave the pitch with a deal.

What Happened to Misto Box After Shark Tank?

The deal with Mark was finalized after the show aired, and Misto Box was granted the contract during the pitch.

The corporation receives an update section in season seven’s episode 722. In the update, they explain how Mark pushed them to tailor the coffee flavors to user preferences at a lower cost.

In the three years since the transaction, they had made $2.5 million in sales. They will have a fulfillment business handling their orders by December 2021. The yearly revenue of the corporation is $5 million.

Misto Box’s Competitors

Bean Box, ATLAS COFFEE CLUB, Pact Coffee, KLUTCHclub, PupBox, JavaPresse Coffee, Gevalia, and Faithbox are some of Misto Box’s main rivals.

Misto Box’s Net Worth

During the pitch, the firm was valued at $500,000; following Mark Cuban’s investment, the company was valued at $250,000.

Since then, the firm has done well in sales, with annual revenue of $5 million expected in 2021. This signifies that the company net worth might have been more than that of pitch.

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Misto Box FAQs

What is Misto Box?

Misto Box is a coffee subscription service that delivers freshly roasted coffee each month to your doorstep.

How is Misto Box different from other coffee subscription services?

Misto Box takes a unique approach to coffee subscription services. Misto Box does not roast their own coffee but instead curates the best coffee beans from small-batch roasters across the US. That allows them to offer a huge variety of different bean flavors and roast degrees.

If customers love coffee and want a chance to try out new roasts and blends, consider ordering Misto Box. They will get freshly roasted samples shipped right to their doorstep each month.

Are there any restrictions on how many times I can order Misto Box?

Yes, subscribers will be able to order Misto Box a total of 5 times over the course of 12 months. Once they have done so, their subscription will automatically renew. They are not able to cancel your subscription at this point.

What is the cost of each sample?

Each sample is $1 plus shipping and handling fees, which varies depending on their package plan with Misto Box.

What is your shipping policy?

Customers can expect freshly roasted coffee to be delivered to them in 3-5 days, depending on their package plan. They will receive an email confirmation once the sample has been shipped out.

What country do you ship to?

Misto Box ships to the US only.

How many samples can I expect in each box?

Customers will receive 4 samples a month, and they are always different so they can keep the fun coming! They might get an iced coffee one month, a dark roast the next, and maybe a decaf another time.

How many different coffees do you offer?

Every month, they will be sending 4 samples. This means that they should always be able to find 3 new flavors and 1 repeat. With each box, they also get a sneak preview of the latest bean varieties being roasted by the leading small-batch roasters in the US.

What is your Return Policy?

They offer a money back guarantee for all months that they have purchased within the last 12 months.

Will you be offering any new bean varieties with your next box?

Absolutely! These are the small batch roasters that they can expect to see in their next box:

What is your refund policy?

If customers aren’t happy with their box, they’ll give them a full refund. They can request it within 60 days of when they subscribed, and the refund will be processed within 5 business days of us receiving the returned order. To cancel, click on “my account” from the top menu and select “membership.

Will you be selling coffee beans separately?

Yes, we will be selling them for $4.95 each and $19.95 for a half pound.

Will you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship to the rest of the world but only with a few restrictions based on the destination country:


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