What Happened to MisoMedia App After Shark Tank?

What is MisoMedia App?

MisoMedia Music is music learning software that teaches users how to play stringed instruments. A user may learn how to play their instrument step by step by just running the app and connecting their instrument.

The program’s creator, Aviv Grill, compared the software to Guitar Hero, with the exception that the user is playing a real instrument.

Aviv Grill was founded by two music industry superstars. His mother was an opera singer, while his father was a sound engineer.

As a result, it seemed natural for Aviv to join the industry as well. Since he began his career many years ago, Aviv has worked with a variety of technological and entertainment companies.

Who is the founder of the MisoMedia App?

Miso Media, a Google-backed firm that founded guitar learning software and a sheet music app, was co-founded by Aviv Grill. When Aviv started Miso Media, he aimed for both musicians and amateurs.

As his app grew in popularity, he drew the notice of award-winning vocalists such as Justin Timberlake and Ingrid Michelson.

After a few years, he started an investment round with Google, which eventually invested $100,000 in Aviv’s firm.

In today’s mobile-first world, creating an app is both simple and difficult. The former is owing to our society’s fixation with downloading the most recent software, while the latter is due to a glut of competitors.

Despite this, Aviv produced the MisoMedia App, which quickly became popular among those who wanted to learn how to play a string instrument quickly and easily.

In a word, his goal was to inspire everyone to learn to play music, which had been a longtime interest of his.

What Happened to MisoMedia App at Shark Tank pitch?

MisoMedia creator Aviv Grill brought his well-funded and innovative iPads application to Shark Tank in episode 309. He wishes to enlist the help of a Shark to help him build the company and take it to the next level.

Aviv came to Shark Tank looking for $300,000 in return for a 5% stake in his company, which worth $6 million.

Grill reviewed the App’s advantages as Ingrid Michelson charmed the Sharks with her singing abilities.

It’s intended to teach people how to play string instruments; an adapter cable is available to connect the instrument to iPads and use the App!

The Miso Music App had been downloaded over 80,000 times for free at the time of recording. The “big play” is to leverage the App to make sheet music sales easier.

Daymond goes because he feels Aviv was not sincerely interested in negotiating a deal. Barbara was also absent since she does not believe in investing in Apps.

Mr. Wonderful offers $100,000 in return for 3.33% stake of the business and asks the remaining Sharks to join him for the remainder.

Robert makes a $300,000 offer for 10% equity shares, and Aviv counters with 7% equity shares; Robert exits. After much negotiating, Mark offers $300,000 for 8% equity shares.

Mr. Wonderful desires to take part in the transaction, but Marks reminds him that he is not required. Aviv and Mark made a deal and successfully exited the pitch!

What Happened to MisoMedia App After Shark Tank?

Miso Music’s presentation was so enthusiastically welcomed by viewers that their website crashed soon after it aired! When everything was back to normal, Aviv tweeted that Miso Music has surpassed Angry Birds in the iTunes top 10.

MisoMedia has built an instrument tuning software and its much-anticipated sheet music app after the show aired, and the contract with Mark has never been finalized.

Along with the adapter connection, an iPic was added to the iPads to assist “picking”!

Entrepreneur Magazine named the company one of the “Top 100 Brilliant Companies,” while co-founder Joselle Ho was recognized one of the top ten female technologies co-founders by Forbes Magazine.

Miso Music and MisoMedia are without a doubt on the correct route!

Unfortunately, the firm failed after about a year. Miso Music was plagued by a lack of user acquisition: they never sold enough sheet music to make the app financially viable.

Competitors of MisoMedia App

Other sheet music applications, such as Sheet Music HD, Perfect Piano, and Sheet Music Plus, were the MisoMedia App’s major competitors.

Net Worth of MisoMedia App

During the pitch, the firm was valued at $6 million. Since then, the company has gone out of business, therefore the net worth is not available.

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MisoMedia App FAQs

What is MisoMedia App?

MisoMedia Music is a packaged program and website that teaches people how to play string instruments in a novel and interesting way.

What is the founder’s background?

Aviv Grill is the founder of the MisoMedia App. He has previously worked for organizations such as Google and Polygram. He’s also worked with Michael Jackson!

How much did they ask for?

He was asking $300,000 for a 5% stake in his firm.

Did he have the deal?

Yes, he struck a deal with Mark Cuban for $300,000 in exchange for an 8% share in the firm.

Is MisoMedia App still in operation?

Unfortunately, the firm went out of business within a year.

Where is MisoMedia?

Miso Media is a music education software company based in Venice Beach, California. They reimagine sheet music and teach people how to play string instruments including guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo, and mandolin by using polyphonic note detection and real-time feedback.

What is the address of the MisoMedia App’s website?

The company’s official website is now inaccessible.

Was MisoMedia App a scam?

No, the company is not a scam.

How did MisoMedia App earn money?

Customers purchased sheet music from the firm, which generated revenue.

How can I get in touch with MisoMedia App?

There is no information on how to contact the company.

How did the MisoMedia App’s business model work?

MisoMedia App’s revenue strategy was comparable to that of Spotify and Spotify Premium.

What is the annual income of MisoMedia App?

MisoMedia App’s annual income is not revealed.

How did the MisoMedia App function?

It functioned as a music learning program for users.

Was the MisoMedia App installed through the Google Play Store?

No, it was not available on the Google Play Store.

How did MisoMedia App fare?

The MisoMedia app was favorably accepted, and the firm received a positive reaction.

Was the MisoMedia App made profitable?

Yes, they intended to monetize their website by selling sheet music.

Was the MisoMedia App distributed to users?

The app might be distributed to users.

Was the MisoMedia App secure?

Yes, it was secure and safe.

Was the MisoMedia App discontinued?

No, the application did not go inactive.

What is the domain name of MisoMedia App?

MisoMedia App’s domain is no longer available.

MisoMedia App sold what?

The website was intended to offer sheet music and instruments.

Was MisoMedia App armed with a warrant?

There is no information on whether or if the corporation has a warrant.

What were the MisoMedia App’s assets?

There is no information available about the company’s assets.

What happened to the founder?

Aviv Grill is the creator of the MisoMedia App. He’s in the Venice Beach, California region.

Why is the MisoMedia App failing?

Due to a lack of sheet music sales, the company collapsed and went out of business.

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