What Happened to MirMir After Shark Tank?

What is Mirmir?

MirMir is a high-end photo booth experience with a unique design that is ideal for huge gatherings. MirMir is the go-to photo booth for every Kardashian event, and its popularity among celebrities has skyrocketed.

When Ryan Glenn and Sean Spencer met in 2011 at a Super Bowl party in Dallas, Texas, they were both running high-end photo booth businesses.

MirMir photo booths include two staff members who employ excellent lighting to capture photographs.

The machine has built-in software that auto-corrects the image, then retouches it, applies a black-and-white filter, and prints the flawless results all on the spot.

Who is the founder of MirMir?

The creators of MirMir are Ryan Glenn and Sean Spencer, who met at a Super Bowl party in Dallas, Texas in 2011 while both running high-end photo booth businesses.

They learned they were not only in the same business, but they also had some of the same corporate clients, and they had the same problem: not enough assets to grow their firm quickly.

The two agreed to join their companies to become MirMir. Ryan moved his offices from Texas to Los Angeles, the world’s event center, and together they developed the world’s first studio-quality photo booth business.

The firm’s headquarters are in Los Angeles, but it also has offices in New York, San Francisco, Dallas, and Canada.

The charge for four hours is a hefty $2,750. They will make GIFs and allow consumers to quickly upload their images on social media for an extra cost.

What Happened to MirMir’s Pitch on Shark Tank?

Ryan and Sean decided to sell their goods to the Sharks in episode 5 of season 9 of MirMir on Shark Tank in order to help them by offering a more popular product or expanding into other affluent markets.

Sean and Ryan entered the Shark Tank seeking for $350,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in their firm, which worth $3.5 million.

They provide a brief introduction of their products and then invite the Sharks to try out the booth. Before returning to their seats, the Sharks enjoy a good time in the booth.

According to Robert, he utilized one of the booths for his wedding and believed the image quality was fantastic. According to Mark, there is nothing hidden, and the business was just the industry’s “hot new brand.”

The first three years of operation generated around $4 million in revenue. They had 9 machines in New York and Los Angeles at the time, and a few hours cost $2,750. An assistant and complete social media blasting cost $3,650.

Each machine costs $22,000 to construct. They want a Shark to spend money on buying additional machines for events and putting them in permanent positions.

Mark doesn’t like the fixed location notion or the fact that it’s not proprietary, therefore he’s out.

Daymond likes the concept, but worries that technology was changing so rapidly that MirMir will be left behind; he’s out.

Lori, too, rejects the idea of a set location; she’s out.

Kevin offers the guys a loan of $350,000 at 18% interest in return for 5% equity.

Robert likes the firm, but he wants a 50% ownership of the company.

Sean and Ryan claim they are ready to give up no more than 20% of their equity.

Robert then makes a $700,000 offer for 20% equity shares, which the guys accept, and the presentation ends with a deal.

What Became of MirMir After Shark Tank?

After the show aired, Ryan and Sean departed the pitch with a deal. Robert’s deal was never completed. The firm boosted both the quantity of machines in service and their locations.

As of December 2021, they have locations in Austin, Bangkok, Dallas, London, Montreal, San Francisco, Tokyo, and Toronto, in addition to New York and Los Angeles.

In order to market its services, the company began collaborating with significant events such as the Oscars and Golden Globe Awards. The revenue is $4 million each year.

MirMir’s competitors

MirMir’s primary competitors are photobooth4u.com, Photobooth Pro, and Photo Booth Hire.

MirMir’s Net Worth

During and after the pitch, the firm was valued at $3.5 million. The company’s net worth is estimated to be more than $12 million.

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MirMir FAQs

What is MirMir?

It is a high-end photo booth experience with a unique design that is ideal for huge gatherings.

How does MirMir work?

The company provides on-site photo booths for $4 an hour. The machines are like miniature studios with two assistants that employ excellent lighting to capture photographs. The machines have built-in software that auto-corrects the image, then retouches it, applies a black-and-white filter, and prints the flawless results all on the spot.

What is MirMir’s user guide?

MirMir’s user guide can be downloaded by visiting their website.

How much did MirMir cost?

Mirmir cost $22,000 to construct. Each machine costs $22,000 to construct.

Does MirMir work?

Yes, the company works.

Does MirMir work for events like weddings?

Yes, the company works for events like weddings and birthday parties.

What are MirMir policy terms?

Each machine is a one-time set. There are no expiration dates.

Who uses MirMir?

The company services clients who are in need of a high-end photo booth experience, such as celebrities and high-net worth individuals. Their clientele includes people like actors George Clooney, Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper, singers Beyoncé Knowles and Taylor Swift, rappers Eminem and Snoop Dogg, among others.

Do I need to book MirMir?

Yes, the company services events, but it also rents out its machines.

Do I need to subscribe to MirMir?

Yes, customers will need a subscription for big gatherings.

How much does a subscription cost?

According to their website, the firm charges $750 per machine for one day. For two days and more, they charge $650 per machine. They can be rented at $2,750 per day.

How do I use MirMir?

Customers need to contact the staff in order to start a booking. Contact info can be found on their website, or by visiting their contact page

How do I cancel at MirMir?

Customers will have access to a cancellation form found on their website. They must use this form in order to cancel their booking with the company. Customers must submit all cancellation requests at least 2 days in advance.

How do I make payment for MirMir?

Customers can pay using PayPal or a credit card. The firm only accepts payments through PayPal.

Is there any discount available?

Mirmir offers discounts to companies and organizations, so inquire at their website.

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