What Happened to Milk and Brookies After Shark Tank?

What is Milk and Brookies?

Milk and Brookies is a novel twist on a brownie-cookie culinary mashup made in a muffin cup, akin to the cronut. The Los Angeles-based company immediately garnered popularity with six flavors to select from: OG, Blondie, Turtle and Peanut Butter, Snicker doodle, and Sugar.

Owners and partners Jovon English, Marques Brooks, Naimah Harris, and Tisa Smart-Washington were friends before joining Milk and Brookies.

Jovon worked in private banking before joining a non-profit organization that helped inmates, the homeless, and the mentally ill; Naimah worked in healthcare; and Marques worked in property management.

Tisa served as a deputy tax commissioner in Georgia. Surprisingly, none of them began their careers full-time on Milk and Brookies.

Jovon currently works in the non-profit sector during the day and runs the Milk and Brookies business at night; Marques works as a vice president of business development for a staffing agency in addition to running the Milk and Brookies business; and Tisa was elected to the position of tax commissioner, which she currently holds.

Who is the founder of Milk and Brookies?

Milk and Brookies was founded in Los Angeles by Jovon English, Naimah Harris, and Marcus Brookes. The company was founded on Jovon’s inability to choose between a brownie and a cookie: he wanted both but lacked the expertise to fulfill his appetite in a portion-controlled way.

Furthermore, expenditures were piling up between her and her sister, who shared an apartment at the time, and she reasoned that if even one payment could be made through the notion, it would be advantageous.

Jovon English invented Brookies after deciding to mix cookies and brownies one day when she was craving both.

They were so good that they began mass making them and selling them online in 2014 at a commissary bakery in Los Angeles. They also sell their items at festivals and pop-up stores in the Los Angeles area.

The feedback has been incredibly positive: customers enjoy Milk and Brookies. They’re “better than adult relationships!” according to one newscaster. Milk & Brookies has thousands of loyal fans and is currently unable to keep up with demand.

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What Happened to Milk and Brookies at Shark Tank pitch?

When Marques Brooks, Jovon English, and Naimah Harris pitch Milk and Brookies, their tremendously popular dessert business in the Los Angeles area, in Shark Tank episode 706, they hope the Sharks have a sweet tooth. They were looking for a Shark to help them raise funds to open a physical facility and improve their online sales potential.

Marques, Jovon, and Naimah arrived on Shark Tank in seeking of $100,000 in return for a 20% stake in their company, which valued at $500,000.

Jovon claims that New York City has the “cronut,” San Francisco has the “cuffing,” and Los Angeles now has the Brookies. While handing her milk samples, she explains how she makes Brookies.

Despite Mr. Wonderful’s statement that the Brookies were exceedingly affluent, the Sharks eat them and appear to like them. They now exclusively sell Brookies online and state that they are all part-time employees.

They all “make time” for the company, according to Naimah. They presently bake everything to order and have revenue of $14,000. Brookies sell for between $14 and $17 for a pack of six and cost between 75 and 91 cents to make.

Mr. Wonderful says that in order to expand, they should focus on four products and sell them for $20 per half-dozen.

Mark believes they should charge $9.95 each item or $30 for a dozen. He thinks they’re a bake-sale, not a business.

Mr. Wonderful insists that they are a hobby, not a business; he was momentarily out.  Robert enjoys it and is convinced that they will profit from it, but it is too early for him and he exits.

Barbara adores them; they remind her of Daisy Cakes, but it was still too early for them; she also goes out.

Lori, in keeping with the early tendency, says it too soon and exits as well. Finally, the three entrepreneurs left the pitch without closing a deal.

What Happened to Milk and Brookies after Shark Tank?

Despite the pitch’s failure, sales increased following their initial appearance: a 3000 percent increase.

The company was still in business in August 2021, selling its products through the Orleans and York deli network on the west coast.

The company’s yearly revenue is still $3 million as of February 2022.

Competitors of Milk and Brookies

Sweet Stuff and Full Cake Bakeshop, both situated in Los Angeles, compete with Milk and Brookies.

Net Worth of Milk and Brookies

During and after the pitch, the firm was valued at $500,000. Since then, the corporation has a net worth of $2 million.

Milk and Brookies FAQs

What exactly is Milk and Brookies?

Milk and Brookies is a Los Angeles-based enterprise that specialized in creating and consuming brownies and cookies.

Who is the inventor?

Milk and Brookies was invented by Jovon English. The company was founded on Jovon’s inability to choose between a brownie and a cookie: he wanted both but lacked the expertise to fulfill his appetite in a portion-controlled way.

How much did they ask for?

They asked $100,000 for a 20% stake in the company, which was worth $500,000 at the time.

Were they able to close the deal?

No, they did not get the offer.

Is Milk and Brookies still in operation?

Yes, Milk and Brookies is still in operation, producing fresh milk bread and cookies.

How much money does Milk and Brookies make?

As of February 2022, Milk and Brookies had revenue of $3 million.

Where is Milk and Brookies located?

Milk and Brookies is a restaurant in Los Angeles.

What exactly is the Milk and Brookies website?

The Milk and Brookies website may be found at https://milkandbrookies.com.

What is the shipping policy of Milk and Brookies?

Milk and Brookies is giving free delivery on all orders of $40 or more.

What are the components in Milk and Brookies?

Milk and Brookies incorporates milk bread and cookies.

What is the pricing range for Milk and Brookies?

Milk and Brookies charges the following prices to its customers: milk bread $6-$8, brownies $9-$11, and cookies $16-$20.

Is it possible to have vegan Milk and Brookies?

Milk and Brookies is plant-based since they cook with plant-based components.

Is Milk and Brookies kosher?

Milk and Brookies is, indeed, kosher.

Is Milk and Brookies free of gluten?

Milk and Brookies goods contain gluten-free ingredients.

Accepts credit cards at Milk and Brookies?

Yes, Milk and Brookies accepts all major credit card brands as payment.

Is Milk and Brookies good?

Yes, Milk and Brookies are delicious.

When is the best time to get in touch with Milk and Brookies?

The ideal time to contact Milk and Brookies is between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. PT.

What is Milk and Brookies’ email address?

Customers can contact Milk and Brookies using the following email address: [email protected].

How did Milk and Brookies get its start?

Jovon English, Naimah Harris, Marques Brooks, and Tisa Smart-Washington started Milk and Brookies because they were weary of having to choose between brownies and cookies.

To save money, they decided to merge the two desserts into one product as a consequence of the expenditures accruing between their sibling apartments at the time.

What happened to the founders?

Jovon English and Marques Brooks are still running Milk and Brookies as a Los Angeles-based company as of February 2022.

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