What Happened to Mee-Gumbo Ma’s Brick After the Shark Tank Pitch?

What is Mee-Gumbo Ma’s Brick?

Mee Mas Gumbo is a roux block that has been iced and is used to produce real Louisiana-style gumbo. Gumbo base components come in a range of flavours, including chicken, pig, and seafood.

Users may personalize the flavour of the product by adding water and other ingredients. It’s widely available in Costco, Safeway, and Publix, as well as online.

Carol Foster launched Mee Mas Gumbo in 2007. She is a single mother who used to work as a truck driver.

Ms. Foster is a transplanted Louisiana native who turned an ancient family recipe into an N’Awlins favorite and began selling it online immediately after launching her company.

The once-homeless truck driver is now the driving force behind a thriving company.

Who Founded Mee-Gumbo Ma’s Brick?

Carol Foster developed Mee Mas Gumbo after attempting to make gumbo in response to requests from friends and family. Her grandmother showed her how to prepare gumbo.

She was motivated to start the company after noticing gaps in grocery store offerings. It encouraged her to create a fresh gumbo recipe that was not powdered.

She began by selling the product to family, friends, and church members.

As her target demographic grew, she developed a branding trademark, MEE- MA’s, which appears on all of her products, and registered it to prevent anyone from copying her idea.

The brand name encapsulates the spirit of handcrafted flavour, comfort cuisine, added value, and simplicity of preparation.

Since its debut in 2007, the company’s product line has evolved to include ready-to-eat meals and other delightful Southern cuisine.

Ms. Foster began selling to Costco’s Southern California Region in 2010, and the product was made accessible to Albertsons Companies stores in 2014.

She plans to broaden distribution channels in order to make the product available in more places.

What Happened to Mee-Gumbo Ma’s Brick at the Shark Tank Pitch?

Carol Estella Foster approaches the Shark Tank requesting a $200,000 investment in return for a 20 percent ownership in Mee-Louisiana Ma’s Gumbo Brick. This translates to a one-million-dollar value.

Foster tells how she turned her recipe into frozen “bricks” holding the gumbo base, ready for the user to add water and meat and send out samples. Sharks love it.

Mark is curious about her charges and the price she was charging for the brick after answering numerous questions from the sharks.

She claims she makes it for $4.00 per unit and sells it wholesale for $9.99 per unit.

She has made $500,000 in two years by visiting Costco three days a week and delivering the gumbo to customers.

Costco has showed interest in carrying Mee-Louisiana Ma’s Gumbo Brick, and Foster has a contract, but she needs financing to complete the purchase.

Foster, according to Mark Cuban, is not yet ready to ascend to the level she is approaching. He’s already gone.

Cuban’s comments are echoed by Daymond John. He leaves because he believes she is too young and unprepared.

According to Kevin O’Leary, “the product is amazing, but the infrastructure is simply not there.” Robert Herjavec says the margins are insufficient and that Foster needed a special type of partner who can assist her through the business and growth process. He’s already gone.

Lori opted to enter, but she was offered $200,000 at a 50% discount.

They claimed it was so they could devote the time and effort required to recoup their investment and ensure her success.

Kevin commented that her company did not deserve the price, but he noticed her enthusiasm to work.

Through the gruff exterior, a spark of pity could be seen.

Lori welcomed Carol’s offer with a hug.

Kevin warned her that she’d have to work her tail off. The Sharks looked to be quite happy with her performance. Daymond congratulated her on discovering the Grinch’s heart.

What Happened to Mee-Gumbo Ma’s Brick After the Shark Tank Pitch?

Her dedication to her business and desire to provide for her child moved the normally sceptical Shark to place a bid on a product he actually believed in.

The sale, however, was never consummated. Initially, Mee-success Louisiana’s was modest, but Ma’s Gumbo Brick became a popular dish.

Costco, Safeway, Publix, and a number of other retail outlets, as well as online, presently carry the product.

After January 3, 2021, the website went dark. Carol had $5 million in lifetime sales when she closed the doors, despite the fact that the firm appears to be closed.

What is the Net Worth of Mee-Gumbo Ma’s Brick?

Carol Estella Foster visits the Shark Tank in search of a $200,000 investment in return for a 20% stake in Mee-Louisiana. Brick of Ma’s Gumbo This equates to a $1 million valuation.

She accepted Kevin and Lori’s offer of $200,000 for 50% ownership, bringing the valuation to $400,000..

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Mee-Gumbo Ma’s Brick FAQS

Did the Mee-Gumbo Ma’s Brick secure a deal from the Shark Tank?

She introduced her company on Shark Tank in 2013. She contacted the Tank with a request for $200,000 in exchange for 20% of the company’s equity.

Lori Greiner and Kevin O’Leary offered her $200,000 in exchange for a 50% ownership. She agreed.

What happen to Mee Ma’s Louisiana Gumbo brick?

Unfortunately, owing to strong storms, the restaurant’s ceiling fell in October 2010, although Carol feels it was “God’s way of telling her it’s time to move on and focus on the Gumbo Brick.”

The gumbo brick is essentially a frozen block of roux foundation that contains everything needed to make authentic Louisiana style gumbo; all they have to do is add.

Is Mee-Gumbo Ma’s Brick still in business?

The product is currently available at Costco, Safeway, Publix, and numerous other retail locations, as well as online.

The website went dark sometime after January 3, 2021. The firm looks to be out of business, but Carol had $5 million in lifetime sales before closing the doors.

Did Mee-Ma ladies ever make an appearance on the show?

Yes, they appear on May 3, 2013.

How do they make money?

They generate money by selling the bricks individually as well as in bulk.

Mee-Gumbo Ma’s Brick, what precisely is it?

The gumbo brick is a frozen roux foundation that contains everything needed to produce authentic Louisiana style gumbo; all they have to do is add.

Does Mee-Gumbo Ma’s Brick ship?

Yes. Customers may purchase the merchandise from the internet and have it delivered right to their door.

How many years did Mee-Louisiana Ma’s Gumbo Brick exist?

Carol Estella Foster began selling the product in 2007, and it appears that operations will end on January 3, 2021. Carol had a total of $5 million in lifetime sales before closing the doors.

How much does Mee-Gumbo Ma’s Brick costs to make and sell?

She makes it for $4.00 per unit and sells it for $9.99 per unit wholesale.

What are strengths of Mee-Gumbo Ma’s Brick?

Her strengths are her commitment to provide the greatest product possible, her ability to sell to Costco, and her will to succeed in the face of adversity.

What are weaknesses of Mee-Gumbo Ma’s Brick?

The time and effort necessary to oversee the company’s growth, if they can get that far.

What is Mee-Gumbo Ma’s Brick website?

Mee-Gumbo Ma’s Brick website is at www.gumbobrick.com

What Payment Methods do they accept?

They accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards, as well as PayPal and checks.

What is Mee-Gumbo Ma’s Brick’s phone number?

+44 (0) 844-344-8626

What are the largest competitors of Mee-Gumbo Ma’s Brick?

According to Carol, no additional gumbo bricks exist.

She says that she borrowed from as many individuals as she could in order to obtain the finest combination of components before trying it herself.

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