What Happened to Little Burros After Shark Tank?

What is Little Burros?

Little Burros is a wheelbarrow attachment that holds extra gardening tools, beverages, and pretty about anything else you could need when gardening.

The Original Little Burro enhances user organization while still fitting wheelbarrows of four, five, six, and seven cubic feet.

The Original Little Burro has essential features, including a compartment for long-handled tools, a compartment for short-handled tools, a container for liquids, and a water-resistant pocket for your cellphone other personal electronics. Aside from the inherent Burro traits.

The Original Little Burro includes a tray large enough to handle a bouquet of flowers, a five-gallon bucket, and indentions for securely carrying a two-by-four.

The Original Little Burro is made of solid plastic that can support up to 80 pounds in the tray and is UV resistant. The Original Little Burro is dedicated to quality, so it is made in the United States of America.

The Burro Buddy has the same basic features as The Original Little Burro: a drink container, long handle tool holders, short handle tool holders, and a waterproof pocket for your phone.

The Burro Buddy, on the other hand, allows the user to utilize the whole hollow of the wheelbarrow with a single compact tool. The Burro Buddy is a smaller version of the Burros that is great for long days in the yard or resting in a confined space in the garage.

Who is the founder of Little Burros?

Bob Thorsen and his daughter Mollie Thorsen of Alexandria, Virginia, established Little Burros. Bob had the notion while helping his wife in the garden.

To reduce trips to the garden shed for more equipment, he built a rough copy of the original prototype out of cardboard and duct tape.

When he showed his children the device, they encouraged him to commercialize it. Bob and his family had a construction company; therefore, they were well-versed in business.

The family enlisted the help of an industrial designer to produce Little Burros, which quickly became a hit. It won several design awards, inspiring the Thorsens to create the Burro Buddy, a smaller version of the original.

On a more sad note, the Thorsens lost one of their daughters at 29. Becca Thorsen was an anti-human trafficking activist and ardent supporter of A21, a non-profit dedicated to abolishing human trafficking.

To honor Becca’s memory and passion, the Thorsens donate Becca’s entire 10% ownership in the business to the charity. The original Little Burro retails for $52.99, while the Burro Buddy retails for $39.99.

They are available on Amazon and at several online and brick-and-mortar home improvements stores such as Home Depot, Lowes, and ACE Hardware. Following Becca’s death, the family withdrew from the business.

What Happened to Little Burros at Shark Tank pitch?

A father-and-daughter team, Bob and Mollie Thorsen present the Sharks with Little Burros, a line of gardening accessories, in Shark Tank episode 1121. They want to re-establish life in Little Burros and would appreciate the help of a Shark.

Bob and Mollie appeared on Shark Tank seeking $250,000 in return for a 10% stake in their business, worth $2.5 million.

The questioning begins after they have displayed the goods. They individually offer background information and provide Rebecca’s information to the Sharks.

They sell 2500 units every month in Target, Menards, Ace, True Value, and Amazon for a total of $400,000. They were $10.50 when landed, $25 when wholesaled, and $39.95 when retailed. They make their products in the United States of America.

They’re asking for cash to start working on a gardening tool line. They have put $1 million into the venture. A portion of the monies was invested in patents, with the remaining in molds.

Barbara states she has never had a wheelbarrow and must do with a bucket. She went out.

Mark was not a gardener, although he also went out. Daymond admires the result but thinks he could not contribute; he exits.

Kevin feels it was an excellent match for his hardware company. He offers $250,000 in return for a $7 royalty on each product until he recoups $500,000, plus a 7% share in the company.

Lori provides a loan of $250,000 at 6% interest plus a $5 royalty until the loan is repaid in return for 3% equity.

Barbara encourages them to back out of both deals. Mark and Barbara clap as they eventually walk away after rejecting both offers and failing to strike a deal.

What Happened to Little Burros After Shark Tank?

Despite the loss of the Shark Tank investment, the company is off to a strong start in 2020, with merchandise available at Sam’s Club, Home Depot, Tractor Supply Co., and Amazon. When Covid-19 implemented lockdowns, their internet sales surged. Sales soared fourfold over the previous year during the month in which the program aired.

As of February 2022, the company was still in operation, with annual revenues of $1 million.

Competitors of Little Burros

Buckfast Wheel Barrow is Little Burros’ big competitor.

Net Worth of Little Burros

The firm was valued at $2.5 million during the pitch. Since the company is still in operation, its net worth might have been higher.

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Little Burros FAQs

What is Little Burros?

Little Burros is a wheelbarrow gardening tool that can store whatever you would need in the garden. It’s more than just a wheelbarrow; it may be utilized before, during, and while watching the game.

Who is the originator?

Together with his two daughters, Mollie and Claire, Bob Thorsen founded Little Burros.

How much did they ask for on Shark Tank?

They asked $250,000 for a 10% stake in the firm, worth $2.5 million.

Were they able to close the deal?

They didn’t have the deal because they turned down both offers.

Is Little Burros still in operation?

Yes, Little Burros is still open for business in February 2022.

How much does a Little Burros cost?

A Little Burros costs $39.99, while a Burro Buddy costs $19.99.

Where are Little Burros made?

Little Burros is made in the United States of America and built in the same factory that makes Big Man Wheelbarrows.

How much does Little Burros shipping cost?

Little Burros’ standard delivery cost is $20.

How does Little Burros function?

Little burros operate in a straightforward manner. The primary structure is made up of six metal legs that fold and unfold with the push of a single button. When the legs are unfurled, they automatically lock into place, forming robust support to hold the platform in place.

The metal legs are cushioned with rubber pads to protect the grass or garden from injury when moving heavy goods around it.

What is Little Burros’ return policy?

Customers who are dissatisfied with their Little Burros goods have 30 days from the date of purchase to return them.

What is the warranty on Little Burros?

Little Burros comes with a limited lifetime guarantee that covers all the frames and welds. If flaws in craftsmanship or materials are discovered, the product will be replaced or repaired at the company’s discretion. However, this is only true if the product was used as directed.

What makes up Little Burros?

Little Burros comprises one Little Burros wheelbarrow, three huge pockets, two medium-sized pockets, and four small pockets.

What is the best way to utilize Little Burros?

Little burro is quite simple to use. The user has to unfold it, position the wheelbarrow where they want to use it, and the wheelbarrow is ready to use.

They may use their wheelbarrow on the lawn, in the garden, or wherever they wish. When they are finished, fold it again and set it somewhere else.

How can I make a payment for Little Burros?

There are three payment options: 1) Make use of Amazon Pay 2) On Amazon.com, enter your credit card information and select “Place the order and pay later.” 3) You may use any credit/debit card.

How long will it take to receive Little Burros?

The delivery of Little Burros is determined by the shipping method you select. The merchandise will be dispatched within 24 hours of receiving payment.

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