What Happened to LifeCaps Survival Pill After Shark Tank?

What is LifeCaps Survival Pill?

LifeCaps is a food substitute and survival pill supplement that you take with you and use in situations when food may be inaccessible for an extended period of time.

Daryl Stevenett is the founder of LifeCaps and the proprietor of the business he created in 2008. Daryl has always had a musical background, having played guitar since he was 12 years old, and portrays himself on LinkedIn as an entrepreneur.

A healthy user may survive for up to two weeks on the chewable pills and water alone, making it ideal for both civilian and military use. It is also marketed as a nutritional and weight-loss supplement that helps with the beginning of alertness.

Who is the founder of the LifeCaps Survival Pill?

Daryl Stevenett created the business in 2008. Daryl has always had a musical background, having played guitar since he was 12 years old, and defines himself on LinkedIn as an entrepreneur.

Daryl was inspired to make Life Caps after seeing a survival TV show about Utah miners who had been trapped underground for days without food. Rescuers had to drill through the rock to carry food to them as they waited for an extraction plan.

With a concept for pocket-sized nutrition in mind, he sought guidance from a friend, Russ Bianchi, a product formulator for a nutrition bar company.

LifeCaps’ ingredients are all natural, and the pills include no stimulants. The recipe allows your body to sustain itself by drawing nutrients from its stored fat.

They are not a diet pill; rather, they were designed to be a survival pill to be used in the event of an emergency. They are also appropriate for persons of all ages. Drinking enough of water is critical in any survival situation, and LifeCaps are no different.

Stevenett has several “life-saving” testimonials on its company website, indicating its real-world use. He hopes that his innovation will find its way into every bag, glove compartment, and home, preventing people from becoming stranded in a life-threatening situation as a result of a calamity that cuts off food sources.

What Happened to LifeCaps Survival Pill’s pitch on Shark Tank?

In Season 5 episode 15 of Shark Tank, entrepreneur Daryl Stevenett introduces LifeCaps, a meal replacement pill, and begs the Sharks for help with mass distribution.

Daryl entered the Shark Tank pitch seeking $200,000 for a 30% stake in his business, which worth $666,667.

He tells the Sharks he hasn’t eaten in 8 days. He’s been living on his own LifeCaps for almost a week.

His background was in music, but he had a buddy in the energy bar sector that helped him develop his idea for a “survival pill” into LifeCaps.

Daryl gives the Sharks merchandise samples. Mark Cuban refuses to put them to the test. He’s notoriously hostile to any form of “miracle” medicine, especially anything related to nutrition.

Daryl claims he was not pushing LifeCaps as a diet supplement. He encourages it as a means of survival. In the last five years, he has earned $400,000 in salary.

Mark Cuban refers to the pills as “snake oil,” claiming that Daryl was selling diet pills without labeling them as such. He’s no longer prejudiced.

Lori Greiner talks about accountability and slams Daryl for not doing clinical studies with so many sales. She exits.

Despite the marketing theme, Robert Herjavec agrees with Greiner, calling the gadget “irresponsible.”

Daryl claims that he was losing a pound per day while wearing the LifeCaps, and that “people seek shortcuts.” He went out because he believes customers may mistake the LifeCaps for diet pills.

Daymond John says he’s not interested until clinical trials are conducted to verify safety. He, too, goes out.

Kevin O’Leary finds no way to make money off of the product. As a “survival” pill, it’s meant to “sit on a shelf until the zombies come.” He also went out because he does not feel there is a market.

He also went out because he does not feel there is a market.  Daryl departed the pitch without a Shark deal since all of the Sharks had backed out of the deal.

What Happened to LifeCaps Survival Pill After Shark Tank?

Despite being turned down by the Sharks, Daryl shows his thanks for what they do for people and calls meeting them an “honor.”

Despite his inability to negotiate a deal, he has continued to sell his LifeCaps through Amazon and other online retailers.

The reviews on Amazon are mixed. Several outdoor enthusiasts claim to have tried the pills and found them beneficial, while others report that they do not “curb hunger,” implying that they are ineffectual as a diet approach.

20 August 2021, Life Caps, at least in the United States, is no longer in business. The website is no longer available.

Daryl has ceased production of the pills because he has been unable to obtain sufficient finance from investors, owing in part to the absence of relevant testing.

The name appears to have been secured by REJ Diamond Pharmaceutical, a subsidiary of the Philippine business Diamond Laboratories. The goods are no longer available on Amazon, and the website has been decommissioned.

LifeCaps Survival Pill’s Net Worth

During and after the pitch, the firm was valued at $666,667. The company went out of business in August 2021; hence the company net worth is not available.

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LifeCaps Survival Pill FAQs

How was LifeCaps Survival Pill work?

Life Caps is a product that is designed to help people through emergency situations where food may not be readily available to them, such as in a natural disaster, being stranded in the wild or even being held against their will.

What was LifeCaps Survival Pill made of?

LifeCaps Survival Pill contains such ingredients as probiotics, antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals and is free of stimulants.

How much did LifeCaps Survival Pill cost?

Life Caps are a little more expensive than other brands of dietary supplements but offer great value for money considering the nutrients that it contains.

Was LifeCaps Survival Pill diet safe?

Life Caps is not a diet pill as it does not contain any stimulants like caffeine which does nothing to help metabolize fat reserves from the body.

Was LifeCaps Survival Pill recommended by nutritionists?

No, it was not. The manufacturers have not been able to obtain FDA approval for the product and so cannot claim it to be safe or effective. It was therefore not advisable to consume it.

Were LifeCaps Survival Pill’s ingredients all natural?

Life Caps ingredients are all natural, and the pills include no stimulants. The recipe allows the body to sustain itself by drawing nutrients from its stored fat.

Where can I buy LifeCaps Survival Pill?

Customers cannot get Life Caps from retailers like Amazon.com, but it is not available in retail stores.

Was there a LifeCaps Survival Pill free trial?

No, there were no free trial or discount codes available for purchase. Customers will have to pay the full retail price for this product.

How much weight did you lose on LifeCaps Survival Pill?

Many users report losing between 5 and 10 pounds after taking this supplement.

Was LifeCaps Survival Pill endorsed by celebrities?

No celebrities are involved with the sales or endorsement of this product.

What was the shelf life of LifeCaps Survival Pill?

The manufacturer claims that the product has a shelf life of two years if stored in a cool, dry place.

How much LifeCaps Survival Pill should I take per day?

Adults should take one or two pills every day with food.

Were there side effects from using LifeCaps Survival Pill?

Yes, there are some side effects associated with this supplement. Some users have complained of nausea, diarrhea and vomiting after taking the product.

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