What Happened to Ledge Pillow After Shark Tank?

What is a ledge pillow?

The Ledge Pillow, often known as the boob cushion, is a memory foam pillow designed to help persons with bigger chests to sleep more comfortably on their stomachs.

The product is designed for ladies who have or do not have breast implants, nursing moms, and those recuperating from breast surgery.

The Ledge Pillow was created by Amanda Schlechter, a practicing attorney from West Palm Beach, Florida.

Amanda had always wanted to establish her own business before going into law, but she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do as an entrepreneur, so she preferred to wait for inspiration.

Amanda was inspired to design the Ledge Pillow after having breast augmentation surgery. She was a regular stomach sleeper who suddenly found herself unable to sleep soundly.

Who is the founder of the Ledge Pillow?

Amanda Schlechter, a practicing attorney and West Palm Beach, Florida citizen, is the founder of Ledge Pillow.

Amanda had always wanted to start her own business before studying law, but she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do as an entrepreneur, so she decided to wait for inspiration.

Amanda developed the Ledge Pillow idea after undergoing breast augmentation surgery herself. She was a stomach sleeper who found herself suddenly unable to sleep peacefully.

The Ledge Cushion is a modified memory foam cushion that allows its target market of women with enhanced and/or large breasts to sleep peacefully on their stomach.

Amanda had been running the agency for three years prior to her appearance on Shark Tank, but she had just 83 sales to her credit.

What Happened to Ledge Pillow’s Shark Tank Pitch?

Despite having a very simple website and no advertising, Amanda was anxious for help from the Sharks to get her business off to a strong start.

Amanda entered the Shark Tank seeking $30,000 for a 25% ownership in The Ledge Pillow, which valued at $120,000.

She was accompanied on stage by a stunning, well-endowed model who displayed the goods. The Sharks were unimpressed with the Ledge Pillow.

Lori Greiner exited after advising Amanda to change her name. Kevin O’Leary thought the market was too small, and Robert Herjavec thought the market would have discovered her by now; both exited.

Daymond John quickly followed, stating he couldn’t add any value. Mark Cuban labeled her a wantrepreneur and dismissed her because she didn’t want it bad enough. Amanda left the pitch without a deal.

What Happened to Ledge Pillow After Shark Tank?

Amanda had a simple Ledge Pillow website before appearing on Shark Tank, and it hasn’t changed much since. Based on the episode’s fan reaction, she appears to have made some sales.

The fact that the website hasn’t been updated in over a year tells a lot; there can’t be much business if there hasn’t been a web upgrade in over a year.

Ledge Pillow is no longer in operation. Their official website, which was used to sell the goods, is no longer available, and their social media pages, namely Facebook, have been dormant since 2012.

With a little work and SEO, this product has the potential to be a good seller. Unfortunately, the company went bankrupt in 2012, and Amanda is now a stakeholder in the Nason Yeager firm.

Ledge Pillow’s Competitors

There are currently a lot of firms on the market that are comparable to Ledge Pillow. Some pillows, for example, contain pre-cut holes for people who have had breast surgery. The Breast Pillow is most likely the closest rival.

Ledge Pillow’s Market Value

During and after the pitch, the firm was valued at $120,000; however, the company ceased operations in 2012, hence the company’s net worth is unknown.

Ledge Pillow FAQs

What was Ledge Pillow made of?

The Ledge Pillow was made from memory foam.

What is a Ledge Pillow?

The Ledge Pillow was a specially designed cushion that allowed individuals with larger chests to sleep comfortably on their stomachs. It is similar to the Breast Pillow, but larger.

Who invented the Ledge Pillow?

Amanda Schlechter invented the Ledge Pillow. She created it after she had breast enhancement surgery and could no longer sleep on her stomach.

Where did Ledge Pillow come from?

The Ledge Pillow was designed by a practicing attorney named Amanda Schlechter who had breast augmentation surgery and could no longer sleep on her stomach.

Where can I buy a Ledge Pillow?

Customers can no longer purchase a Ledge Pillow, so their only choice would be eBay or other similar sites.

How do you make a ledge pillow?

The process for making a ledge pillow is simple: user make the mattress and fill it with memory foam.

How does the Ledge Pillow feel?

The Ledge Pillow is comfortable and affordable, but it isn’t for everyone. The pillow is about two inches thick and designed specifically for people with enhanced or large breasts.

How much is a Ledge Pillow?

Ledge Pillows were sold on the official website for $39.95. This price may have changed because the company has since gone bankrupt.

What can you do with a pillow?

Most of these pillows have been used to help people who have had breast augmentation surgery or just for those who need extra height for sleeping on their stomachs.

They can also use them for sitting in tight spaces, stuffing under chairs, and reclining sofas.

Why do some people sleep on their stomachs?

There are many reasons why they would want to sleep on their stomachs, but mostly it is because they are used to it and they know they will be able to breathe better.

Do Ledge Pillows need to be washed?

Customers could wash the Ledge Pillow just like a normal pillow, but if they bleach their pillow, don’t use a dryer on it.

How much did Ledge Pillow weigh?

The Ledge Pillow weighed 10 pounds.

How did the Ledge Pillow look?

The Ledge Pillow is rectangular in size and resembles a boob/breast cushion, hence its name. It has pink material covering it and white pillow insides.

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