What Happened to Kwik Hang after Shark Tank?

What  is Kwik Hang?

Kwik Hang is a curtain rod bracket that does not require wall drilling. Simply tap the Kwik Hang bracket with a hammer to the top of a window molding (rather than the wall) and hang the curtains in seconds.

Derrek Burr’s father, Tom, started Kwik Hang in 2013. Tom approached many manufacturers with his cardboard prototype until he found a partner ready to manufacture it.

When Tom’s health began to fail, he handed over control of the company to his son Derrek, a police officer and Marine Corps veteran who now runs it.

Kwik-Hang was created to alleviate the stress associated with a common household task: curtain hanging. Hanging curtains is a time-consuming process that typically involves intricate measurements, equipment, and easily misplaced components.

Who is the originator of Kwik Hang?

Tom Burr, Derrek Burr’s father, originally created Kwik-Hang in 2013. Tom approached a number of manufacturers with his cardboard prototype until he found a partner willing to produce it.

When Tom’s health began to fail, he turned the firm over to his son Derrek, a police officer and Marine Corps veteran who currently control it. Kwik Hang was founded by Derrek Burr, a police officer from North Attenborough, Massachusetts.

Burr worked for the Braintree Police Department in Braintree, Massachusetts, as well as running his father’s company.

Burr is also a Marine Corps veteran who received the US Patriot Award in 2018 for his contributions to the development of Kwik-Hang as a veteran-owned and operated business.

The product is an unusually shaped bracket that is hammered into the top of the window frame. It fixes curtain rod brackets quickly and securely, eliminating the need for screws in the walls.

The idea was inspired by Derrek’s father, Thomas Burr. Unfortunately, Thomas Burr died of cancer.

In 2015, Mr. Burr conducted two unsuccessful Kickstarter campaigns to gather cash for the Kwik Hang.

These plans fell through while he was battling cancer. Derrek chose to expand on his father’s vision and seek support from the Sharks.

Kwik Hang is now selling a pair of standard brackets for eleven bucks.

Each style of curtain rod installation comes in a variety of sizes, with prices ranging from $7 to $18. Tom Burr invented the Kwik Hang and purchased the machinery needed to create them on a small scale.

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What happened to Kwik Hang’s proposal on Shark Tank?

Derrek chooses to propose his father’s idea to Shark Tank investors in the hopes that they would help him grow production capacity.

Derrek joined the Shark Tank asking for $80,000 for a 20% stake of his company, worth $400,000.

He gives his presentation and guides them through the installation of the curtain rod hangers. Then, from each bracket, he suspends ten-pound potato sacks to demonstrate their power.

After that, he distributes samples and the interrogation begins. Lori asks why there aren’t more sizes, to which Derrek says that it’s possible, but he wasn’t ready for it yet. Sales totaled $120,000 over three years, with $42,000 arriving in 2016.

When Derrek confesses his full-time job as a police officer, Kevin asks who would run the company, to which Derek says that if a deal is done, he will quit.

Mark feels it was uninvest able, and he is the first Shark to exits. Lori walks out because she feels Derrek should license the product before distributing it.

Before he quits, Daymond tells Derrek to steadily build the company.

Kevin reiterates Lori’s licensing advice before exiting. The final Shark to speak was Robert, who claims that Derrek’s price points are extremely low and that he went out. The Sharks and Derrek were unable to reach a deal.

What became to Kwik Hang after his appearance on Shark Tank?

Following the collapse of the Shark Tank investors, Derek continued to market their items through his company.

Derrek increased the number of sizes available. In 2018, he secured distribution in over 5000 ACE Hardware Stores.

It’s now accessible at places like Home Depot, Walmart, and Amazon, among others. The company holds patents for its product, but there are countless low-cost knockoffs on Amazon, and the company is always begging Amazon to remove the knockoffs.

Lifetime sales hit $8 million in 2021, and the business produced roughly $1 million in income per year.

Kwik Hang’s net worth

The firm was valued at $400,000 during and after the pitch. Since then the company is still operating and hence the company’s net worth might have been more than that of the pitch.


Kwik Hang FAQs

How much does all this cost?

The Kwik Hang system is roughly $20 for each bracket and $10 for each curtain rod. It’s also available in a pack containing two brackets and two curtain rods, which costs $25.

How long will this last?

Official estimates suggest that you can use a single ‘Kwik-Hang’ item without replacing it for at least five years.

What is Kwik Hang made of?

The Kwik-Hang is made of recycled cardboard.

How long does it take to install a curtain rod with Kwik Hang?

Installing a curtain rod with a ‘Kwik-Hang’ item takes only seconds. The end result is sturdy and reliable, although some reviewers claimed that the brackets seemed flimsy and unreliable at first.

What’s the difference between Kwik Hang and conventional curtain rod brackets?

Kwik-Hang is designed to keep the fabric entirely off the wall. It’s very easy to install, and it can be used with most throw away curtains without making any holes in the walls.

Is Kwik Hang easy to use?

Kwik Hang is very easy to install. Most users claim that it takes only a few minutes to mount a pair of curtain rods on the windows.

How many colors of Kwik Hang available?

The Kwik Hang is currently available in only one color: black.

What are the disadvantages of Kwik Hang?

Kwik Hang has a few minor disadvantages, according to its users. Some people find it hard to understand how it works, and a few buyers reported that the items were not as strong as some other conventional curtain rod sets.

What kind of wall should I use Kwik Hang?

Kwik Hang is meant to be mounted on flat, solid surfaces. It’s not recommended for use with soft surfaces such as plasterboard.

Where do I find Kwik Hang?

The Kwik-Hang is available from a number of online retailers, such as Amazon.

How do I pay for Kwik Hang?

Kwik Hang can be purchased using a credit card, and it’s also possible to pay using PayPal.

What makes Kwik Hang special?

Kwik Hang is unlike anything else we’ve seen before. It was designed by a man who spent a great deal of time refining his invention until he created the perfect solution for window decorators everywhere.

Is Kwik Hang worth it?

Kwik-Hang is priced quite reasonably, especially considering the number of benefits it comes with.

How many cards of plastic packaging does Kwik Hang contain?

Each package includes six cards of plastic packing.

Can I order more than one thing at a time?

Yes, it is possible to place an order for multiple packages of the ‘Kwik-Hang’ system at once.

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