What Happened to Kalyx Sports Bra After Shark Tank?

What is a Kalyx Sports Bra?

Kalyx is a firm that has created the most advanced selection of encapsulated sports bras for specific activities on the market. Kalyx sports bras are manufactured with K-FORCE Technology and offer revolutionary design, cutting-edge construction, and high-quality content, resulting in a superior sports bra overall.

The majority of sports bras work by compressing the breasts against the chest wall. This means that whether you’re jogging, leaping, or doing other exercises, your breasts won’t be able to move as freely.

Many women blame breast movement for their breast pain and discomfort during exercise.

Kimberly Cayce, the founder of Kalyx Technologies, is a former professional golfer who has spent the last three years researching, developing, and beta testing her new Athletic Bra line.

Who is the founder of the Kalyx Sports Bra?

Kimberly Cayce, the founder of Kalyx Technologies and a former professional golfer, has spent the last three years researching, designing, and testing her new line of Athletic Bras.

Kimberly recognizes the importance of choosing a bra that fits because of her experience as an athlete. Her sports bra range is eco-friendly as well as activity-specific.

The Kalyx K-Force Sports Bra is designed with a novel fabric that is patent pending. It has six cushioned panels that provide excellent support and protection without the need of an underwire.

The sports bra is composed primarily of recycled materials, making it more environmentally friendly than conventional sports bras.

What Happened to Kalyx Sports Bra Pitch on Shark Tank?

Kimberly Cayce, the owner of Kalyx Technologies, returns on Shark Tank episode 106, eager to wow the sharks with her products and passion. Kimberly needs a Shark to assist her in getting her product to market as quickly as possible.

Kimberly entered Shark Tank seeking $120,000 for 20% stake in Kalyx Technologies, which valued $625,000.

She tells the Sharks, “They believe that when a woman exercises, the only thing that should bounce is a ball.”

Several Sharks snicker and chuckle, but Kimberly was unimpressed, adding that “exercise-induced breast discomfort is a severe ailment that affects millions of women.”

There were eight athletic bras presented, with variations based on the sports activity chosen. The “patentable” Kalyx Technologies power sling insert is used in all bras to decrease mobility.

Robert inquires about sales, and Kimberly admits that this was a new company with a waiting list of females eagerly awaiting the product’s arrival. There was also a retail store that has placed an order for a product.

When asked about projected sales, Kimberly confesses that the company has had a tough time and that they were in desperate need of an investment, despite the fact that she has committed more than $100,000 of her own money.

The Kevin O’Leary sparks a conversation about the number of sports bras now on the market, and a debate ensues in which Kimberly maintains and defends her point of view.

“I can’t decide whether I want to stab needles in my eyes or give you $125,000,” Kevin O’Leary says. Kimberly was then obligated to defend her position going forward.

Daymond inquires about the patent, while Kevin Harrington inquires about her plans for the money.

Kimberly describes how she expects to utilize the monies to fund patents and begin manufacturing at this stage. Her plan was to reach out to clients through her website.

Kevin Harrington was the first to exit, followed by Barbara after Kimberly informs her that she may expect a return on her investment in five years.

Daymond quickly joins, as do Robert and Kevin O’Leary, but not without a fight.

Kimberly was thrown offstage by Kevin O’Leary after he informs her that “she is a nothing burger on her way to nothing.” As he concludes his speech, he encourages her not to cry.

Kimberly maintains her cool until she exits the pitch without a deal, at which point she bursts into tears.

What Happened to Kalyx Sports Bra After Shark Tank?

Kimberly may have felt defeated during the pitch and departed empty-handed, but the Ladies of Kalyx Technologies rose to the situation.

In partnership with City of Hope Hospital, they created the 2010 team Kalyx Calendar and donated $1.00 from each sale to breast cancer awareness, education, and treatment.

Kimberly also obtained nearly twice as much money from investors as she had asked from the Sharks. It was also stated that after her appearance on Shark Tank, her website, GoKalyx.com, got a deluge of orders and sold 4,000 units to eager consumers.

In 2012, ActivewearUSA purchased Kalyx Technologies. Kimberly has joined The Adzi Agency as a Senior Marketing & Operations specialist.

Kalyx Sports Bra’s Competitors

Under Armour is the biggest rival on the market that sells similar items to Kalyx.

Kalyx Sports Bra’s Net Worth

During and after the pitch, the firm was valued at $625,000. Since the firm was bought by ActivewearUSA in 2012, the company’s net worth remains unknown.

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Kalyx Sports Bra FAQs

Were the Kalyx Sports Bra’s products eco-friendly and recyclable?

Yes, all Kalyx products were made with eco-friendly fabrics and engineered to be 100% recyclable. The main backing fabric for all of their bras is BioLite (polyester/spandex blend), which was certified as a biodegradable material by the Biodegradable Products Institute.

How many products was Kalyx Sports Bra trying to sell?

The company designed eight different bras, each designed for a specific sport and activity.

Was Kalyx Sports Bra washable?

Yes, Kalyx bras were machine washable, and all products were tagless for comfort.

How many colors did Kalyx Sports Bra have?

Kalyx Sports Bra had six different colors, one of which was limited edition. The bras were available in black, white, and three different shades of gray.

What is the price range for Kalyx Sports Bra?

The normal retail price for Kalyx products was $55.00–$95.00 each (with discounts for larger orders).

Who was Kalyx Sports Bra for?

Kalyx Bras were for exercise and active wear. The bras offered support where it is most needed and was specially engineered with an innovative technology to minimize bounce. The products were comfortable, lightweight, and durable.

What kind of material are Kalyx Sports Bra’s bras made from?

The bras were all constructed from BioLite technology which is made up of a polyester/spandex blend that is patented.

Was Kalyx Sports Bra safe to use?

Kalyx Bras were machine washable, and could be machine dried on a low setting. They were also tagless for comfort.

How did Kalyx Sports Bra work?

Kalyx Bras feature a patented sling insert to minimize bounce and maximize support, as well as reduce slippage and chafing during strenuous activity. The bras also are constructed with BioLite fabric which is made from a blend of polyester/spandex that was patented.

What was Kalyx Sports Bra return policy?

Customer satisfaction was Kalyx’s top priority, which is why the firm offered a 30-day return with no questions asked.

How did Kalyx Sports Bra benefit women?

Kalyx Sports Bra helped provide women with the support they need to stay on the move while working out. The products were lightweight, breathable, comfortable, and durable. The bras also reduced chafing and sweat during strenuous activity and movement.

What was the delivery period of Kalyx Sports Bra?

Product delivery could take up to three weeks, depending on the size and quantity ordered.

What was the reputation of Kalyx Sports Bra?

The Kalyx Bras were very affordable. They also provided women with a comfortable fit, support, and reduced bounce during physical activity. They were also made from high-quality materials which inspired confidence in consumers and their product.

Who acquired Kalyx Sports Bra?

After the Shark Tank, the Kalyx Bras were purchased by ActivewearUSA.

Who does Kimberly Cayce work for?

Kimberly Cayce is a Senior Marketing & Operations Specialist for The Adzi Agency in Los Angeles. She has extensive experience in marketing and customer relations, having served clients such as Under Armour, Olay, and Johnson & Johnson.

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