What Happened to Jeska Shoes After Shark Tank?

What is Jeska Shoes?

Jeska Shoes is a shoe company that aspires to provide you with fashionable, comfortable shoes at a reasonable price. Their footwear is created from vegan leather, ultra high quality Italian leather, and other materials.

Jessica Haynes founded Jeska Shoe as a small firm situated in Emerson, Arkansas, primarily selling heels shoes that give a level of versatility and convenience that other high heels do not.

The idea behind the invention is simple: a shoe can be transformed from a stiletto to a wedge by just snapping one clip off and snapping on another.

The idea of a modular or changeable high heeled shoe is so fantastic that it’s difficult to believe no one else has thought of it.

The ability to quickly and easily change the design of their shoes allows females to have shoes that always fit their attire without having to carry about multiple pairs of shoes.

Who is the man behind Jeska Shoes?

Jessica Haynes established the Jeska Shoe Company. The major product of Jeska Shoe Company is their heels, which offer a level of versatility and convenience that other high heels do not.

She was honored with the Graduate Division’s annual Innovation Award. Jessica presents Jeska Shoe Company and her award-winning creation, a prototype shoe that substitutes stiletto heels with flats through the use of an interlocking, magnetic mechanism.

The Donald W. Reynolds Governor’s Cup is a statewide undergraduate and graduate business plan competition designed to encourage students in Arkansas, Nevada, and Oklahoma to act on their ideas and ability to build businesses.

The goal of this competition is to imitate the real-world process of entrepreneurs generating a business plan and obtaining start-up financing from potential investors.

As of the week before the broadcast date, Jeska Shoe Company did not have a website and had not developed any shoes for the market. It is a startup with no income.

What Happened to Jeska Shoes During The Shark Tank Presentation?

Jessica appeared on Shark Tank in episode 18 of season 4 with her prototype shoes that replace the stiletto heel with a wedge, seeking $70,000 for a 30% ownership in her business, which  valued at $233,000.

Jessica revealed that she has roughly $63,000 of her own money in the corporation, the most of which is from an unspent college fund left to her by her grandfather.

Robert feels that possessing a lot of shoes was appealing to women, therefore he’s out. Kevin, who never invests in pre-revenue start-ups, feels Jessica lacks a strategy and has decided to exit.

Mark isn’t familiar with the footwear industry, so he’s out. Barbara feels that females who can afford Jeska Shoes can afford more than one pair of shoes; she went out as well.

In a Shark Tank tearjerker, Daymond remembers his start-up days, when his mother donated him money to build FUBU out of their family home.

Daymond tells Jessica that he will make her an offer, but it will be a horrible one. He offers $70,000 in return for 70% ownership of the business. Daymond feels he will have to put in a lot of work to get the product off the ground, which explains the high proportion.

Jessica responds that she would rather have a small percentage of something than a large percentage of nothing, accepts the offer, and goes away with a deal.

What Happened to Jeska Shoes Following the Shark Tank?

The dead with Daymond John were finished after the Shark Tank episode aired. Unfortunately, not every product that receives a deal on Shark Tank becomes a long-term success.

In October 2014, Hayes declared her plan to dissolve her company on the Jeska Shoe Company’s Facebook page.

She thanked her clients, friends, family, and those who had supported her desire, but she indicated that the company had simply reached a point of “diminishing returns,” and that it no longer made sense to continue pushing ahead.

Even if you have a good product and a qualified coach like Daymond John, not every product will sell. Hayes has a strong business drive that should carry her through the loss of Jeska Shoe Company.

Jeska Shoes’s Net Worth

During the pitch, the firm was valued at $233,000; following Daymond John’s investment, the company was valued at $100,000. Because the firm is no longer in existence, the net worth is not available.

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Jeska Shoes FAQs

hat is a Jeska Shoes?

Jeska Shoe Company’s products are high-heeled shoes with a flat, wedge-shaped bottom.

They are manufactured in Arkansas, and they’re available on the internet. They have partnerships with retailers like Nordstrom and Macy’s.

What is their business plan?

Jeska Shoe Company’s business plan is to serve women and their “entitled customer” friends by providing them with fashion-forward footwear at a reasonable price.

What is their income?

Their income is not currently available. However, it should be noted that Daymond John made his investment in return for 70% ownership of the Company.

Where are they from?

They are from Arkansas, but Hayes has also lived and worked in Alexandria, LA; Nashville, TN; and London, England.

What was Jeska Shoes made of?

Jeska Shoe Company’s heels were made of rubber and metal, while their flats were made with leather or vinyl.

What was the shipping cost of Jeska Shoes?

Jeska Shoe Company stated that their shipping cost was in the range of $10 for domestic and $25 for international.

What is the warranty period?

Jeska Shoe Company’s heels and flats were provided with a one-year warranty, which was not extended to their shoes if the product was used.

Do Jeska Shoes fit?

Jeska Shoe Company’s heels were described as fitting quite well in a wide range of women’s shoe sizes.

How many colors were Jeska Shoes made?

Jeska Shoes offered over 600 different shades of black, red, and nude.

How many heel sizes were there?

Jeska Shoe Company’s heels ranged in size from 6 to 13 inches, while their flats were available in six sizes from 6 to 13 inches.

What is the difference between Jeska Shoe Company and Jeska Shoes?

Jeska Shoe Company was an organization that manufactured high heels that have a flat wedge-shaped bottom.

How long Jeska Shoes were last?

Jeska Shoe Company’s heels were expected to last from six months to two years, while their flats were expected to last for three months to two years.

Can I buy Jeska Shoes?

Customers cannot buy Jeska Shoe Company or Jeska Shoes at this point in time, but they can buy all of their shoes on the internet.

Do Jeska Shoes feel comfortable?

Jeska Shoe Company’s heels and flats were said to be extremely comfortable.

What is Jeska Shoes’s purpose?

The purpose of Jeska Shoe Company’s heels to give women a comfortable and fashionable alternative to stilettos.

Why Jeska Shoes were called that name?

The founders were traveling while writing their business plan, and they found themselves at the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado. They thought that “Jeska” sounded like a Native American word for “woman,” and so they went with it.

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