What Happened to Invis-A-Rack After the Shark Tank Pitch?

What is Invis-A-Rack?

A retractable truck rack is the Invis-A-Rack system. It folds up when not in use and is great for hauling ladders, lumber, canoes, and kayaks.

Furthermore, both installation and disassembly take less than 30 seconds.

Who Founded Invis-A-Rack?

The Invis-A-Rack was invented by Donny McCall of North Carolina. He is a University of North Carolina alumnus and former US Navy Technician with a bachelor’s degree.

He retains ownership of three enterprises. Perrycraft, the company he’s run for almost 40 years and where Invis a Rack was born.

Roof racks, truck racks, and other car accessories are manufactured by them.

Second, he is the founder and CEO of Pinpoint Local, a local marketing digital marketing business.

He is also the owner and operator of Get Outside Events, LLC, a company that organizes outdoor sporting events.

Donny’s wife came up with the idea for the gizmo. She disliked riding around in their car, which had racks, on school runs and supermarket runs because she thought it looked like a work truck.

As a result, Donny’s truck racks are retractable and hidden when not in use.

What Happened to Invis-A-Rack at the Shark Tank Pitch?

Donny was looking for $100,000 for a 10% ownership in Invis a Rack. This equates to a $1 million valuation.

He introduces his innovation and tells that he designed Invis-A-Rack to honour his wife. She declined to accompany him since his truck “always appeared to be a work truck.”

He demonstrates how to build and dismantle the Invis-A-Rack in less than 30 seconds. So far, he’s sold 150 pieces and profited about $50,000.

The Invis-A-Rack costs around $250 to manufacture, but distributors are only ready to pay about $300 each unit.

To be viable, McCall would need to be able to create the product for around $150, which may be impossible to do in the United States.

McCall intends to use the funds to create point-of-purchase displays in order to persuade retailers to purchase the items.

Daymond John does not believe McCall’s pricing point is accurate, thus he refuses to consider traveling overseas to save money.

That is an impediment. The Sharks warn him that success in international manufacturing will allow him to develop his firm in the US, but McCall remains focused on his objectives.

“He’s very rigid and closed-minded,” Barbara Corcoran adds, “and that’s a really bad business partner to have.” She is no longer with us.

Kevin O’Leary’s project is blocked because he refuses to ship the rack overseas to be manufactured at a fair cost and brought to market.

McCall has made it difficult for the investor to receive a return, he explains Donny. Kevin is uninterested since Donny is unwilling to put in the work, therefore he’s out.

Life, according to Daymond John, is separated into three stages: make it, master it, and matter. McCall, he believes, is striving to accomplish “all three at once,” but failing terribly. He is no longer among us.

Robert Herjavec talks about being the son of a factory worker, like Donny, and how terrible it is when people lose their jobs.

Everyone is an immigrant, and he is trying not to be unfriendly.

Donny is informed by Robert that he cannot become engaged if he does not take care of his business, and he departs.

Mark Cuban supports McCall’s idea of manufacturing items in the United States, but he feels the firm is “very capital demanding,” and he doesn’t see it sustaining without expanding outside.

McCall departs the stage without a Shark agreement, shaking the sharks’ hands.

What Happened to Invis-A-Rack After the Shark Tank Pitch?

Although Invis a Rack’s appearance on Shark Tank drew a lot of publicity, it didn’t result in a lot of sales.

Sales increased in the weeks and months that followed, and Donny produced another batch, bringing Invis a Rack back into the black.

Dee Zee Inc., a prominent manufacturer of light vehicle accessories with distribution in all important “aftermarket” categories, has gained worldwide exclusive license rights to Invis a Rack.

They loved the product, they liked Donny, and Dee Zee believes strongly in supporting American manufacturing. Invis a Rack announced the licensing arrangement in February 2013.

Donny is doing well as of July 2021.

He is the owner of three businesses. McCall is currently the president of Perrycraft, Inc., a Sparta, North Carolina-based family-owned firm.

They manufacture roof racks, truck racks, and other vehicle aftermarket equipment.

He heads Pinpoint, a local marketing-focused digital marketing business.

He is also the owner and operator of Get Outside Events, LLC, which organizes outdoor athletic events.

What is the Net Worth of Invis-A-Rack?

Donny was looking for $100,000 for a 10% investment in Invis a Rack. This equates to a $1 million valuation of the Company.

Who are the Competitors of Invis-A-Rack?

Thule is a competitor of Invis-A-Rack.

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Invis-A-Rack FAQS

Is Invis-A-Rack still in business?

Yes, Invis-A-Rack is doing well as of July 2021.

Where is the Invis-A-Rack manufactured?

McCall is an Iowa-based American truck accessory business. Invis-a-Rack is now manufactured in Des Moines, Iowa, by DeeZee, and retails for $733.95 on the company’s website.

Who founded Invis-A-Rack?

Invis-A-Rack was invented by Donny McCall of North Carolina. A graduate of the University of North Carolina and a former US Navy Technician.

He still runs three enterprises. Perrycraft, the firm he’s led for over 40 years and where he invented Invis a Rack.

How much does Invis-A-Rack cost?

Distributors will only pay roughly $300 per item.

What materials are Invis-A-Rack made of?

Aluminium and vinyl were used to create the Invis-A-Rack.

How long is Invis-A-Rack when fully extended?

You can adjust the length of the product since it features retractable wheels. Each item measures 33 inches when fully extended. The diameter of the product is 3 inches.

What happen to Invis-A-Rack at the Shark Tank?

Although the Sharks did not invest in Invis-A-Rack, McCall stayed firm and exited the Tank without a contract.

How is the business model for Invis-A-Rack?

The business concept is built upon a retail operation that sells the product through custom fit automobile accessory stores.

What are the strengths of Invis-A-Rack?

The product is suitable for use in any vehicle and may be marketed in any vehicle.

What are the weaknesses of Invis-A-Rack?

It’s a pricey item. Distributors will only pay $300 for each device, and the firm isn’t producing enough of them.

What is the cost to make Invis-A-Rack?

According to McCall, the Invis-A-Rack costs around $250.

Who sells Invis-A-Rack?

DeeZee Inc. of Sparta, NC, will be the only distributor of Invis a Rack throughout North America and around the world.

Is the Invis a Rack made of aluminium?

Yes, the device is composed of aluminium and is protected by a vinyl coating. The product is offered in a variety of colours.

How much does DeeZee Invis-A-Rack costs?

Their cost is $733.95.

Is there a warranty on Invis a rack?

Yes, warranty information for this device is available on DeeZee’s website. Customers are entitled to one replacement if they sustain damage as a result of incorrect product use.

What are the main competitors for Invis- A-Rack?

Thule is the primary competitor.

How is the Invis-A-Rack received by consumers?

Customers have loved utilizing this product and are pleased with its quality and workmanship.

What is net worth of Donny McCall?

Donny McCall has an estimated net worth of $11 million.

Where is Invis-A-Rack headquartered?

The headquarters of Invis-A-Rack are in Sparta, North Carolina.

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