What Happened to Intelli-Stopper After Shark Tank?

What is Intelli-Stopper?

The Intelli-Stopper is a wine bottle stopper featuring a red visual indicator that tells whether or not the bottle contains air.

Chase Hoyt, Intelli-Stopper co-founder, and his father, Bob Hoyt, both of Tucson, Arizona. In their household, they like wine. His father has several hundred bottles of wine in his cellar and is always prepared with the proper wine for family occasions.

They have wine with supper once or twice a week. If it’s just him and his wife, they won’t finish the bottle. They have lovely stoppers, but nothing beats the Wine Doctor’s innovative cork solution.

It’s not too expensive, costing roughly $33. If they “save” one or two fine bottles of wine with it, this gadget will pay for itself.

He appreciates the indicator that notifies them whether any air is getting in; because air is invisible, visual assistance are important!

This is a fantastic gift for any wine connoisseur on their list. This year, he saw his family purchase two or three of these.

Who are the brains behind Intelli-Stopper?

Chase Hoyt, Intelli-Stopper co-founder, and his father, Bob Hoyt, both of Tucson, Arizona. In their household, they like wine. His father has several hundred bottles of wine in his cellar and is always prepared with the proper wine for family occasions.

The Wine Doctor is a vacuum pump device that takes air from an open bottle of wine, not merely a high-tech cork.

To seal it, the “Intelli-stopper,” a proprietary silicon “cork” with a series of O-rings that assures an airtight closing, is utilized. If any air leaks into the bottle, a red indicator on the stopper shows that additional air has to be pumped out.

Air is wine’s opponent. With too much air, that lovely bottle of Cabernet transforms into sour vinegar.

When a bottle is opened, the wine begins to change unless it is kept away from air. The Wine Doctor’s suction pump and high-tech cork mechanism claim an open bottle.

What Happened to Intelli-Pitch Stopper’s on Shark Tank?

Chase and Bob Hoyt, a father-and-son partnership from Tucson, Arizona, make an appearance on Shark Tank in episode 25 of Intelli-Stopper Season 5.

Chase and Bab entered the Shark Tank seeking $250,000 in exchange for a 10% ownership in their company, which valued at $2.5 million.

Intelli-Stopper technology, according to Chase, will redefine and revolutionize food and beverage preservation.

Most wine preservers allow air to leak back into the bottle within minutes to hours of resealing. They offer the Sharks a glass of wine, and the Sharks remark on how excellent it tastes, which Chase claims was preserved by the Intelli-Stopper.

Chase states that the wine was opened 5 days ago and that the Sharks are all impressed. Chase shows how to use the Intelli-Stopper: simply insert the Intelli-Stopper into the wine bottle, and the red indicator indicates that there is still air in the wine bottle.

When Robert asks about sales, Chase answers that they sold $150,000 in 2012 and are on track to sell roughly $350,000 in 2013.

The first Sharks to back out of the deal were Kevin O’Leary, Robert Herjavec, and Lori Greiner, who cited the company’s high pricing.

Meanwhile, due to the deal’s exorbitant price, Barbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban finally dropped out. Chase and Bob exited the pitch without a deal.

What Happened to Intelli-Stopper After it was rejected by Shark Tank?

Despite the fact that Chase and Bob depart the pitch without a deal in Shark Tank’s episode 25 of Season 5, Intelli-Stopper. The company seeks to dominate the market, but finally goes out of business.

Intelli-Stopper’s Net Worth

During and after the pitch, the firm was valued at $2.5 million; however, because the company is no longer in operation, the company net worth is unavailable.

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Intelli-Stopper FAQs

1What was the History of Intelli-Stopper?

Intelli-Stopper Co-Founders, Chase Hoyt and Bob Hoyt, first introduced Intelli-Stopper in January 2011 during the Tucson Wine and Food Festival.

Hosted by the University of Arizona’s College of Agriculture & Life Sciences, the festival is a prominent food and wine event that attracts hundreds of attendees.

The company was established to help consumers preserve wines, making them more enjoyable and less likely to spoil.

How much did an Intelli-Stopper cost?

The Intelli-Stopper costs $33 for a two pack.

Was it safe to store wine in the Intelli-Stopper?

The company states that it was just perfect for storing wine, and is made of food grade silicon material, which is BPA-free and non-toxic. The red indicator will show when the bottle has been successfully sealed.

What was Intelli-Stopper made of?

Silicone, which is BPA free and non-toxic.

How long did the Intelli-Stopper last for?

They are made to last a lifetime.

How much did Intelli-Stopper weigh?

The Intelli-Stopper weighs 0.25 oz.

Did the Intelli-Stopper work?

Yes, the Intelli-Stopper does work. It’s a unique solution for an age-old problem.

What do I need to know about Intelli-Stopper?

The company states that it can be used to keep wine fresh for an extended period of time, or in some cases, indefinitely without any storage capacity. The red indicator will show when additional air has entered the bottle and needs to be pumped out.

What was the return policy of Intelli-Stopper?

Customers can return the Intelli-Stopper within 60 days of purchase.

What was the benefit of Intelli-Stopper?

It keeps wine fresh and prevents it from spoiling.

Where can I buy Intelli-Stopper?

The company is no longer offered the Intelli-Stopper to wine enthusiasts, retailers, restaurants, and other commercial establishments interested in extending the life of wines without needing to purchase new bottles.

What was the warrant of Intelli-Stopper?

The company states that the Intelli-Stopper is backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What was the difference between The Wine Doctor and Intelli-Stopper?

The Wine Doctor took air out better than the Intelli Stopper, but it ran on electricity.


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