What Happened to Instant Lift After the Shark Tank Pitch?

What is Instant Lift?

Instant Lift is a non-invasive method for reducing cellulite and wrinkles without the use of creams or surgery.

They are essentially high-tech tapes that, when correctly applied, stretch and smooth skin.

The LaRosas developed an adhesive that had a shelf life of 12 to 15 hours.

Smooth Sleepers, an adhesive tape that smoothes out wrinkles around the eyes as you sleep, is also made by the LaRosas.

Who Founded Instant Lift?

Penilopee La Rosa founded the firm. Penilopee, a University of Tulsa graduate, began LaRosa Inventions LLC after working as a senior event organizer.

She formerly worked at NBC News as an assignment editor.

She devised the solution to address her limited success with cellulite treatments because she was unable to exercise due to an injury.

She is still the firm’s CEO today. Penelope’s company has also created anti-wrinkle treatments and baby sleep aids.

What Happened to Instant Lift at the Shark Tank Pitch?

On March 16, 2012, the LaRosas contacted Shark Tank with a $100,000 offer for a 25% share in their business, suggesting a $400,000 valuation.

Penilopee demonstrates how the tape helps to elevate her sagging arm flab.

Nick and Penelope have generated around $75,000 in sales in the five months before the taping of their episode, and they hope the Sharks like their contribution.

Nick and Penelope are just selling Instant Lifts to the Sharks, not any of their other products. Daymond immediately departs.

Mark feels their concentration will not be solely on this business since they will also be focused on their other stuff; he will not participate unless they devote 100 percent.

Kevin and Robert have also left because they are bewildered by the pitch.

Barbara likes the products but feels the company is expensive; she is leaving.

Nick and Penelope leave the Tank without reaching an accord.

What Happened to Instant Lift After the Shark Tank Pitch?

After appearing on Shark Tank, the LaRosas rebranded their product Skinnies.

They are also the developers of Smooth Sleepers, a treatment that “flattens wrinkles while you sleep,” which is similar to Instant Lifts in that it is made up of translucent dermadhesive strips but is designed specifically for under the eyes and between the brows.

Back fat, thigh flab, belly flab, and muffin top adhesives have been introduced to the product line.

In terms of revenue, the firm might not appear to be doing well, but it has a stable, viable product and operation.

This product’s popularity expanded over time. According to their website, they want to sell over one million devices by July 2021.

They’re sold in a few hundred small shops around the country, ranging from pharmacies to boutiques, as well as on Amazon. The yearly revenue of the corporation is $46 million.

What is the Net Worth of Instant Lift?

The LaRosas contacted Shark Tank with a $100,000 offer for a 25% share in their firm, suggesting a $400,000 valuation.

Who are the Competitors for Instant Lift?

There are no Competitors identified for Instant Lift.

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Instant Lift FAQS

How does the Instant lift work?

It’s a small adhesive that raises the skin without cutting or pulling. They can see them conforming to their body; they may even forget they’re wearing them!

For how long do they last?

LaRosas has created an adhesive that lasts for 12-15 hours.

Are there any side effects?

Instant Lifts are completely risk-free. They are the only dermal tapes particularly made for skin lifts, so they will not irritate or harm their skin.

How long does it take to use Instant Lift?

Simply apply them in the evening and they’ll wake up with smoother, firmer skin.

Where can they buy Instant Lift?

They may buy straight from their website as well as at Amazon.com.

Who invented Instant Lift?

Penilopee La Rosa is the company’s founder and bariatric surgeon.

She was attempting to elevate her own drooping, flabby arms.

Because she was unable to exercise due to an injury, she devised this device to remedy the problem. She discovered that it worked by trial and error.

Is it painful to remove them?

The Skinnies are intended to last 12 to 15 hours. If they remove the Skinnies sooner, they may do it with little to no difficulties.

Lift a corner and softly roll the Skinnies rearward off the skin.

When removing, never let their fingertips come into contact with the skin.

Never yank or jerk the Skinnies away from them. If they need further help, add a little oil and leave aside. The adhesive will come free as a result of this.

When I removed them, there remained a residue on my skin. What can I do to get rid of it?

Use baby oil, olive oil, or a mix of the two to remove any residue left on the skin.

Dab the affected area with oil and wait a few seconds before cleaning away the residue with a towel.

Are they watertight?

All Skinnies are sweat-resistant and long-lasting, making them ideal for outdoor activities and humidity.

However, if they intend to be submerged in water, they will require the Skinnies SWIMMERS. They are intended to be submerged in water for swimming purposes.

How long are the Skinnies good for?

Simply follow the application instructions, and the Skinnies will last the whole day and stay in place until they remove them at night.

Is it okay to use the Skinnies more than once a day?

No, they’ll last the whole day. The top layer of their skin may be exfoliated when they remove the Skinnies.

Removing it more than three times a day is too much for the skin and may result in chaffing and redness.

Can they be reused?

No. Because the Skinnies are meant to be readily removed from the skin, they lose their stickiness and cannot be reapplied once removed.

Will the Skinnies remove my self-tanning lotion?

Yes. When they remove the Skinnies, they exfoliate the top layer of skin, eliminating whatever self-tanner they may have applied to that area.

My Skinnies are getting wrinkly at the top. Is it possible to put a stop to this?

The Skinnies come in one size fits everyone.

Depending on their height and weight, as well as where they need to correctly apply them to meet their needs, they may wrinkle at the top. If they have a smaller frame, they may try making them shorter.

Can they cut them because they’re a little big?

Yes. They are a one-size-fits-all solution. Feel free to cut them down if they look to be too big for them.

How much does Instant Lifts costs?

It costs $19.95 for a pair of 5.

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