What Happened to Inirv After the Shark Tank Pitch?

What is Inirv?

Inirv is a smart stove kit that contains sensors for gas, smoke, and motion, as well as stove knobs.

Each stove knob is interacted with by a sensor that includes gas, smoke, and motion detectors.

If the sensor detects excessive smoke or gas in the kitchen for a lengthy period of time, the stove knobs are “told” to switch off the stove.

To control Inirv sensors and knobs, you may use a smartphone app, Google Home, or Alexa. The knobs just turn off the stove; they do not turn it on.

You can make your house safer by never leaving the burner on.

Who Founded Inirv?

Inirv was founded by Ranjith Babu and Akshita Iyer.

Akshita had the idea for the Inirv Company in 2016, after her wheelchair-bound mother moved in with her.

They were on their way to the movies when Akshita realized she had forgotten to turn off the burner.

When she arrived home, the house was filled with smoke.

Despite the fact that no one was injured, her favourite dog, who had been left at home alone, was badly traumatized by the incident.

What Happened to Inirv at the Shark Tank Pitch?

The firm debuted in February 2017 with a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $175,548.

In addition, they raised $183,727 through IndieGoGo.

They haven’t yet supplied anything (as of January 1, 2018), although it appears they are working on it.

They are currently accepting “reservation orders” on their website. One sensor gadget with one knob costs $99.

A sensor unit and four knobs are included in a whole kit for $229.

Inirv only works with stoves with knobs; if yours has buttons, you’re out of luck. Babu and Iyer are almost certainly asking for Shark help with production issues.

Ranjith and Akshita are seeking $800,000 in exchange for an 8% stake in their firm.

This raises the Company’s valuation to $10 million.

They establish their point by emphasizing the dangers of “distracted cooking.”

They then placed their knobs on a stove onstage to demonstrate how it works.

Following the pitch, they distribute samples.

They explain to the Sharks that they are still in the prototype stage of the product and are fine-tuning it.

The Sharks were ecstatic with the $430,000 they earned on Kickstarter. They’ve also applied for several patents.

Mark is the first Shark to leave since he doesn’t think people would purchase it. Kevin believes their valuation is absurd and that he will not be able to recoup his investment; he is leaving.

Daymond sees no way to get his money back, so he leaves.

Robert offers $800,000 in return for 20% ownership of the company.

When they respond with $800,000 for 10% + 2.5 percent advisory shares, Robert quits.

Lori Greiner says she likes the idea but doubts it will come to fruition. Despite her eagerness to join the Inirv expedition, she departs.

What Happened to Inirv After the Shark Tank Pitch?

A little more than six months after the projected air date, INIRV was sued by the company they contracted to create its knobs.

According to the lawsuit, INIRV was accused of owing them money for services rendered.

According to a counterclaim filed in September 2018, INIRV claims that the company failed to create a functional product, which cost them revenue and investment potential.

In December of 2018, they struck a deal.

The terms were kept secret.

It’s already 2021, and they haven’t delivered to their Kickstarter backers (over 4 years). On the crowdfunding pages, furious remarks from backers abound.

In February 2021, Inirv stated that they would begin shipping soon.

In May 2021, Inirv provided another update, noting that there were issues due to a chip shortage.

In June 2021, Inirv rebranded and changed its name to Ome.

Inirv has yet to deliver and is still taking pre-orders on their website, although they claim to be “near” having goods ready for delivery.

Inirv Net Worth

During the Shark Tank Pitch, the owners valued the company at $10 million.

Inirv Competitors

Other gadgets on the market safeguard individuals from unintentional fires.

The Nest Protect is the most popular, as it detects smoke and CO2 and alerts users with a small beep.

Its central hub may be utilized to remotely turn off the alarm system or the heating system.


When it detects danger, it also sends notifications to your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to respond quickly.

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Inirv FAQS

How do the knobs work?

When they detect high levels of smoke or gas, they turn off the stove.

Will it work on a grill?

Yes, but they’ll need a fuel tank.

Will they have to install the device themselves?

They’ll need to remove the knob, but it’s simple. On its website, the firm gives explicit instructions.

What do they need to run an Inirv?

They require a heat, smoke, or CO2 connection, a power supply, a water source, and a smart appliance with knobs.

Can Inirv turn their stove on by itself?

Inirv cannot switch on their stove by itself for safety reasons.

This is a hardware as well as a software constraint.

They must manually switch on the burner(s), after which Inirv will activate automatically.

Do they have to use the Wi-Fi feature?

They can effortlessly switch off Wi-Fi using their smartphone app. Even if it is turned off, the safety functions remain operational, and Inirv continues to defend their house.

Does Inirv change the way I use their stove?

No! Use your stove as they normally would. When they switch on their stove, Inirv is enabled automatically – no need to click any buttons.

How is Inirv powered?

The sensor unit is powered by AA batteries, while the knob units are powered by rechargeable batteries. When it’s time to recharge or replace the battery, you’ll be alerted.

How many sensor and knob units do they need in their home?

One knob unit is required for each burner on their cooktop, but only one sensor unit is required.

Inirv will be supplied as a set of four knob units and one sensor unit.

If their stove has more than four burners, they may purchase extra knob units to assure total safety.

Will Inirv come in different colours?

Yes! Inirv will be available in black, white, and stainless steel to complement their kitchen design.

They will be able to select a colour for the sensor and knob components.

Will Inirv integrate with other smart home devices?

Yes! They’re working hard to make Inirv compatible with as many smart home solutions as possible.

Did Inirv secure a deal at the Shark Tank Pitch?

At the Shark Tank Pitch, Inirv did not land a contract.

Is Inirv safe?

Inirv is intended to detect smoke and gas, both of which are dangerous to humans if breathed.

Sensors will trip if their thresholds are exceeded, and a blaring alarm will alert them to the problem.

Will Inirv turn off their stove?

No. When it detects smoke or gas, Inirv will turn off their stove.

Is Inirv waterproof?

Yes. Even if they drop it in water, it will continue to function normally.

Do they need to unplug their stove when their install the knob unit?

No. Simply turn off their main power source when installing or removing the knob unit. Check their warranty before removing their knob unit from their cooktop!

How do they turn off Inirv?

By pushing the “off” button on the knob unit, they may switch off Inirv.

What type of batteries does Inirv use?

The sensor unit is powered by AA batteries, while the knob units are powered by rechargeable AA batteries. The sensor unit has a lifespan of more than two years. After 7-8 months, the knob units will need to be recharged.

How do they change the batteries in Inirv?

Changing batteries is simple! Open the battery box, remove the knob unit, and replace the batteries with two AA batteries (included in your package). This should just take they a few minutes.

How can they remove their knob unit?

By pressing down on the release mechanism, they may effortlessly remove their knob unit.

They simply need a quarter to get started! Remember to unplug their main power source before installing or removing a knob unit once they’ve removed it.

Who founded Inirv?

Inirv was founded by Ranjith Babu and Akshita Iyer.

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